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Davinci IQ or Arizer Argo

Davinci IQ vs. Arizer Argo | Your Next Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer

Comparing the Davinci IQ and the Arizer ArGo

We recently did a review of the Arizer ArGo and the whole time I was using it I kept thinking. There really are alot of similarities between the ArGo and the DaVinci IQ. However with more focus on getting the ArGo review done it wasn’t until now that I have had the time to sit down and do a comparison with these two portable weed vapes, side to side, head to head and mano y mano. If you are looking for a top tier portable for your loose leaf vape needs these are two to consider as they really offer great vapor and true portability

Arizer ArGo vs. the Davinci IQ


Starting as we always do opening the box. The Arizer Argo has a tad bigger packaging with more accessories. One of the funniest things I find is the Arizer belt case. I am really wanting to know if anyone uses this to carry  their Arizer vaporizer around on their belt. As with Arizer’s latest portable vaporizers (SOLO 2 and Air 2) You get some screens and extra glass mouthpieces.


The DaVinci IQ comes in a much smaller box. My favorite accessory is the IQ mouthpiece which can double as a water pipe adapter. You also get a keychain canister, where I put my ground herb for on the go.  

Arizer ArGo and the Davinci IQ

Powering on and using

Keeping with Arizer’s slogan better by design – The ArGo is much more intuitive to turn on and use. You press the “m” and “+” button at the same time until the unit powers on and then use the plus or minus buttons to select your temperature.

Again The Davinci IQ isn’t hard to turn on and use, but it is a device that will require some getting accustomed to. Besides the app integration, the mouthpieces are difficult to switch out and the removeable vapor path (flavor chamber) confuses first time IQ users.

Switching between the preset temperatures and moving over to my IQ showing my exact temperature is still something I struggle with when using the unit.

However there is no sorcery with the IQ , you press the power button 5 times and it will power on , the temp buttons on the side do the rest.


Edge: Davinci IQ  ✅

Looking at the two side by side , I am more physically attracted to to the Davinci IQ, but ‘m a guy who finds a high IQ attractive =) Bad Jokes aside, I find the IQ more aesthetically pleasing. I love the magnetic mouthpiece and chamber clasps on the IQ and really like the LED lights which show your temperature level.  Arizer is not known for making sleek and stylish vaporizers, but really focus more on function. The ArGo does look basic, but performs very well.

Ease of Use

Edge: Arizer ArGo ✅


The ArGo is leaps and bounds easier to load as you just dip the filling end of your glass into your ground herb and then place into the heating element. This is a different story when on the go, but for out of the box loading the ArGo wins handedly.

The IQ is not hard to load, but I do notice I get some spilled herb off to the side when loading. Given the competition’s mouthpiece also serves as a loading tool it’s no contest for which loads easier.

Davinci IQ or Arizer Argo


Edge: Davinci IQ 

What makes the IQ a bit harder to key in upon arrival make it great for customizing your vape session and experience:

  • In the app you can set your IQ to hit certain temperatures at certain times over a 10 minute period without needing to adjust manually.
  • The IQ comes with an extended 10mm mouthpiece which doubles as a water pipe adapter
  • The IQ has a flavor chamber where you can store herb  or add in flowers or fragrances to enhance the vapor flavor.

The ArGo is a one trick pony. It will vape your herb and will do it well. Where the ArGo has a heads up in customization is for micro dosing and vaping small amounts (.1 – .15 grams) with the same ease and vapor quality as if loading the entire chamber. For the Davinci IQ you will need the IQ spacers to reduce the chamber size to vape smaller amounts. The spacers can also hinder the airflow increasing draw resistance.

Both the ArGo and IQ only vape dry herb and we recommend not trying to do any concentrates with these two as they can dirty up the internals and heating element.

Vapor Quality

Edge: Draw  ✘

I personally enjoy the vapor texture and flavor of the IQ more. I find the taste in the beginning of my sessions to be the best out of any conduction vaporizer on the market. The zirconia metal present throughout the IQ vaporizer also helps by cooling what would be hotter vapor, especially at higher temperatures. Then there is the flavor chamber where you can throw lavender, or other fragrant flowers into that will really kick your IQ’s vapor flavor into high gear.


