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volcano hybrid bubbler

Volcano Hybrid Bubbler Attachment | A Great Obsidian Substitute

For those looking for a quality bubbler for their Volcano Vaporizer, the Obsidian has long been considered the only show in town. While the Obsidian by Magma has by and large been received well by Storz & Bickel Volcano owners it comes with some drawbacks. 

The Obsidian bubbler can only attach to the Easy Valve or Hybrid Chamber, meaning it can only accommodate filling the Volcano Bags. Other issues which have been cited include water particles filling your vapor bag and making the inside of the bag sopping wet, lack of a consistent proper seal and how dirty the Obsidian unit gets. While not even the best vaporizers and accessories are without their drawbacks;  Despite it’s hefty price tag, the Obsidian is certainly a blockbuster Volcano Vaporizer accessory loved by many.

Hybrid Volcano obsidian

The good news for those with the Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer who wish to explore an added level of purity  is that the whip function offers an easy alternative to spending $150 for the exact same results with the Obsidian. Using this 14mm Hybrid Whip Adapter coupled with the 14mm Hydratube provided insanely smooth water purified vapor through the Volcano Hybrid.

Step 1.) Remove the Volcano Hybrid Mouthpiece and put on the 14mm whip adapter

hybrid whip bubbler attachment

Step 2.) Fill up your Hydratube and do a test run over the sink 

Step 3.) Attach the Hydradute to the adapter and let her rip

volcano hybrid bubbler

An added benefit to the hybrid whip bubbler attachment is that it can attach to any 14mm female piece. Meaning you can use a waterpipe instead of the hydratube we used in the post. When using this attachment it is best to draw from the whip without fan assist.  

While this is a great alternative for the Obsidian and will save you some money it will unfortunately only work with the Volcano Hybrid whip and not with the Classic or Digital Volcano which utilizes the Easy Valve.

As with the Obsidian there is also the trade off in flavor and texture. The water purification really makes the vapor much smoother but takes away from the crisp texture and flavorful terpenes you get with Storz & Bickel Vaporizers.

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