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Crafty+ vs. The Davinci IQ2

Storz & Bickel Crafty+ vs. The Davinci IQ2: The Latest and Greatest Vaporizers

Comparing the Storz & Bickel Crafty+ to the Davinci IQ2

Storz & Bickel and Davinci have both released some upgrades to their critically acclaimed portable vaporizers in the Crafty and IQ, with the Crafty+ (plus) and Davinci IQ2 (two). While both units are not a huge departure from the previous models, they are the latest and greatest in portable herb vaporizers from some of the top manufacturers. If you were looking to get a portable herb vaporizer today, these should be some of the first to check out.


One of the reasons these two vaporizers have received such high accolades is that they are built well. They both can withstand the elements and the wear & tear from normal everyday use on the go. 

The IQ2’s internals are predominately zirconia and not only stand up to the heat, but optimize the flavor of the vapor. Many say the IQ series provides the best tasting vapor for a conduction vaporizer, and I would be inclined to agree. Where you need to worry with the IQ2 is the brushed aluminum finish. It is very aesthetically pleasing but in your pocket with loose change or keys is where you will notice cosmetic damage to the outer shell happens.

Davinci IQ2 vs Crafty+

Don’t be fooled by the Crafty+’s plastic outer finish. Storz & Bickel have been using this since they released the Crafty and Mighty in 2014 and in 2020 the Crafty/Mighty duo still remain atop the list of best selling herbal vaporizers. The Crafty+ can also stand up to normal wear & tear very well and unlike the IQ2 it is very hard to scratch or destroy the finish just from having it in your pocket or dropping it on accident. 

Another thing to take note of with the Davinci IQ2 is the heat it gives off during use. While the unit has been improved with greater insulation, the IQ2 still gets hot to touch after longer sessions at higher temperatures. 

The Crafty+ was built with a design that diverts the heat up and away, protecting you from having what feels like a hot cup of coffee in your hand when using. 

Vapor Quality

Now that you know the Crafty+ or Davinci IQ2 will last for years to come. Let’s get down to the most important feature – vapor quality. 

If you have read any comparison blogs about the original Crafty and Davinci IQ, it is roughly inline with how the Crafty+ will stack up versus the Davinci IQ2. 

The Crafty+ has amazing tasting vapor but the silky texture is what you will notice. It is like you are smoking clouds from the heavens. LIkewise the IQ2 has some good tasting vapor but shines more in regards to larger voluminous hits. 

One thing that has changed on the IQ2 is the airflow dial which enables the user to draw easier and get less vapor, or decrease the airflow for super thick vapor. However with this new airflow feature the Crafty+ still beats the IQ2 in the flavor and texture department. The IQ2’s airflow dial is more for user customization. 


The Crafty+ functions with hybrid heating (convection and conduction) with hot air coming from the bottom of the unit through the herbs as you draw, as well emanating from the stainless steel herb chamber.  This is the gold standard of Storz & Bickel’s portable vaporizers and the key to their amazing vapor quality.


The Davinci IQ2 is a pure conduction vaporizer. Meaning your plant is heated by the heating element being in contact with your herb.

Warranty / Battery

The Davinci IQ2 has a 10 year warranty, where the Crafty+ carries a three year warranty (upon registration). The Crafty+ will be more prone to warranty claims as the  18650 battery is internal. While Storz & Bickel has come a long way from the original Crafty in terms of battery life, over time this battery will fail and you will have to send it in for repair. A heavy user (3-4 sessions a day) can expect to send their Crafty+ in around once a year for a new battery (free & covered under warranty)

The removable 18650 battery with the Davinci IQ2 makes this a non- issue and many have complained Storz & Bickel did not take heed of customer feedback asking for a removable battery on the Crafty+.

Battery Life / Charge Times

The IQ2 and Crafty+ have a very similar battery life and even heat up time.  When testing I was getting an average of 8 sessions on a single charge with each session giving me around 10 quality pulls, sometimes more sometimes less.

