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Carta 2 clear

Focus V Releases the Carta 2 Clear Limited Edition

I can see clearly now the rain is gone. Focus V has released their first limited edition Carta 2 with the Carta 2 Clear. The Carta 2 Clear has landed just in time to ring in the New Year. 

carta 2 vs. carta 2 clear

The Carta 2 Clear will not offer anything functionally different over the Standard Carta 2. So no need to feel like you missed the boat if you picked up the classic black silicone based Carta 2. Many like myself even prefer the standard edition as it provides a more grown up feel than the trippy neon emitting groovy Carta 2 Clear.

The Carta 2 has been one of the best selling electronic dab rig vaporizers of 2022 offering  harder hitting dabs than the uber popular Puffco Peak Pro. It has accomplished this with some major refinements from the Classic Carta Vaporizer to include the Intelli-Core atomizer which heats more efficiently with greater size, the controls which make it easy to use and refined vapor path and glass for bigger rips. 

On the side of design and appeal, the Carta 2 offers some pretty sweet lights which add to the overall enjoyment and ambience of your session. Enter the Clear Carta 2’s one sought after adjustment …..

Carta 2 clear

The Carta Clear brings a whole new dimension to the CARTA 2 family with a clear silicone base and atomizer design, allowing the smart rig’s customizable RGB LEDs to ice your sesh out in a whole new light.

If you think the limited edition clear release would tickle your fancy, make sure to pick one up today as this drop will be over once it is gone.  

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