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Classic Volcano Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel

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Storz & Bickel | To the Cloud Vapor Store


Regarded as the pinnacle of vaporizer technology and a cannabis community icon, the Volcano Vaporizer needs no introduction. The newest model  Volcano Vaporizer set now comes with the easy valve set up and a plethora of extra benefits when purchased through To the Cloud Vapor Store. This Classic Volcano Vaporizer is the highest quality and produces the best vapor in every use.

  • Build

    Stainless steel and durable medical grade materials  ensure your Volcano will be a mainstay in your rotation for years to come. The ceramic block heat exchanger efficiently provides consistent vapor time and time again.

  • Function

    Forced air convection heating within the Volcano Vaporizer  fills your vapor bags with the tastiest and best texture vapor around. This well structured heat block and exchanger push just the right amount and pressure of hot air through your herb into your bag.

  • Session

    Great for social gatherings or firing up on your coffee table after work. The Classic Volcano Vaporizer allows you to fill as many bags as you please with the push of a button. Given the long heat up time , we say leave it on until you are done using.

What's in the box

Comes with

  • Classic Volcano Vaporizer
  • Easy Valve Filling Chamber
  • 5 x Easy Valve Bags
  • Extra Screens
  • Instructions
  • 2 x Air Filters
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Storz & Bickel Grinder


  • The Pioneer Ever Since

    What sets the Volcano Vaporizer apart is the perfect combination of durability and design. The Classic Volcano’s electromechanical system delivers the highest quality vapor via convection heating between 226 °F  and 446 °F.

    The stainless-steel cover and durable plastic base will protect your Classic Volcano for years to come. Regarded as the best-engineered desktop vaporizer, the Classic Volcano Vaporizer has already been around 20 years, with the 20th edition custom gold volcano released in 2020 to celebrate the iconic German made vaporizer.

    This top of the line product offers a great user experience with every use. The Volcano has the smoothest hits and packs maximum potency. These reasons and more make the Volcano Vaporizer a must-have for anyone considering a high-quality vaporizer.

  • Benefits of Choosing the Classic Volcano Vaporizer

    The Classic Volcano Vaporizer has over-delivered on its ability to provide the best-tasting vapor around. The Volcano Vaporizer remains the most sought-after high-end vaporizer in the world today, and for good reason. The Volcano delivers on this through the partnership of forced air disbursements and advanced thermal engineering. Your choice of herb is heated in an herb chamber to the optimal temperature of your choosing, then forced air is fed via a vacuum pump system – capturing the full flavor into a specially designed bag where it awaits for your enjoyment.


  • Everything Included

    Storz & Bickel recently formulated a packaging design overhaul . The  updated Classic Volcano Vaporizer comes with the Easy Valve Starter Kit included! The Easy Valve Starter Kit is a great new addition to the Volcano as it has a single filling chamber which lets you add your blends with ease and get vaping faster. It also comes with 5 pre-fabricated bags that allow you and your friends to all enjoy the fun at once.

    For those Old School Volcano users who would prefer the   Solid Valve Kit  instead. You can still pick up the Solid Valve separately here.

  • Using the Classic Volcano

    The Volcano Vaporizer is one of the more difficult to understand out of the box. The directions and quick start guides will help you figure it out with ease.

    To use your Volcano Vaporizer,  place your ground herb in the filling chamber, select your desired temperature with the heating knob  and turn on the Volcano’s heating element. Wait for the pilot light to shut off (generally about 4 minutes) letting you know the Volcano is ready for use.

    Place your herb chamber on top of the heating element and fix your bag to your chamber. Switch on the fan by hitting the green button and watch your vapor bag fill up. Remove your bag, attach your mouthpiece, and enjoy. Using the Volcano Vaporizer is

  • Counterfeit Alert

    Beware of Counterfeit Volcano Vaporizers. To the Cloud Vapor Store carries only authentic Storz & Bickel Vaporizers and offers the best prices around. We will beat any authorized competitor’s price on the Classic Volcano or any Storz & Bickel Vaporizer. We offer the Volcano Vaporizer with your choice of a high-quality free gift (No cheap plastic grinders here) and a 60 day trial period, allowing you to return the Classic Volcano for any reason, no questions asked.

  • Warranty & Trial Period

    The Classic Volcano comes with a 60 day trial period and lifetime trade ins for store credit , when purchased through To the Cloud Vapor Store.

    The Volcano also comes with a three year warranty from Storz & Bickel.

Classic Volcano Vaporizer



5.00 out of 5
0 out of 5
1 Reviews

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