Although I am writing this piece it is important to share that I was outvoted 2:1 on the vapor quality category with notes from another IQ and ArGo user stating “I prefer the ArGo over the IQ anyday. Vapor is better and smoother”

Davinci IQ flavor Chamber with Sage

The ArGo sticks to Arizer’s secret sauce. A stainless steel heating element and an all glass chamber and mouthpiece. For me the vapor is great in the beginning. Great notes of flavor and good vapor production, but gets too hot and stale towards the end. Given you have only a two and a half  inch all glass mouthpiece there is nothing assisting the cooling of the vapor at prolonged higher temperatures.


One thing both the ArGo and Davinci IQ do well is vapor output. A trend we are noticing when talking to our customers is that many are switching to vaporizers because they are  trying to quit smoking – but still would rather smoke. The IQ and the ArGo fit the bill for vaporizers that give off large voluminous clouds of vapor ; both are ideal substitutes to get that smoking satisfaction.


Edge: DaVinci IQ ✅

The IQ eeks out an edge here for a few reasons. No glass inputs, the unit is constructed of higher grade metals and I can load and unload my herb chamber much easier than the ArGo when at a concert or socializing on a patio.

While the Arizer ArGo has been refined for “the go” the glass still weighs heavy on my mind when I am charging hard on my skateboard or in a crowd at a concert. What make the ArGo easier to load in the comfort of my own home makes it a liability to load when out and about. Arizer did build a pop up top on the ArGo to protect the glass stem, which is totally internal. If you are going to play bocce ball or go to the bar with some friends the ArGo is going to to present no hardships in terms of portability & loading. So I am being a bit of a hypochondriac for the sake of this review and using some extreme examples as I am sure not too many customers are going to be bombing hills with these vapes in their pockets. But if you are …. I recommend doing it with the IQ over the ArGo.


Edge: Arizer ArGo ✅


Cleaning the ArGo is much easier. The one thing that makes the ArGo a bit more difficult to clean than it’s Air 2 and SOLO 2 Counterparts is the recessed heating chamber all the way at the bottom of the unit. However given most of the build up occurs in the removable glass stem a wipe of the chamber with an ISO Q tip is al you will really need for cleaning and maintenance.


The IQ requires disassembling all the inputs for a good deep clean. The Chamber Pearl, Flavor Chamber, mouthpiece rubber, mouthpiece actual –  all must be removed for a proper cleaning of your IQ.

The Winner

Winner: Davinci IQ 

I chose the DaVinci IQ over the ArGo for the larger chamber size, the look and the versatility it offers. I also find the Davinci IQ to offer slightly better vapor quality , although this was not the consensus. I can fill the IQ’s large chamber and get multiple sessions on the go, typically this would degrade the quality of the herb from session to session, but with the IQ I find the zirconia really helps cool the vapor and make it taste good from start to finish.

Davinci IQ best vaporizer

The IQ is no slouch and if you love what Arizer does, the ArGo finally offers what the SOLO 2 and Air 2 do not – ultimate portability

It’s nice to end a blog post with a definitive winner. Typically our comparisons end with it’s up to you. And although my colleagues do not agree the IQ is better than the ArGo, this is Tyler’s opinion and does not represent that of To the Cloud Vapor Store =). Given every vaporizer we sell comes with a trial period allowing you to return your used vaporizer you can try them all for yourself without being out hundreds of dollars should that vaporizer not be a good fit. But I digress from my sales banter to offer you some additional specs on the DaVinci IQ and the Arizer ArGo


Vaporizer Davinci IQ Arizer Argo
Materials Zirconia, Ceramic, Alloy Plastic, Aluminum, Stainless Steel , Glass
Chamber Size .4 grams .25 grams
Conduction or Convection Conduction Conduction and Convection
Temp Range 250 – 430 (℉) 112 – 418 (℉)
Size ( L x W X H) 1.5” x .75” x 3.5” 2” x 1” x 3.25”
Weight 5 oz 3.5 oz
Warranty 10 years 2 years
Herb or Concentrates Herb Herb
Price $274.95 $269.99
Heat up time 15-17  seconds 60 seconds
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