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AirVape XS GO Vaporizer

3.00 out of 5
3 out of 5
3 Reviews


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AirVape | To the Cloud Vapor Store


AirVape introduces the new AirVape XS GO Vaporizer  , their smallest and most lightweight  portable dry herb vaporizer yet. The Airvape XS GO is only 2 ounces in weight, sleek in design and very discrete  in the hand. It fits all this in a pint size vaporizer while delivering good vapor with ease

  • Build

    A heat resistant thermo (ABS)  plastic shell encapsulates a small yet high powered 1200 mAh battery while a ceramic airflow and oven ensure vapor purity

  • Function

    The AirVape XS GO operates with a function of conduction and convection. The convection aspect is from an elevated screen which sits in the herb chamber, making the vaporizer mainly conduction.

  • Session

    Definitely an entry level beginner vaporizer at the price, the AirVape XS GO can deliver up to 12 or so hits with the large chamber fully packed.  Not exactly a vaporizer for large groups or hanging out at your house, but  a perfect vaporizer to toss in your pocket and get multiple hits on one pack when you’re on the go

What's in the box

Comes with

  • AirVape XS GO
  • USB Charger
  • Cleaning / Loading Stir Tool
  • Extra Screens
  • Instructions


  • Small Package While Packing a Punch

    The AirVape XS GO is pocket friendly and discreet ( 4″ in height and 1″ around)  but don’t let that fool you. With a 1200 mAh battery and a ceramic herb chamber which can fit up to .25 grams of dry herb the AirVape XS GO will give you plenty of vapor.

    With a fully packed chamber you can expect around 8 – 12 hits depending on temperature and the consistency of your herb

  • Easy to Use Single Function Button

    The AirVape XS GO is very intuitive with the herb chamber sitting right under the mouthpiece, you just pull off the mouthpiece and input your blend. To turn on hit the power button 5 times. Switch between the 5 heat settings by holding down the home button.

    The AirVape XS GO heats up in around 30 seconds, pull from the mouthpiece with ease and voila , vapor

  • Battery Life & Pass Through Charging

    You can fully charge the unit it around 45 minutes using the micro USB chord included with your XS GO. This will give you about 3-4 sessions depending on temperature.

    With the ability to pass through charge (use while charging) there never has to be any down time if using your AirVape XS GO at home

  • 5 Temperature Settings

    The AirVape XS Go allows you to choose from 5 preset temperatures:

    • Level 1 – 355 F
    • Level 2 – 375 F
    • Level 3 – 390 F
    • Level 4 – 405 F
    • Level 5 – 420 F


  • Get Your Feet Wet

    Ultimately the AirVape XS GO is an amazing beginner vaporizer to get your feet wet and see if an herb vape might be your thing. At only $69 dollars the vapor delivered relative to price point cannot be beat.

    It also comes recommended for someone who may already have a desktop vaporizer or a pricier less portable herb vape , who needs something they can throw in their pocket on a moment’s notice.

  • warranty & trial period

    AirVape is a brand name you can trust in the portable vape space and the AirVape XS GO delivers as promised with a lifetime warranty through Apollo / AirVape.

    To the Cloud Vapor Store offers 60 day trial period and lifetime trade ins on the AirVape XS Go and all vaporizers we sell.

airvape XS GO To the Cloud Vapor Store



3.00 out of 5
3 out of 5
3 Reviews
  • Shay

    Good for light, solo use. Small and compact, simple to use. Lower temp settings produce better flavor. The battery is small so it needs recharging after 4 or so sessions, but can use it while charging.

  • Brian

    Compact and easy to use, but the battery dies quickly and the flavor isn’t great.

  • Jessica

    I am not happy with the taste of it when it vaporizes the flower.

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