Where the Crafty+ wins handedly is charge time. Charging with the mini USB cable in about 90 minutes. The Davinci IQ2 is about a 5 hour ordeal to get the battery full. However since the Davinci IQ2 utilizes a removable battery , you can always have a fresh spare ready to role. Vaporizers with these removable batteries such as the Ghost MV1 take a lifetime to charge if not utilizing an external charger. That is why we highly recommend getting the Davinci External Charger or having some spare 18650 batteries on hand should you purchase the Davinci IQ2. 

Chamber Capacity

The Davinci IQ2 will give you a larger bowl capable of around .3 grams and have heard  claims maxing it out at .35 grams. However my optimal session would be comfortably  around .2 grams and with the adjustable chamber pearl you will have no problems extracting everything from your herb with this amount. 


Although the Davinci IQ2 is a conduction vaporizer you can still pack it full and use it over many sessions. You do not need to use all your herb at once, unlike others will claim. Yes the vapor will not be as fresh, but I have filled my IQ and IQ2 up and used that herb over the course of three nights, taking only a few hits before bedtime. 

The Crafty+ chamber can hold around .25 grams and does work best when at least filled with .15 grams. 

The IQ2 chamber is more narrow but goes deeper, where the Crafty+ chamber is more even between circumference and depth. Both are respectively optimized for their heating functions.  


Since both the IQ2 and Crafty+ work better when full or almost full both manufacturer’s have included prefill pods which will allow you to microdose with much smaller amounts of herb. 

The Crafty+ comes with a dosing capsule which can be lined with as little as .05 grams for microdosing. 

DavinciIQ2ceramic chamber
Filling the IQ2 Ceramic Pod with some concentrates on the stone

The IQ2 also comes with it’s own little ceramic prefill pod. Which can be used to cut the size of your bowl down or you can input as little as .05 grams for a few hits. What is nice about the Ceramic prefill pod on the IQ2 is it provides a barrier between the ceramic heating element and your herb giving is a quasi convection function.

Both the IQ2 and Crafty+ are capable of vaping concentrates,  although I mainly stick to my Puffco Peak or PAX Era, when I want to hit concentrates, it is nice the Davinci IQ2 now comes with the essentials for doing both. 


Another critique of the Crafty+ is that it no longer comes with the Storz & Bickel Grinder or the filling assist. Storz & Bickel really cut down on the packaging and accessories with the Crafty+ and give the user the bare bones essentials. If you do want to run your Crafty+ through a water pipe or bong there are plenty of 3rd party attachments that will do this. Given how good the vapor of the Crafty+ is , it is just nitpicking to complain.

Crafty+ complete package
The Crafty+ comes with less accessories than the original

Davinci took the IQ2 in the opposite direction and added more accessories with the ceramic pod, the oil stone and the cotton pads. They even throw in a little concentrate wallet for wax. All of this and it still comes with the extended 10mm mouthpiece which can be used as a water pipe adapter.  


When Storz & Bickel released the Crafty app it was seen as game changing to be able to control your vape temp from your phone. That was 6 years ago however and the vape apps have not changed that much. While they are nice for packing loads of information into one place, 90% of users simply use them to adjust the temperature on their vaporizer. 

Davinci was able to take the basic vape app a step further with a cool feature which alerts you when you have reached your desired “dose” with the Davinci IQ2. It works by inputting the potency of your strain and the amount of herb packed in the chamber. From there the bluetooth feedback will monitor and let you know when you have reached your desired level. 

At the time of this write up Apple’s ban on l vaporizer related apps on the App store remains in place. The Davinci IQ2’s smart paths are programmed into the device and you can as well adjust the temperature manually on the unit. 

The Crafty+ has three preset temperatures which truly are not enough to get the full enjoyment out of the vaporizer, but Storz & Bickel have developed a work around for a web app which you can read about here.  So for either the IQ2 or Crafty+ the respective apps are not essential for use.

*Android users remain unaffected by the Apple Vape Ban


Storz & Bickel Crafty+ – $279.00 

Davinci IQ2 – $295.00

Both come with  60 Day Trial Period and lifetime trade ins for store credit


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