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Mighty Vaporizer Still reigns supreme in 2018

The Mighty Vaporizer is Still Champion – Looking at the Mighty Vaporizer 8 Years Later

It’s 2022 and you’re looking to buy a vaporizer?  The selection of potential vaporizers to choose from has grown exponentially in the last few years from brands like PAX , Storz & Bickel and  Firefly now competing with up and comers like Boundless, Cloudious9 and an assortment of artisan vaporizers and dab rigs. Doing your research on what vaporizer you should get can seem like more work than it is worth, but for some reason the Mighty keeps coming up in your search time and time again. Well that is for good reason.  If you are looking to buy just one vaporizer and be done with it, The Mighty or Mighty+ Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel still reigns supreme.

mighty vs. Mighty+ plus

Storz & Bickel - The Gold Standard Brand

Storz & Bickel is a trusted name that has already stood the test of time. They released the Classic Volcano Vaporizer to the American Public in 2003 and today the Volcano still remains the most popular desktop vaporizer with the evolution of the Hybrid Volcano. The 2018 acquisition by Canopy Growth has only made Storz & Bickel more of a power house player in the vaporizer space.

What’s even more to like about Storz & Bickel is they let the products do the talking for themselves. They’re not one to do fancy celebrity endorsements or cross promotions. Yes their vaporizers have been featured in movies such as Dope and the Netflix series Disjointed, but if you’ve seen some product placement of the sort, it’s because their vaporizers are the true stars. So It is no surprise that when you ask a group of vapor enthusiasts what the best vaporizer is, the majority consensus remains the Mighty Vaporizer.

Insane Quality in a Handheld Vaporizer

Mighty handheld vaporizer

Before the release of the Crafty and the Mighty you had two options when buying a Storz & Bickel Vaporizer. You could get a Volcano or a Plenty – Albeit both great units, being desktop vaporizers, they require a decent amount of preparation and a power outlet to operate. This means you are stuck on your couch or at your table when vaping.

The Mighty is easily operated with one hand and much easier to use than the Volcano. There is no app integration needed meaning you won’t be messing around with your smartphone and you can perform all the functions needed with three buttons.

The Mighty and Mighty+ are the same size, checking in at  half a pound in weight and is 5.5” inches tall by 3.25” inches in length and 1” wide. It’s a rather large handheld vaporizer. For reference I compare it to an iPhone X plus. You can take it with you in your pocket, but not with ease. That being said, it is Storz & Bickel durable and it can be taken with you from the concrete jungle to backpacking in Yosemite.  

Vapor Quality

The amazing vapor is the Mighty’s magic sauce and the secret competitors have been gunning for for years now. The Mighty produces some of the best vapor on the planet with good flavor, better texture and minimal draw resistance.

Getting quality and plentiful extraction out of your herb is the most important facet of any vaporizer. The Mighty offers this with ease and the first time vaporizer user can get great draws on first use from the Mighty without extensive trial and error or feeling the vaporizer out like is needed with vaporizers like the Firefly 2+

It Heats Via Conduction and Convection

Mighty vaporizer conduction and convection

The Mighty utilizes conduction and convection heating to bake your herb. This means you are getting optimal production of vapor when you draw and that the herb in the chamber is still having the active ingredients released when you are not drawing but to a much lesser degree.

I have found when I use other vaporizers such as the Firefly 2 and the Ghost MV1 – to the point where I get no more meaningful hits and the herb is spent –  I can throw this already been vaped (ABV) herb in the Mighty and still get a few more quality hits. The Mighty Vaporizer is the master of extraction and if you think about getting more from your herb the higher price of the Mighty pays for itself. 

The Vapor Texture is Amazing

The Mighty Vaporizer gives off a vapor that is very light and misty. You feel its’ presence in a non-obtrusive way. The texture is only highlighted by the surprisingly coolness of the vapor. I say surprising as the cooling unit sits right atop the heating element. You would think being this close to the heating element you would get hotter vapor, but as stated earlier, that Storz & Bickel magic confounds.

The Cooling unit is engineered with little compartments which make the vapor take a longer path to your mouth cooling it along the way. Still looking at the compartments it does not appear that they would make the vapor as cool as they do.

Mighty Vaporizer Cooling unit internal

Draw Resistance is Next to None

The Mighty is one of the few vaporizers you can puff on for a 2-3 seconds and get a quality hit. Even new vaporizers like the Ghost MV1 ( now out of business) which boast next to no draw resistance will require a long and hearty 5-6 second  pull. With the Mighty no major lung capacity required. It’s without a doubt the easiest vaporizer for someone with limited lung capacity to get quality hits.

German Made Medical Grade

It’s not only quality vapor which puts the Mighty Vaporizer in a class of it’s own. The durability of the unit is unmatched. Granted this is also one of the reasons the Mighty retails for $349 and the Mighty+ $399 . The inputs used are medical grade and of the greatest heat resistance out there. In fact the Mighty is one of two vaporizers ( both manufactured by Storz & Bickel) that carry a medical certification. Sourcing only the highest grade raw materials for constructing vaporizers (and manufacturing in Tuttlingen, Germany) is standard for Storz & Bickel and when you buy one of their vaporizers you can be certain that you are buying quality that will last years. 

If you were to ever get the chance to hold the fake Mighty and the Authentic Mighty side by side you would be able to tell them apart based on feel alone.

The Mighty can be Customized

Mighty Vaporizer Accessories | To the Cloud Vapor Store

Storz & Bickel released the niftiest little herb canisters dubbed dosing capsules,  specifically for the Mighty & Crafty. They not only allow you to prefill herb for on the go vape sessions and keep your Mighty chamber clean as a whistle, but they as well make the Mighty a great option for Micro dosing.

You can fill up the dosing capsule but ¼ the way full and get a great couple pulls of vapor.

When these dosing capsules first came out, I was thinking to myself this is kind of gimmicky. However months later we have seen how they have been one of the most practical and  ingenious inventions by Storz & Bickel yet. They can be used in the reducing chambers for the Plenty and Volcano Vaporizer, but also fit in vaporizers like the Boundless Tera and Herbalizer.

The Mighty and Mighty+ popularity have also spawned a slew of must have accessories. Some manufactured by Storz & Bickel and some made by third party companies. This is a phenomenon you will see with very popular vaporizers where the vaporizer does so well it creates economies of scale and scope by creating demand for add on accessories.

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2021 Mighty+ Release - Don't Reinvent the Wheel

All these years later with the vaporizer market growing more crowded and with pricing pressure and competition causing vaporizer prices to drop as everything else goes up,  the Mighty and Mighty+ Vaporizer duo remain the best selling dry herb vapes around.  Storz & Bickel have innovated the now iconic vaporizer along the way with improvements to the unit in 2018 and releasing the Mighty+ in 2021. Even with that , the Mighty or newer version Mighty+ you cannot go wrong. It is the best for a reason. 

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