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Santa Cruz Shredder 3 Piece Grinder

5 out of 5
1 Reviews

  • Medical Grade Anodized Aluminum
  • Superior Coating and Grind Teeth
  • Weighted Magnetic Top Lid
  • No Scratch Surface




Santa Cruz Shredder 3 Piece Grinder

Regarded as the pioneer in quality grinders , Santa Cruz Shredder is a name you can trust for a quality herb grinder backed by a Lifetime warranty. Through superior engineering on the grinders grips , magnets , shredder teeth and teeth layout the Santa Cruz Shredder Grinder will cut your herbs and flowers into ready to vape grinds with virtually no effort



A  weighted top which magnetizes lightly  to the grinder does all the work for you. and you only need to revolve the grinder once or twice and you are ready to go. It may not be patented technology but Santa Cruz Shredders are some of the best constructed around.


A Thing of Beauty 

Coated a standard above, the finish on the Santa Cruz Shredder Grinder will not scratch over time like you would experience with lesser grade grinders. The Santa Cruz Shredder grinder can also be easily cleaned with Isopropyl alcohol – A detrimental cleaning procedure which would destroy a cheap Chinese Grinder.


When Looking for the best grinder for your vaporizer look no further than the Santa Cruz Shredder. These Grinders are synonymous with quality. Santa Cruz Shredder is to grinders what  Storz & Bickel are to Vaporizers.



5 out of 5
1 Reviews
  • JT

    Been using Santa Cruz Brand shredder for many years with great results. Product is very easy to grind medium to fine. all you do is turn it upside down and tap all your medium ground product into the grinding chamber and grind upside down. once... you tap all your product back into the screen chamber It’s now finely ground. Santa Cruz shredders are made In the USA and will last the rest of your life with proper common sense maintenance

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