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Arizer ArGo Vaporizer

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The Arizer Argo is Arizer’s most portable vaporizer to date. With a recessed mouthpiece allowing for easy transport and protection on the go, the Arizer Argo delivers excellent vapor expected from the Arizer name and portability the likes of which we’ve never seen before.

  • Build

    The Arizer ArGo is built with durable plastics, metals, and a stainless-steel chamber for clean vapor and durable quality.

  • Function

    The Arizer ArGo is mainly conduction, but some do argue the standoff between the glass and heating element makes the Argo a hybrid vapes. The herb bakes in the glass stem of the ArGo, making for even and consistent hits.

  • Session

    Truly the go-to for the Arizer enthusiast who needs portability. Arizer’s SOLO 2 and Air 2 models do not allow for the portability like the Argo. It is a great session vaporizer for just you or sharing with friends.

What's in the box

Comes with

  • Arizer Argo Vaporizer
  • 18650 Battery
  • 2 x Glass Draw / Herb Tubes
  • ArGo Belt-Clip Carry Case
  • Extra Stem Caps
  • Stainless Steel Stirring Tool
  • Stainless Steel Filter Screens
  • User Guide


  • Arizer's 1st Pocket Friendly Vape

    Arizer finally made a vaporizer that can go from pocket to hand without needing to worry about your glass stem breaking or assembling the unit when you want to use it on the go. The Arizer ArGo is not Arizer’s first portable vaporizer, but it is the most viable portable vaporizer in their lineup.

  • Better by Design

    The Arizer ArGo is an easy to use and portable conduction vaporizer that functions much like their other recently released 2017 vaporizers – the Arizer Air 2 and the Arizer SOLO 2. The Arizer ArGo operates with a recessed heating chamber and glass draws that is filled with your blend of herb and inputted into the device.

    The Arizer ArGo uses the same formula that has made their previous vaporizers so successful. The ArGo is constructed of rubberized plastics, hard plastic, and aluminum on the outside body. The inside of the ArGo is a stainless-steel heating chamber and the draw is pure grade A glass.

  • Using the Arizer Argo

    Powering on:

    To power up your ArGo: hold the “m” button and the “+” button at the same time until the countdown reaches 0 and your vaporizer turns on. Selecting your temperature is simple. You use the “m” button to adjust your settings such as Fahrenheit or Celsius and choose how long you want the vaporizer on before it automatically shuts off.


    The ArGo is easily one of the greatest accomplishments of Arizer’s design team. All the Arizer portable vapes can use the same glass stem tubes. Filling your herb into the stem is a breeze. Scoop your herb directly in from your grinder. The ArGo also comes with some extra storage end caps so you can pre-fill your extra glass draw and take it with you on the road.

  • Temperature

    The Arizer ArGo has a temperature range of 122 – 428 degrees (F). Your unit will be ready to begin the vapor session in under a minute. You can wait until the heat has reached the set temp before you put your glass stem tube in, but this is not essential.

  • Vapor Quality

    The Arizer ArGo lays down thick vapor clouds compared with other portable vaporizers. This is a vaporizer for those who love a richer, thicker, and denser vapor. The best draws are achieved when letting the heat transfer into the herb for 15+ seconds.

  • Herb Capacity

    The glass chamber can hold roughly .25 grams of ground herb. From .25 grams, you can get a good 15 pulls before needing to discard your herb. This can vary based on the temperature you heat your herb. Many people love the designs of the Arizer glass draws as they allow you to fill the glass draw a fraction of the way full and still get excellent results.

  • Battery Life

    On a full charge, you can expect to get 8-10 sessions out of the ArGo (this equates to roughly 75 -90 minutes of run time). The ArGo uses removable 18650 batteries*; meaning all you have to do is simply pop in a new battery, and you are good to go!

    When you recharge your ArGo, it will take roughly 3 hours with the mini USB port – however, the ArGo can still be used while charging.

    *We always recommend getting an external charger for your 18650 batteries, so they charge in a fraction of the time.

Arizer ArGo Vaporizer



No ratings yet

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