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Refurbished Davinci IQC Vaporizer

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The Davinci IQC Vaporizer is the second evolution of the the first smart vape (the original IQ) , whose Smart Path feature brought forth a new era in vaporizer technology. The DaVinci IQC Vaporizer improves on many levels of it’s predecessor, the DaVinci IQ. The IQC is a portable conduction herb vaporizer that provides voluminous vapor production with great flavor. This refurbished offer lets you get the best price on the Davinci IQC.


  • Build

    Zirconia air path, Zirconia chamber pearl, Zirconia EVERYTHING !!! well not really, but the DaVinci IQC Vaporizer takes advantage of the beneficial properties Zirconia offers to high heat. Zirconia is more resistant to wear and tear than ceramic and has a temperature capacity up to 4000 degrees (°F).

    The IQC is also constructed with a glass coated ceramic herb chamber and new Sharesafe™ FDA-approved mouthpiece. This mouthpiece is made from a glass polymer. The IQC mouthpiece is also antimicrobial which inhibits the growth of bacteria and gives greater peace of mind when sharing, especially in this Covid conscious world.

  • Function

    The IQC Vaporizer functions via conduction and gives great clouds from a large and well designed heat chamber with heat reflective Zirconia Pearl. You have two mouthpieces to pull from with the elevated mouthpiece doubling at a 10mm water pipe adapter.

    Zirconia also offers it’s benefits to flavor with the Zirconia flavor chamber being removable, you can input herbs, spices and other organic materials into the flavor chamber which will not combust, but enhance the flavor of your vapor , acting as an air path infuser. This is a game changer for taste.

  • Session

    The IQC is great in both solo and group sessions. While it is primarily a session vaporizer you can turn it on, take some draws and come back later for the rest.  The chamber pearl reflects and redistributes the heat into your plants to ensure even cooking throughout your  blend. No need to stir or open your chamber to move your herbs around.

What's in the box

Comes with

  • Refurbished Davinci IQC Vaporizer
  • 18650 Battery (3000 mAh)
  • USB-C Cable
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Sharesafe™ Mouthpiece
  • Elevated Mouthpiece / 10mm Water Pipe Adapter
  • instructions


  • The Best Price

    The refurbished Davinci IQC Vaporizer lets you get the Davinci IQC at the best price with the peace of mind being backed by To the Cloud Vapor Store. This unit is fully inspected, tested and cleaned and guarantee to work just as good as new at a fraction of the price.


    The Davinci IQC improves upon the success of the iconic and original Davinci IQ Vaporizer, with adding some slight improvements in the charging, dual use capability and overall build of the vaporizer.


    A 3000 mAh removable 18650 battery allows you to charge from the unit or externally and change your battery out on the go. Even better the battery is not OEM specific and 18650 batteries are both inexpensive relative to propriety  vaporizer batteries  like the Ghost MV1 or Firefly 2+.


    The Davinci IQC utilizes a USB-C input for charging your battery in the unit. This USB-C adaptation is starting to replace the Micro USB on most vaporizers as it charges your battery in less time.

    For reference the original IQ took around 4 hours to fully charge if using the Micro USB. The Davinci IQC will charge full in about 2 hours. If you do not want to wait 2 hours we recommend picking up some extra IQC batteries or the Davinci External Charger.


    Click on the main power button 5 times. The up and down buttons will allow you to select your ideal temperature directly from the device. You DO NOT need to integrate with your smart phone to change the DaVinci IQC’s temperature. This also includes the DaVinci IQC Vaporizer’s special features which can be summoned via the main control button.


    ***Davinci App not available on iOS***

    Perhaps the coolest and most unique feature of the DaVinci IQC Vaporizer is it’s smart path heating profiles. The Davinci app goes beyond the basics compared to other  vaporizer apps in that it allows you to customize pre-programmed settings for your IQC sessions. You can set heating profiles to adjust temperature over your session and  customize multiple settings for your IQC which are ready to go whenever you pick up your IQC Vaporizer for a session.


    The three activation buttons on the side and the charging portal on the back allow for quick and intuitive use of your DaVinci IQC vaporizer upon receipt. The mouthpiece sits on top of the IQ and the chamber is conveniently located on the bottom. With a quick charge you are ready to rock.


    The IQC is built with an optimal chamber that is both wide and deep. This chamber can hold up to .5 grams of dry herb which will provide upwards of 20 draws.

    Of course not everyone wants pack .5 grams of herb. The IQC offers an adjustable pearl which with the use of Davinci Spacers can cut down the size of the bowl.  And for those wanting to micro-dose there is the ceramic pod.



    DaVinci now offers ceramic and stainless steel pods which can be purchased separately allowing you to enjoy your IQC Vaporizer with both dry herb and concentrates. These pods will also work with the original IQ and Davinci IQ2. They are essential for micro dosing or using your IQ series vaporizer with concentrates (which we do not recommend)


    The IQC will be ready for vaping in 30 seconds and  give you around 50-60 draws on a full charge depending on your temperature setting.

    The DaVinci IQC is a workhorse and if you like voluminous vapor and the large chamber can accommodate almost .5 grams which will give you around 12-15 draws on a full pack.


    The vapor from the IQC is regarded as the best you can get from a portable conduction vaporizer. The design of the vaporizer gives off voluminous clouds while the Zirconia internals work to smoothen and cool the vapor also adding to it’s flavor.

    It is the perfect mix of good clouds and taste. If you are looking to enhance your IQC Vaporizer for the best flavor, we do recommend picking up  a Davinci zirconia mouthpiece as the polymer mouthpiece on the IQC does not provide the flavor the Zirconia does.


    To the Cloud Vapor Store is a proud authorized vendor of Davinci Vaporizers. When you purchase a new Davinci IQC you will get a 5 year manufacturer warranty.

    We also want to ensure you are happy with your purchase. That is why we offer a 60 day trial period and lifetime trade ins on the Davinci IQC.

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