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Puffco Proxy Travel Pack

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  • OEM Puffco Accessory
  • Compatible with the Puffco Proxy
  • Protects Proxy’s Glass Pipe
  • Ideal for Transport




Puffco Proxy Travel Pack | Puffco Parts & Accessories 

The Puffco Proxy travel pack adds protection to your Puffco Proxy and then some with nifty additions such as the Proxy Ball Cap providing directional airflow for an improved hit and  storage of the Silicone backpack to carry needed accessories such as Q-tips for cleaning.  At it’s core essence the Proxy travel pack is a Rubber Silicone buffer that slides on the mouthpiece and base of the Proxy Vaporizer. The directional airflow carb cap and tether are just icing on the cake.

If you are looking to go mobile with your Puffco Proxy vaporizer, the Proxy Travel Pack is a must have. To the Cloud Vapor Store offers the best price and free nationwide shipping on all Puffco parts & accessories.

*Puffco Proxy not included 




No ratings yet

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