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Puffco's new vaporizer 2022

Will Puffco’s New Proxy Vaporizer be as Revolutionary as the Peak ?

Puffco is set to release a brand new vaporizer dubbed the Puffco Proxy  on June 15th, 2022 followed by a pop up premiere the following Saturday in Downtown Los Angeles. But what is the Puffco Proxy  going to be exactly  ? and will it be as revolutionary as the Peak ? We are going to dive into what we know so far. 

Disrupt the Game or Bust

This summer is poised to be a hot one. The Focus V Carta 2 just released while the Ispire Daab keeps gaining popularity. The rise of the rigs is in full swing with heavyweight champion Puffco making some rumblings of their own with a highly anticipated new release of the Puffco Proxy Vaporizer – what appears to be a more portable dab rig. 

Puffco’s new product release is slated for June 15th, 2022 and they have been dropping hints on their Instagram as to what the new product will be. If not a new vaporizer all together certainly it does appear it will be some new hardware. 

Dropping Hints

A teaser promo shows some extracts getting dropped into a chamber using the Puffco Hot Knife. The chamber is then covered and 2 clicks of the atomizer on the side triggers a green light in a counter clockwise circle.  After which some computer generated graphics appear, likely insinuating the heat is on as the camera fades out with the text  “3D” appearing.  Another post shows a gentleman taking a hit out of what appears to be a much more portable vaporizer. With Puffco’s CEO Roger Volodarsky commenting  “Disrupt the game or bust” 

Puffco's new vaporizer teaser

Guesses have ranged from an herb vaporizer (unlikely in our eyes) to a 3D chamber which can be thrown on any traditional rig. While this would be dandy, it is not so much original as this is a similar concept to the G Pen Connect. Other guesses would be a 4D Chamber or a more portable e-rig that delivers Peak quality in a handheld device. Whatever it is, we are hoping for something that will disrupt as much as the OG Peak did. 

A Successful New Release and What it Means for the Competition

Puffco fresh of a settlement victory against Kandypens is still seeing it’s space encroached on by other quality brands who make popular concentrate vaporizers. Namely Ispire and Focus V, makers of the Daab and Carta 2 respectively. The concentrate vaporizer space has been able to win away alot more glass and torch traditionalists than their herbal vaporizer counterparts where many who have tried to make the switch from traditional consumption (smoking) to the healthier herb vaporizers quickly return back to the water pipe or joint simply due to not enjoying vapor.

As the popularity and availability of extracts (dabs) has increased, competition has come flooding into the space to capitalize on the opportunity. If Puffco can deliver yet again,  more consumer dollars will go chasing Puffco’s new vaporizer and they can really take the wind out of the sails of their new found competition. 

We have covered how well Puffco executes a million times in other blog posts. Puffco has the “it”. From pioneering the designs, producing a stylish and functional product to great content; It’s what every company in the cannabis space is going for –  dominant brand recognition. They have even segwayed into traditional combustion (smoking) with products like their Nalgene bong the Budsy, which despite it’s April Fool’s release is no longer a joke with it’s smashing success. 

Revolutionary or Hype ?

Puffco has a high bar, but has set it themselves. Besides a batch of faulty atomizers on the original Puffco release in early 2018, Puffco has been a leading innovator and stuck every landing. Being first to market helps and the smashing success of the original Peak design single handedly spawning the E-Rig Market should never be overlooked. But for now we must wait and see if Puffco’ s new product is going to be the next evolution or empty hype and smoke in mirrors. 

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