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upgraded focus v carta

The Focus V Carta Gets an Upgrade | What’s New on the Classic Carta ?

The Focus V Carta recently got an upgrade and the improvements are pretty nice if we don’t say so ourselves.  The Carta Vaporizer has been one of the most economical electronic rigs on the market since inception. It offers both durability and consistency at a price point well under the uber fancy vaporizers – Carta 2, Peak Pro & Dr. Dabber Boost Evo

The Carta Vaporizer was released in 2016 as a substitute good to the Puffco Peak. Coming in cheaper than Puffco’s original vaporizer, what the original Carta lacked in cool it made up for in functionality. A standard plastic white base with a stainless steel atomizer, standard glass top  and 4 temperature settings provided some of the best no frill dabs and made the Carta the best quality economical e-rig around

A point of confusion with the release of the Carta 2 and the subsequent rebranding of the OG Carta is that the original Carta was called the Carta V2. Designing the original Carta there was a pre release production tweak. As an internal measure the factory stamped the final product Carta bases with a V2 to distinguish them from previous models of the original Carta base which were not to be mass produced. This stamp stuck and gave us the Carta V2 aka OG Carta. 

In another rebrand Focus V has updated the flagship original Carta vaporizer to take us into 2023 with the release of the updated Classic Carta. 

The Classic Carta features key improvements in both the design and longevity. 


We have got to give Focus V some accolades here. The updated Classic Carta will keep it’s $199 price tag. Despite the more expensive inputs such as the updated atomizer, the Classic Carta will remain the same price as the OG Carta – $199. Even better if you use our link below you can save $30 with VapeNow15.

carta classic vaporizer

New Base

The Carta Classic Base has been changed from a combination of both black and white to an all black color pattern running up into the atomizer. For those who have used their OG Carta a considerable amount of times, you know the white parts were prone to staining with heavy use. While this was never an issue if you kept your atomizer & vaporizer clean, many did not. This color adjustment throughout the base will keep your Carta looking smooth and clean even if you do not always clean it as often as you should 😉

RGB Neon Lights

carta upgrade lights

The cool factor given by RGB neon lighting cannot be downplayed. As a lame adult who sessions mainly alone I even enjoy the ambience neon lighting provides when taking down some dabs. The OG Carta lacked this hip factor but Focus V has added it to their revamped Classic Carta Vaporizer. The new and improved Focus V shines a light blue, neon green and red throughout your session for you to enjoy some improved aesthetics like you would get with the Carta 2.

Universal Carta Glass

Classic Carta glass

The original Carta glass has been replaced with the same glass which is on the Carta 2. This is not so much a function improvement as it is a smart  logistical move on Focus V’s behalf. Why produce two different versions of the same glass when you can cut cost and produce only one ? We saw Puffco do the same exact thing with the Puffco Peak travel glass; Making one model for both the Peak and Peak Pro. 

The glass tops for  the Carta 2 and OG Carta were already backwards compatible. There were some adjustments to the Carta 2 glass to make the RGB lights pop more as well as slats and airpath  in the back end for a more directional purification through the water in the glass.  To be totally honest however,  I noticed no difference when using the OG Carta glass on the Carta 2 and vice versa. Also most who want to deck their rig out are going to get custom 3rd party glass anyways. 

Everlast Atomizer

The improved atomizer coming equipped on the Classic Carta is by far the biggest improvement for this new roll out. The Everlast Atomizer has been around since the original Carta was released but was an aftermarket purchase which is now included with the Classic Carta. The Everlast atomizer provides the same vapor quality but is a much more durable and longer lasting atomizer over the standard Carta atomizer. The standard atomizer required much more TLC and cleaning between sessions. Not to say this is carte blanche to take down half gram dabs and never clean your atomizer, but there is a considerable longevity the Everlast Atomizer possesses in comparison the the standard atomizer which came on the previous model Carta. This is a great perk when you pick up the new and improved Classic Carta.

The Classic Carta remains one of the best value electronic rigs on the market that will provide quality dabs without breaking the bank. These improvements by Focus V are always nice to see and show their commitment to innovation and improvement. 

Even nicer to see with the Classic Carta upgrade is not calling it a different name and building a bunch of suspense & hype around something that is not really different, just improved. The Classic Carta will be the same price as it always has been too. Another reason to give props to Focus V for trying to raise the price for the updated model.

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