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updated GHOST MV1

The Updated Ghost MV1 Vaporizer: Your Next Vaporizer ?

We have been getting a considerable amount of questions concerning the Ghost MV1. The main question being. “Is it the most amazing vaporizer ever, or is it a huge paperweight that doesn’t give off any vapor?”  Well no hunk of junk could make me feel as amazing as I feel right now, and the updated Ghost MV1 vaporizer operates at a high level, but the truth is I too had my issues with the Ghost MV1 when I first started using it.

My Personal Ghost MV1 Journey

I purchased one of the first edition Ghost MV1 vaporizers during the initial pre-release. Like others I had issues with the vaporizer overheating, the grinding glass mouthpiece the problematic heat sink all which led to the lack of vapor production. Even worse at this time the Ghost MV1 app was not even live. Through some use and dialing in I did realize my user error was a large part of not getting optimal results. For example I still have the old heat sink (not updated one) and it works fine. I just need to make sure it was seated correctly before using.

Best price Ghost MV1

I noticed as I kept on with my Ghost MV1 I would experience large variances in the quality of sessions. With repeated overheating  I finally got fed up and contacted Ghost. They advised me about a firmware update and the heat sink needing to be 100% seated for the amazing vapor production you see in the videos. I completed the firmware update but still didn’t have much luck. My unit still kept overheating and the vapor production had diminished substantially.  

Looking at the app and taking the MV1 apart and putting it back together, everything was golden. It took some thinking but then I thought to myself maybe the screen needs to be cleaned. This was something a little odd as I had only used my Ghost MV1 a handful of times times before performance was an issue.

Upon pulling out the crucible (herb chamber) top screen I did not notice any considerable build up whatsoever. However upon holding it up to the light I noticed not a single opening was visible. I soaked this in 99% ISO ,unbeknownst to me,   even that didn’t get it clean enough.

I put it back in the Ghost MV1 just assuming the thing was as clean as could be and again , sub par vapor production. I did a double take only to realize soaking the Ghost MV1 top screen doesn’t do a good enough job to clean it thoroughly. It needs to be prodded with a toothbrush or pick to ensure those tiny holes are cleared.

After nailing down a proper clean my experience pulling from the Ghost MV1 was insane. I put this is another blog, but the initial pull from when I had it cleaned felt like it was actually a negative pull, as if it was sucking me into it. I have never experienced a vaporizer with such little draw resistance. It was amazing the size of hit I could get due to the engineering of the Ghost MV1 internals.

Digging Deeper with the Updated Ghost MV1

updated Ghost MV1

I wrote the above anecdote to explain not every vaporizer is going to be the bees knees out of the box. Everyone has started to call every single vaporizer intuitive and the Iphone of vaporizers. There literally is over 10 vaporizer manufacturers calling themselves the Iphone or Apple of vaporizers. It is more cliche than describing your start up as “It’s like Uber for ….”

On a level I do get what they mean when they describe themselves this way. It’s a marketing way to say this is an intuitive and  easy to use vaporizer. And yes vaporizers like the PAX 3 and Davinci IQ are intuitive and easy to use. I am pretty well versed on over 30 desktop and portable vaporizers. To be honest I find most of them intuitive and easy to use …. After you have used them. They are vaporizers,  the learning curve is the most minimally invasive annoyance to your daily life in terms of learning new technologies. Yes the Ghost MV1 does have some things which take some getting used to, but the Ghost MV1 is one of the hardest hitting, effect giving vaporizers on the market. Not to mention it does give off very good flavor.

The Ghost MV1 On The Fly

Ghost MV1 portable vaporizer

I just walked to the grocery store ( .6 mile away )  with my MV1. The Ghost MV1 can fit into your pockets pretty easy, but it should be an empty pocket as coins and keys can scratch the finish. In your pocket the Ghost will be very visible as well. Your local butcher may say “ Hey is that a Ghost MV1 in your pocket or are you just happy to see me ? “ To which you can respond as you see fit. As well with the large size people can definitely see it in your hand when just walking the sidewalk.

I am lucky I live in a very nice area where I am  free to use my Ghost MV1 in the middle of the day on the sidewalk or trail. The biggest annoyance when using in transit is the long pulls you need with the Ghost MV1 for the best results. I run a 6 minute mile but can feel like I am losing my breath when I use the Ghost MV1 when I am walking. The strangest thing about the Ghost is that you won’t get much when you pull slow or for a short period of time (under 2 seconds) , but if you pull for 5-6 + seconds the hits you get are insane.

