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Refurbished Tinymight 2 Vaporizer

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The Tinymight 2 is a portable convection herb vaporizer which is the second iteration of the original Tinymight. It is a craftsman designed unit which offers vapor quality on par with it’s walnut wood finish. It is predominately used as an on demand vaporizer but does as well offer session mode. Rated as one of the best vaporizers on the market, the Tinymight 2 has been receiving rave reviews from the most vaporizer obsessed and for good reason.

  • Build

    The Tinymight 2 is made from American Walnut wood and brushed metal to include stainless steel internals. The vapor path is glass and there is also a Titanium vaporpath (included in the 2023 models)  It boasts some considerable upgrades to the electronics from the old 2019 model.


  • Function

    The Tinymight 2 heats via convection and can operate in both on demand and session mode with on demand being the predominately used method.

  • Session

    The Tinymight 2 is a great personal vaporizer for solo sessions. The stem / draw does sort of impede the desire to share given that you can see the remnants of the inhale on the glass stem. If you are looking to pick something up and take a quick quality hit, the nothing is going to be better for the Tinymight 2.

What's in the box

Comes with

  • Refurbished Tinymight 2
  • 18650 Battery
  • Glass Tube
  • Titanium Tube
  • Cooling Unit
  • USB - C Charging Cable
  • Burlap Carrying Pouch


  • Save with the Refurbished Tinymight 2

    Get the best deal on the Tinymight 2 with the refurbished TM2 exclusively from To the Cloud Vapor Store. The Tinymight 2 is a highly regarded vaporizer with a durable exterior build and meticulous inner workings which provide excellent vapor. The ability to buy used for a fraction of the price only make the Finnish Tinymight 2 all the more appealing.

  • On Demand & Session Mode

    The Tinymight 2 shines as an on demand convection herb vaporizer, but did you know it can also vape in session mode ? The Tinymight 2 offers the best of both worlds.

  • Glass or Titanium

    Another excellent feature offered by the Tinymight 2 is the glass or titanium tubing mouthpiece. The cooling unit is interchangeable between the two allowing you to swap these out along with any 16mm water pipe you want to use.

  • Quick Heat up

    Being an on demand vaporizer, the Tinymight 2 is ready to go with the press of a button. It offers a wide array of temperature settings which can be adjusted on the bottom of the unit.

  • Flavor Town or To the Cloud

    The temperature settings and convection design of the Tinymight 2 lend itself to some of the best flavor next to the Firefly 2+ you will get out of any portable herb vaporizer, while the higher settings and adjustable cooling unit let you crank the heat all the way up and get crazy clouds. In fact we need to say the Tinymight 2 is one the vaporizers most like smoking.

  • Warranty & Trial Period

    The refurbished Tinymight 2 is more than just the best price on the Tinymight 2 you will find. It comes with a 6 month warranty from To the Cloud Vapor Store.

    To further ensure your satisfaction, we offer a 60 day trial period and lifetime trade ins for store credit.

refurbished tinymight 2



No ratings yet

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