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Arizer SOLO 2 and Storz & Bickel Mighty: Still the Two Most Popular Vaporizers of 2020

The Storz & Bickel Mighty (released 2014) and the Arizer SOLO 2 (released 2017) have emerged as two of the most popular vaporizers around for dry herb.

The Mighty has been touted as the best vaporizer and we at To the Cloud Vapor Store still regard it as the #1 vaporizer to own if you could only own one.

The Arizer SOLO 2 on the other hand provides great vapor in an easy to use and intuitive device, with the new low price of  $187.49 being the kicker.

So what makes both these two vaporizers the uber popular in the dry herb vaporizer market ?  

Arizer SOLO 2 and Storz & Bickel Mighty popular vaporizers of 2018

Responsible and Trusted Companies

Storz & Bickel –  The manufacturer of the Mighty Vaporizer  ( and who brought the Volcano to market ) is regarded as the best manufacturer in the space. It’s a brand name you can trust and all their vaporizers are made in their factory in Tuttlingen, Germany. There is no outsourcing to China and no expenses are spared for the quality parts that go into making the Mighty Vaporizer.

Arizer – Makers of the SOLO 2 ,  is yet another example of a trusted name who has been in the vaporizer game for a while. Based in Canada they take a more simplistic approach to making a quality vaporizer.

Both Arizer vaporizers and Storz & Bickel vaporizers were selected by us to reign amongst the healthiest marijuana vaporizers on the market given both companies high quality control standards and inputs used in the construction of their vaporizers.

No Learning Curve

The trend of newly released vaporizers has been going the way of on demand convection vapes. This means that you manually trigger a heating mechanism which sits at a distance away from your herb and inhale. The hot air passing through your herb is what gives off the vapor.

This trend in theory is great as you conserve the most herb only depleting your flower when you are drawing. However for two reasons the vapor you get from on demand convection vaporizers is not as complete as hybrid (convection / conduction) or plain conduction.

The first reason being that with on demand convection vaporizers you need to have  a perfect grind , a long enough triggering of the heating mechanism, a draw that is not too strong but long enough in duration to get sufficient hot air to pass through your herbs – a variable checklist of things before and during your session to ensure optimal vapor production.

FAQ - conduction vs. Convection

The second being that even with all those variables checked off, the plant sitting directly on a heating element is going to provide more vapor.

I have done this test many times where I take spent herb from the Firefly 2 or Haze Square Pro (two on demand convection vaporizers) where I can no longer get vapor out after all my hits and even stirring and repacking. I then put this herb into the Mighty or the Arizer SOLO 2 (which are conduction / convection)  and am able to get another 2-3 draws of vapor out of it. On another tangent the vapor quality of this spent herb is a bit harsh in the SOLO 2 , but smooth as butter in the Mighty. It is reasons like these the Mighty is nearly twice the price of the SOLO 2.

Arizer SOLO 2 loading

The Mighty and the SOLO 2 and press and play vaporizers. You put your ground herb in, turn it on to your desired temperature and inhale. There is no need to monitor breath control, stir and repack your herb or key in on any other nuance. They are easy to use and thus very popular vaporizers. 


The SOLO 2 was originally released at $239 , at this price point the SOLO 2 sold very well. In the summer of 2018 Arizer began a summer sale to reduce the price of their vaporizers 25%. The sale has not ended and we think this new price drop  may be permanent. The SOLO 2 was a good deal for a quality dry herb vaporizer at $239 , at the new price of $187.49 it is even harder to say no to.

While the Mighty is still expensive at $349, when first released it was $449. Through increased competition in the space Storz & Bickel lowered it to $399 and again to $349. It is rumored it can’t get much lower than this with their production costs being very high in Germany  and current global trade hindrances squeezing the margins.

When I compare the two I like to think of the SOLO 2 as something which does the trick. There are no frills or gimmicks , the SOLO 2 is a straight up quality herb vape. It’s a quality car that will last and get you from point A to point B. It’s the best priced seat in coach on a reliable airline where you’re never delayed.

The Mighty on the other hand is vaping in luxury. It’s a first class seat on the same plane where the SOLO 2 sits coach and doesn’t get free drinks and a 5 course meal in a seat that reclines to a bed.

Vapor Quality

The above is a perfect segway into the vapor quality. The vapor of the Arizer  SOLO 2 is very good. Your initial pulls are going to be flavorful and if you pull for more than 6 seconds you can get very thick clouds.

The longer SOLO 2  mouthpiece is my preferred mouthpiece as the extra standoff distance from the heating element cools the vapor that much more before inhaled. The vapor as well remains consistent with the flavor and harshness beginning to shift around the 8th draw.

With the Mighty Vaporizer my vapor experience is amazing from draw 1 to draw 10. One thing constantly boggles my mind about the Mighty is how close the mouthpiece is to the heating element yet every pull is silky and smooth. Even when using a more dried out herb that may not be the highest quality Cali bud, the vapor texture from the Mighty is always fantastic , a step above the SOLO 2 and pretty much all  vaporizers for that matter of fact.

Where one can argue the  SOLO 2 has slight edge in vapor quality will be during the initial 1-2 draws.  Your herb is more exposed and I feel this plays a factor in picking up on greater flavor profiles of the plant. But let there be no mistake about it, the vapor quality from the Mighty, both taste and texture,  is superior with the Mighty throughout the session. The comparison of vapor quality should be weighed against their respective prices to make it a fair fight.

Micro Dosing

microdosing mighty vaporizer

It is no surprise that “Microdosing” has worked its’ way into vape scene vernacular. Vapor enthusiasts not only enjoy the health benefits of vaporizers but also the fact they  permit the use of very small amounts of herb for a less psychoactive feel.

The Arizer SOLO 2 and the Storz & Bickel Mighty have proven to be two of the best vaporizers for micro dosing. They can be used with very small amounts of herb (.03 grams) for 1-3 small hits while extracting the total potential from your plant.

Portability: The Only Drawback

Arizer SOLO 2 and Mighty Portability

This is an area where both these vaporizer will score poorly and one of the few downsides they both possess. (I know the SOLO 2 can’t vape concentrates, but this is about herb vapes 🙂)  You can take them with you to walk your dog or have a session at a backyard Barbecue, but trying to put it in your pocket and catch the bus is going to be a huge nuisance and damn near impossible with the SOLO 2 as the glass mouthpieces are 1.) a liability and 2.) will not retract into the unit.

Don’t get me wrong, both these vaporizers make great hike companions,  but must stored safely in a case, backpack or fanny pack.

The Arizer SOLO 2 and the Mighty by Storz & Bickel

So it’s easy to see why these two vaporizers have claimed the top spots for the most in demand and popular vaporizers of 2018, we see this trend continuing into 2019 given their ease of use, quality build and great vapor quality amongst others.

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