Puffco Peak Atomizer

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Puffco Peak Atomizer

  • OEM Puffco Part
  • Free Shipping
  • Free of Coils, Glue or Plastics
  • Ceramic Bowl Ensures Purity



Puffco Peak Atomizer

The magic of the Puffco Peak extends to every input from top to bottom. The Peak Atomizer is constructed of high quality ceramic and contains no other components you will find on lesser dab vaporizers such as glues, plastics and coils. Quality all around the Puffco Peak Atomizer also disassembles in a breeze for easy cleaning.


Free Shipping 

If you are looking for the Puffco Peak replacement atomizer, we at To the Cloud Vapor Store have you covered with OEM Puffco products and free shipping.


No ratings yet

    This atomizer DID NOT fit in my Puffco peak! There is a lip on the bottom of the atomizer that will not allow me to to screw the atomizer in the rig. The lip will not allow a connection and all I get are the rainbow lights indicating that it is not screwed all the way in! Very disappointed, the atomizer that came with my Puffco Peak has a flat bottom without the raised lip, so I’m out 40$. UNHAPPY!

    • Tyler

      Hey Steven , We are having someone reach out to you to rectify the situation. Apologies again

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