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Reddit Banning Vaporizer Subs | Where Do I Sell my Used Vaporizer Now ?

In an all too often heard story, another tech juggernaut who was once 420 friendly is going on a purge of NSFW vaporizer content. Reddit ahead of their IPO has been removing popular subreddits such as the official sub reddits of  Arizer and the Volcano Vaporizer. Another popular subreddit for buying and selling used vaporizers (and other assorted 420 goods) dubbed r/entexchange has been totally wiped from the Reddit platform.

reddit entexchange ban

We at To the Cloud Vapor Store know all about tech’s relationships with cannabis related companies and their flip flop policies and incorrect classifications of items. In the past we had amazing relationships with both Google Ads and Paypal who assigned us our own representatives helping get our business off the ground in late 2015 only to later shut the door in 2018 with a single email explanation. 

Big Tech's Flip & Flop on Vaporizers

Ebay and Amazon were once the best place to buy and sell vaporizers, but now taking on a scorched earth policy of automatically removing the items and banning the associated accounts. It does appear no matter what platform you use to try and sell your used vaporizer, it is only a matter of time before the item is removed and you are given a warning or kicked off altogether. Unfortunately many times these classifications are incorrect, such as calling an herb vaporizer an e-cigarette. However the cost for a Facebook or Google to hire an army of real people far exceeds any benefit and more often than not it is an AI bot which removes any vaporizer related content whether correctly or not. 

And it goes beyond just buying and selling. Vaporizer manufacturers have had their apps removed from the  iOS store, YouTube has restricted and removed  popular cannabis influencers or demonetized their platforms. It is not easy scaling a business, building a brand or following when the landscape is  shifting more than other established industries. 

big tech vaporizer ban

Reddit has for the least been forthcoming. This is a move they are making ahead of their long awaited IPO to ensure the platform is not being used to engage in any buying and selling activities which may be deemed troublesome leaving investors and underwriters vulnerable to potential lawsuits. While it is a setback to have such large communities built up on once friendly platforms, the rules are always changing as are the platforms. 10 years ago vaporizers were not a super popular device for consumption, but over time a Reddit platform emerged and grew to nearly 200k strong. Surely many will simply migrate to Fuck Combustion or other threads on the internet that answer queries for those interested in vaporizers. 

The Used Vaporizer Marketplace

As far as buying and selling used vaporizers go, To the Cloud Vapor Store has been in that game for a while. It unfortunately is nowhere near as frictionless as consumer to consumer private sale and the scope of items we can accept is much smaller than a Craigslist or Reddit Marketplace. 

We also are rolling out a special section for one off vaporizers and random parts under our Clearance section. Here you will be able to find items which may be missing packaging or parts, are older models (such as the original Firefly Vaporizer) or are random promotional goods we tried out and decided not to carry. 

So if you do want to trade in your vaporizer for an upgrade all is not lost. There are other platforms available to sell your used vaporizers to a private seller for top dollar on Fuck Combusion or meet locally on Craigslist. We are certain the vaporizer community will migrate to a new foundation that is out of the reach and censorship of big tech, until that platform becomes big tech itself or vaporizers become obsolete and we are all living in the Metaverse. Business & Technology are never static.

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