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Classic Volcano Desktop

Do I Even Need a Desktop Vaporizer ?

Bulky and Often Complicated to set up, desktop vaporizers are not keeping up pace with their portable vaporizer counterparts. Even some relative new releases, which can be dubbed as desktop vaporizers such as the Puffco Peak,  are small and lightweight enough to be transported, with these new additions opting to utilize battery power over the common desktop power source – a chord.

While the portable vaporizer and vape pen market continues to see new product releases on a nearly weekly basis, new desktop vaporizers have been few and far in between. So should you even be considering a desktop vaporizer ?


The first cannabis vaporizer I bought was a second hand Classic Volcano. I got it in college in 2008 and man did I become popular. Over the years it got alot of use from huge ragers with 10 foot party bags , to the after workout and political debate sessions with my roomates to just relaxing with the girlfriend taking down bags. In 2012 when I graduated I sold my beloved Volcano to a buddy for only $50 less than I bought it for. It still performed great and my friend would send me pictures of the Volcano in action , commenting on how much everyone loved it. It was only a few months later I realized recreational cannabis use was totally acceptable at my white collar job and I jumped right back in with both feet again buying a Used Classic Volcano.

Desktop Vaporizers Are Built To Last

Desktop Vaporizers will last you years. We still see old Volcano Vaporizers from 2006 in action today 13 years later. Some of the current quality desktop vaporizers include the Volcano, Plenty,  VapeXHale Cloud Evo, Arizer Extreme Q , and the Elev8’s Silver Surfer, Da Buddha and Life Saber. You can rest assured these vaporizers will last much longer than their portable brethren – the SOLO 2, Mighty , etc. The designs on desktop vaporizers for the most part are more simple, meaning there is less to go wrong with the internal components while the build is more durable with aspects such as hard shell casings made of heavy duty raw materials.

Classic Volcano Desktop

Battery Life Not An issue

While there are some desktop vaporizers which utilize battery , the more well known desktop vaporizers require you to find a spot on the couch and an electrical outlet to enjoy. With the ability to plug in you are never messing around with charging your vaporizer because you forgot to charge the night before or don’t have a spare battery. There is no downtime with desktop vaporizers , they are always ready.

Desktop Vaporizers Make Vaping Social

Social Fun with the Desktop volcano vaporizer at to the cloud

Desktop vaporizers are a great centerpiece and more fun with company. Turning a pure smoker on to vapor is often first done with a desktop vaporizer and when they join you around your vaporizer pointing out the mechanics and answering questions is much easier using a desktop vape. The communal feel provided by a desktop vaporizer makes it much more a conversational piece and who doesn’t enjoy some herb with friends and showing off your cool new desktop vaporizer ?

Quality Brand Names

In the desktop game there are not many manufacturers, but the few who make the desktops we have mentioned above are known for tier 1 quality. They are established names in the vaporizer market and while there are hundreds of poorly made portable Chinese vaporizers and knockoffs, this is not so much a problem with desktops omitting the fake Digital Volcano epidemic. In fact Storz & Bickel manufacture entirely in Germany , Elev8 is a Colorado based company and VapeXHale manufacturers the Cloud Evo  in the USA. In fact Arizer is the only company who makes their vaporizers in China, but they do so under the highest quality control standards, a reason they have earned such a great reputation for quality vaporizers.

Consistency is Key

A common complaint with the new high tech portable vaporizers is their lack of consistency and need for refinement when using. Breath control, holding the heating element long enough , grinding to a certain consistency and packing it not too tight but not too loose. We get phone calls daily from customers who hate the PAX 3 cause of the draw resistance, but love the IQ. Customers who hate Crafty because the battery dies so fast , but love the Tera and vice versa. All have their own opinions about which portable vaporizer is king.

easy to use a desktop vaporizer

This variance of opinion is almost nowhere to be found on desktop vaporizers. Yes people like some more than others, but everyone agrees desktops are consistent no fuss vaporizers which give out great clouds. You don’t need to be a seasoned vaporizer connoisseur to optimize your desktop vaporizer. Take the Da Buddha Vaporizer for example. You ground your herb, put it in the glass draw, input into the heating element and draw from the whip. Vapor in seconds without the learning curve and consistent every time. 

When To Not Buy A Desktop Vaporizer

Now we love a well Built Vaporizer regardless if it’s an E- Rig , Portable Herb vaporizer or a 510 vape pen, and of course it all comes down to the  user’s lifestyle.

If you are constantly on the road for work or are an active person going to concerts, on hikes and then hitting the bars with your friends,  a desktop vaporizer will not work for you. I have never brought my Volcano Vaporizer out camping (although there are those who do) , and there are plenty of amazing portable vaporizers around choosing the right one (not transporting it) is going to be the hardest part.

Portable vaporizers are also great at conserving the most herb. We probably should have mentioned this aspect before the no brainer above.  Many portable herb vaporizers can accommodate as little as .1 grams and on demand convection vaporizers , like the Ghost MV1 , RBT Splinter and the Firefly 2 Plus allow you to load up your chamber and take hits with the press of a button. This not only provides you the option for free reign around your city block but gives you your money’s worth in making your sweet sweet cheeba last longer. Desktop vaporizers on the other hand are known for giving off huge clouds at the expense of churning through your herb.

Even if you’re not  an avid outdoorsmen or socialite, a portable vaporizer may suit your better. They are easier to hide from the kids and can be used while doing chores or errands throughout the house. They can be brought to the backyard and then to the nightstand with ease.

All in all there are some amazing desktop vaporizers out there, but saying a desktop is better than a portable or the other way around is simply a misleading statement. While we do find more of the commonly known desktops to be made by more reputable companies, these same companies, and many others make excellent portable vaporizers, dab rigs and vape pens.


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