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Ghost MV1 vs Haze Square Pro vaporizers

Ghost MV1 Vs. The HAZE Square Pro – Convection Vaporizer Comparison

Ghost MV1 vs. the HAZE Square Pro

Ghost MV1 vs HAZE Square Pro

On demand convection vaporizers sure have been the latest trend in the portable herb vape space. With cartridge pens taking over and gaining more market share due to their quick, easy and discreet delivery the race is on to make a portable dry herb vape that will deliver much like the trusty oil pen.

While many significant differences exist between well designed dry herb vaporizers and cheap concentrate pens the on demand delivery is something we can all agree the customer is going after.

With this thought in mind , many of the new dry herb vaporizers hitting the market have been: Portable, deliver on demand and utilize the convection method of heating. Today we are going to be looking at and comparing two of the heavy hitters: The GHOST MV1 and the HAZE Square Pro, two vaporizers that are yes , you guessed it , on demand portable convection vaporizers which can vape both dry herb and concentrates.

Aesthetics and Packaging

The Ghost MV1 features a sleek futuristic look and comes in a  tri fold box which appears well crafted. I know the box is something that has nothing to do with the vaporizer itself, but the MV1 packaging serves well as a carry case at only 6.5” by 4” inches.

The HAZE Square Pro takes a more simplistic approach and the packaging looks alot like what you would get an Apple device in. The unit itself is very minimal and is much more discreet in appearance than the GHOST MV1.

Personally I think the Ghost MV1 is the cooler looking vaporizer, but the more refined appearance does come with it’s drawbacks. The MV1 is going to be more prone to scratching and fingerprint stains given it’s glossy finish. Not a great vape to pair with chicken wings.


Build / Durability

Both are well built from high grade alloys and other strong medical grade components.

The Ghost MV1 is made of metal alloy, medical grade rubber line parts of the internals to create good seals and the battery is  a plastic cased removable 18650 battery. The ceramic chamber and glass mouthpiece finish it off to optimize flavor

The HAZE Square Vaporizer is mainly aluminum alloy with a ceramic heating element and a ceramic mouthpiece.

Both made of strong material but the Ghost MV1 by in far requires more caution with more moving parts. Obviously you do not want to drop or step on either of them , but the Haze Square Pro is going to be more likely to survive the apocalypse being nearly 100% encased in aluminum alloy.  

EDGE: HAZE Square Pro


Loading is one of the more difficult aspects of both these vaporizers. That is when comparing to vaporizers like the PAX 3 or Firefly 2 where the design is such that loading is an intuitive single step process.

The Ghost MV1 has a crucible which sits inside an arm that operates like a suicide door on a Tesla Model X. You pop this up with a side latch and remove the ceramic herb chamber and top screen, fill it up and put it back in. It’s no hard task , but takes some getting used to and you need to be mindful not to lose the top screen or chamber. Not really a task you want to complete standing up in a crowd at a concert.

Like the Ghost MV1 the Haze Square Pro requires a multi step loading process of removing the lid from the main frame of the Square Pro and then removing the tray from the lid. It’s a load at home on a desk or on a picnic table without any debauchery going on around you.

HAZE Square Loading chambe
HAZE Square Loading chambe
Loading the GHOST MV1 vaporizer

Here I was trying to load it at the park and even with a light breeze herb was getting blown around. The nice thing being the Haze Square herb chambers are removable allowing you to scoop up your ground herb directly from your grinder.

Ghost Vapes did design a crucible dispenser so you can preload and pack up to 5 chambers ready to rock on the go. Popping out the old one and inputting a new one is a breeze and if you plan to use the Ghost MV1 on the road, camping , hiking or any other outdoor activity it is a highly recommended accessory.

Ghost mv1 crucible dispenser

I wouldn’t say one has a leg up over the other on loading. The Square Pro is a multi step process so it is more involved to load, but the Ghost MV1 does present it’s challenges when getting accustomed to loading and unloading and then the small removable crucible and lid.

Moral of the Story: Load both of these before you head out the door.


Ease of Use

HAZE Square portable vaporizer

The Haze Square Pro wins handedly in the ease of use category. Once you get your Square Pro locked and loaded the rest is a sinch. There is not much need for long pulls, breath control or timing how long you are going to engage the heating element.

Out of all the on demand convection vaporizers the Haze Square makes getting good and consistent vapor draws the easiest.

The ease of use category is where most have trouble with the Ghost MV1. Even with all the pre- production issues worked out of the prototypes the Ghost MV1 requires you have all your T’s crossed and I’s dotted. This includes making sure your heat sink is 100% seated, glass mouthpiece not too far out, not too far in, A full but loosely packed crucible with cleaned top screen to boot allowing the perfect air flow and a 5-6 second draw. The Ghost MV1 is a vaporizer that takes some dialing in to get the best experience; Granted when you do that experience is amazing , but we shall touch on that later in the comparison.

EDGE: Haze Square Pro


Another “W” for the HAZE Square Pro. The Four herb chambers will come in more handy than you anticipated. Especially for you herb snobs who like to pack different strains or throw in some concentrates with your herb. Given the four chambers you can mix and match how you like. There is also no need for storage as the Square Pro serves as storage in itself.