On the way to the grocery store, the hits I was getting were really good, some of the best flavor you can imagine and large vapor clouds. I really felt this when I got to the parking lot. This is another factor I had never considered when judging a vaporizer or thinking who this would suit best.

The Ghost MV1 really executes on the ultimate goal, to make you feel your herb. I think I never thought of this because, yes all vaporizers do accomplish this and we tend to sit back and compare other facets when analyzing a vaporizer.

Who is the Ideal Ghost MV1 User ?

As mentioned the Ghost MV1 is a heavy hitter. Given it’s flavor, effect and performance it could be your only vaporizer or could be one of many. The Ghost MV1 would fit someone who is first and foremost comfortable with technology more than anything.

Portable vs. At Home Use 

More and more I am taking my Ghost MV1 with me to swim or hike. When I first got it I thought to myself this thing is way too heavy and the loading / unloading process and moving parts make spilling herb everyone or losing the top screen highly probable. While those remain true I am not bringing it to the mosh pit or hitting  the snowboard park.

When I bring my Ghost MV1 with me I am also not needing or trying to be discreet. It’s not a discreet portable in any sense. When I bring the MV1 with me I am stashing it in a backpack and I am very careful when loading and unloading. Ghost did heed the feedback of its’ user and has created a crucible dispenser which allows you to prefill and carry up to 5 filled crucibles.

When I bring my Ghost MV1 with me I am also not needing or trying to be discreet. It’s not a discreet portable in any sense. When I bring the MV1 with me I am stashing it in a backpack and I am very careful when loading and unloading. Ghost did heed the feedback of its’ users and has created a crucible dispenser which allows you to prefill and carry up to 5 additional crucibles.

updated GHOST MV1

The Ghost MV1  is more the star of the show that me and my friends session with before hiking to the summit or jumping off a rock (into water of course) . Using it during a recent hike for example we all stopped and had a group session before continuing on.

My Ghost MV1 gets about 90% of its’ use at home. It’s ergonomic design and on demand convection heating method make it great to pick up and get a hit then go back to cooking or folding laundry.  This is the general appeal of on demand convection vaporizers in that you can pick it up, do your thing and then put the vape back down. The Ghost MV1 does this well and doesn’t waste any herb in between hits like conduction or hybrid vaporizers.

Users with Health Conditions

We recently had a customer who had to load and unload the Mighty Vaporizer for his wife. She had really bad arthritis in her fingers and couldn’t do anything besides hold the vaporizer, turn it on and adjusting the temperature. If you have a condition such as this the Ghost MV1 is certainly not a good fit for you. Even with someone to load it and unload it for you, adjusting the mouthpiece, manually changing the temperature and holding down the session button require a good amount of finger dexterity.

Another condition that would preclude you from finding the Ghost MV1 suitable would be COPD or a condition which you find yourself short on breath. To get optimal pulls from the Ghost MV1 you need to be able to pull 5-6 seconds uninterrupted. Again there are some vaporizers we can recommend if you can only take 1-2  second puff, most of which are conduction vaporizers. 

Puff vs Pull

Taking me into my next point, the Ghost MV1 is great for getting all your vapor extraction super fast. We were talking about this today on the Vape Critic’s weekly live stream. Some vaporizers you get a few good and very plentiful hits and extract all the potential from your herb and some vaporizers you can sip or puff on and extract the active ingredients over more pulls. I did say above you can hit the Ghost between chores which is true, but most the time at home when I use it I am sitting down to session. It gives the best delivery super fast , the Ghost MV1 is one of the top master extractors and that is the way I prefer to use it. As a session vape where I am committing myself to vaping an entire chamber , not just a hit here and there. If this is what you are looking for the Ghost MV1 will have you feeling fantastic in a rather expedient manner.

Wrapping it Up

The updates on Ghost MV1 have made a world of difference. The Ghost went from a total dud in my opinion to one of the highest performing vaporizers around. While I do not use it everyday it is one of my favorite vaporizers currently available given it’s excellent design, great flavor and amazing vapor extraction. With all the positive things I have to say about the updated MV1, I cannot say it would be my only vaporizer, but it is highly recommended if it sounds like it fits the bill for you.

The Ghost MV1 is almost ready to go for a full launch. Up until now they have been honing in the tweaks and refining the vaporizers based on feedback from customers who have been using it. We have been told a launch date of midsummer can be expected. You can pick up the Ghost directly from Ghost at the moment.

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