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Puffco Proxy Vaporizer

5.00 out of 5
5 out of 5
7 Reviews

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Puffco | To the Cloud Vapor Store


The Puffco ProxyTM  is Puffco’s newest vaporizer, a compact and portable vaporizer that revolves around it’s modular base. The Proxy’s modular base is equipped with a 3D chamber providing the excellent vapor quality we have seen with the Peak Pro 3D Chamber. The removeable base permits using the Proxy vaporizer with an array of accommodating accessories such as the Puffco “bubs” which filters your hits through water.

  • Build

    The Puffco Proxy base is constructed of rubberized silicone. The 3D chamber which inserts inside is made out of a glazed ceramic and the Proxy’s glass has been tested for the utmost safety given a medical device rating.

  • Function

    The Puffco Proxy functions by dropping your Proxy base into any of the complimentary ecosystems. Whether it be the Bub, a customized Ryan Fitt piece or an accommodating banger attachment, the Proxy will deliver quality and tasty vapor via the 3D Chamber. The 3D Chamber is embedded with heating elements which work to vaporize the oils of the side walls when inhaling preserving the quality of the vapor on the bottom of the chamber.

  • Session

    The Proxy’s modular design permit you to take your session on the go alot easier than previous electronic rigs. the OEM Proxy glass serve better for dry hits for those who just want a quick dab, while the water filtered Bub let you enjoy Peak Pro level sessions. The Proxy offers a session for everyone who want a high quality dab.

What's in the box

Comes with

  • Proxy base
  • Proxy Glass
  • 3d Chamber
  • Carrying Case
  • Charging Cable
  • Dab Tool
  • Q-Tips


  • Connected by Proxy

    The Puffco Proxy yet again shows  Puffco’s ability to innovate. A modular silicone base equipped with a 3D Chamber let you take your Proxy on the go and use with an array of accommodating accessories from the Proxy glass dry pipe to a water bubbler to any other customizations that will come out down the line.

  • 3D Chamber

    At the core of the Puffco Peak Proxy is the patented 3D Chamber which signals heating patterns from the side during inhalation to preserve the quality of the oil on the bottom the chamber.

    the Proxy’s 3D Chamber is constructed of glazed ceramic providing efficient vapor and being easy to clean.

  • How to use the Puffco Proxy

    • Charge the Puffco Proxy upon arrival 
    •  Insert your extracts into the 3D Chamber and close the carb cap
    • Turn the unit on by holding the home button down for 3 seconds 
    • Toggle to your desired temperature with a single click on the home button 
    • Click twice to start your session
    • Enjoy when you have reached temperature (haptic feedback notice) 
    • Ensure to power down by holding home button down for 3 seconds after session and swab the chamber with a Q-Tip
  • 4 Heat Settings

    • Blue – 490 °F 
    • Green – 510°F 
    • Red – 530°F 
    • White – 545°F 
  • Sessions

    The Puffco Proxy will heat up in 30 seconds with sessions lasting 45 seconds. To extend your session an additional 10 seconds the Proxy offers boost mode which can be engaged by clicking the home button two times during the session.

    Puffco advises against 3 or more boost mode sessions as this will cause the unit to overheat.

  • Battery Life & Charging

    The Puffco Proxy has an internal battery which charges via a USB-C cable. The battery will charge full in a little over an hour and can offer 12-15 sessions on a single charge.

    The Puffco Proxy also offers pass through charging so you can vape and use the Proxy should you find yourself with a dead battery.


  • Glass PIpe

    The Proxy comes with a borosilicate glass pipe which has been given a medical grade certification. Out of the box the Proxy provides dry hits with this portable sherlock style  glass pipe.

  • Customizations

    The utility of the Puffco Proxy lend it to additional customization. For those who wish to run the Proxy base through water, there is the Bub attachment as well as customized glass blowers who offer accommodating eco-systems just as is done with customer glass for the Puffco Peak Pro.

    The Proxy Bub is Puffco’s OEM solution for enjoying your Proxy through water, however there are many more to include 3rd party bangers that will fit the Proxy like a glove.

  • Proxy Flower Bowl

    With the Puffco Proxy Flower Bowl, The Puffco Proxy can accommodate more than just concentrates. The flower bowl will let you turn your Proxy pipe into standard sherlock pipe to light and burn your herb. This make the Proxy into just a standard smoking device.

  • Cleaning

    For best results the 3D Chamber should be swabbed out with a Q-Tip post session.

    The base should be wiped down with an isopropyl wipe every 25-30 uses. For a deep clean of the chamber remove and insert the chamber without the silicone sleeve in 91% or higher iso-propyl alcohol for 20 minutes to a few hours.

  • Puffco Proxy Dimensions

    Proxy Base 2.8" x 1.6" (in.)
    Proxy Base 2.3 (oz.)
    OEM Proxy Pipe 5” (in.)
    Base with Pipe 4.6 (oz.)
    Proxy 3D Chamber .5” x .5” (in.)
puffco proxy sherlock bubbler

Can the Puffco Proxy Vape Herb ?

No, while there is a “flower bowl” attachment, that is meant for using your Proxy pipe for traditional combustion consumption. Puffco CEO , Roger Volodarsky, has stated Puffco currently has no plans to design any herb vaporizer attachments for any Puffco vaporizers.



5.00 out of 5
5 out of 5
7 Reviews
  • Pierre Hanquet

    Best machine i got for the moment. Easy to use and clean! Will recommand it.

  • Pierre Hanquet

    Best machine i got for the moment. Easy to use and clean!

  • Samantha

    I’d wanted to try dabbing for years now, but it looks so daunting. This baby is the answer to your wishes! I ordered it, & the first kind of gave me the blues & To The Cloud customer service knocked it out of the park... getting me taken care of. So even before I actually used my Puffco Proxy, they’d already earned my stoner needs biz. When I got my pipe, I charged it, & set to the very easy task of my first dab attempt. It went swimmingly! The Proxy provides optimal ease of use, it’s quick, it’s easy to clean (even when stoned & things start getting complicated? That. Not a problem to clean & be ready for your next use) & the carrying case is nice to keep it safe when not in use. I have zero complaints about both the Proxy, & To The Cloud. Rave reviews all around!

  • Brian

    Great little device. I own an ilder puffco the original puffco peak device. I used that and love it for a few years until it broke beyond repair. I got this little device to replace that one and I was surprised to see it hit... pretty smooth for not having water in it. I could buy a water attachment and likely will later but for now as a travel piece it is great. This is much smaller than the puffco peak and that was my travel piece before so this is a nice improvement on that size factor. Of course it smokes like you would expect heat settings to your liking not super customizable but great on the go dabber.

  • Silas

    Just get it! This thing rips!!!

  • Silas

    Just awesome. I did a lot of research before choosing the Proxy as my device and I have zero regrets.

  • Doug

    This machine I’ve already reviewed but since I’ve Changed my opinion of this puffco p.o.sheer beautiful timeless tool …..I now see how amazing this thing is….I play guitar. This is like Leo’s Fenders & Les & his Paul or Paul Reed & his Smiths…life changing... device…I use for pain management it allows me to use those toys listed above & to make music…it use’s such a small amount that a poor vet. Like me (once you get the machine.. mine was gifted) it’s the tool for you &U

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