Hello Bluetooth

Thankfully both the Ghost and the HAZE have app capability allowing you to customize your own temperatures instead of the preset temperature which come with the vaporizers. Unfortunately for the Square Pro at the moment the app is only on Microsoft desktop and not available on your Iphone or Android like it is with the Ghost MV1 app. I would venture to say the IOS and Android Apps are in the works for the Square Pro and should be available in the coming months.  

Vapor Quality

The Ghost MV1 comes at a price tag which is over $100 more than the Haze Square Pro, and when comparing the vapor quality you can see why. The Ghost MV1 when dialed in produces some of the best vapor around. The taste and texture from the Ghost MV1 explain why it is a $300 device. The Ghost MV1 delivers on another level which is rarely  touched on much in other vaporizer reviews and comparisons – That is delivery. The vapor feels smooth and misty going down, but after a few draws you feel a bit more effect from your herb than you experience with other vaporizers. Maybe this subtle method of delivery is why it was named the Ghost.

Given price is a factor not to be overlooked the Haze Square Pro does deliver some excellent vapor as well for its’ price point of only $189.99. The initial draws of the Square are going to be more flavorful than the draws at the end and on higher temperatures with the short mouthpiece in proximity to the heating element you can get some hot vapor.

I have noticed with the Square Pro that a stirring and repacking of the chamber will give me some more good hits after I think all my herb may be spent. If I stay away from the 400+ degree temperatures on the Square I get satisfactory vapor throughout my session. But in terms of vapor quality , you are comparing a mid level sedan to a Maserati and the Ghost MV1 wins on Vapor Quality quite handily. 





If I am heading out the house and hit with the need for a split second decision  between grabbing the Ghost MV1 or the Haze Square Pro on a moment’s notice, I am taking the Haze Square Pro. It’s more compact design, lighter weight and easier operation make it a vaporizer which can be in and out of my jeans pocket throughout the day without much hassle or thought. Also I do not need to worry about loading and unloading as the Square Pro’s four chambers hold a gram of herb. 

Originally I did write off the Ghost MV1 entirely as a portable vaporizer. However the contrarian in me found it is a much more pragmatic portable vaporizer than I had anticipated. I believe the quality of the vapor did aide my newfound rapport. In walking to the convenience store I started to take my Ghost MV1 with me alot. It hit well on my walk and although not a discrete unit , in the San Francisco Bay Area , there is not much need to be discrete. The Ghost MV1 has also made some appearances on hikes. Again not in the jeans pocket but in a case in the backpack where it is taken out for group sessions. I also always make sure to bring a loaded crucible dispenser for my Ghost to avoid the hassle of loading an unloading a single crucible on the go. 


At the end of the day however,  when comparing apples to apples the Haze Square Pro is going to be the much more feasible portable unit between the two vaporizers.

EDGE: HAZE Square Pro


These two  convection vaporizers have alot of moving parts and both require excellent airflow throughout their vapor paths to get the best vapor. What makes them great performing vaporizers also makes them difficult to clean.

In one of our first reviews of the Ghost MV1 I shared my personal story about the gunked up crucible top screen and how it made it so I was getting 0 vapor and being beyond myself as what to do as the screen didn’t appear dirty and I just soaked it , but it was in need of prodding the holes with bristles. 

The multiple moving parts in both these vaporizers make cleaning a tad harder than cleaning your SOLO 2 or PAX 3. And given they are on demand convection also make cleaning more important.

EDGE: Draw 

cleaning the GHOSTMV1

Battery Life

The biggest frustration I have had with the HAZE Square Pro is the less than optimal battery life. There is a trade off here as it does charge very fast. That being said it will only last for up to four chambers worth of sessions with dry herb. If you use it for concentrates , I would suggest using it at home cause that battery is going to die alot faster than 45 minutes on the higher heat settings needed for concentrates. In regards to the HAZE Square Pro’s battery life this is kind of convenient as you load four chambers full and then use them – reload and recharge. Also with a USB-C Charger your friends probably have the needed chord to recharge should you find yourself on the go.


The dual 18650 battery pack on the Ghost MV1 is another story , this high capacity battery will last through about 10 sessions without needing to recharge. The Ghost MV1 app and lighting on the unit too are also great at letting you know how much juice your vaporizer’s battery has left.


Ghost MV1 External Fast charger

The Ghost MV1 Battery does come with some set backs. Primarily the long charge times if you do not have a fast charger.  The Ghost MV1 fast charger pays dividends and will charge your GHost MV1 battery  full about an hour, 3 x faster than just using the micro USB outlet. Because the Ghost MV1’s battery capacity is much larger it can be enjoyed longer throughout the day , although some prior planning may be required.


EDGE: Ghost MV1


Ghost MV1 Vs, HAZE Square Pro: Which Vaporizer Do you Buy ?

At the end of the day we assume you are trying to get the best on demand convection vaporizer out there and between the Ghost MV1 and the HAZE Square Pro that is going to be the Ghost MV1. The Ghost MV1 is superb in regards to the reason you buy a vaporizer: Vapor Quality, Performance and Effect.

The HAZE Square does on the other hand give you easier on demand vapor without much need to refine your use of the vaporizer and the four chambers  which you can switch between without needing to reload or unpack make it great for a concert. But with the battery life always needing to be full to use the four chambers and always guessing which chambers are full or used or needing to be filled can present a hassle in it’s own right.


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