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Boost Evo review

Dr. Dabber Boost Evo Review | The E-Rig Evo(lution)

The quest for the perfect  e-rig concentrate vaporizer has proven to be a highly competitive market. The new Dr. Dabber Boost EVO Vaporizer further elevates  the competition by blending innovation with a festive ambiance into a small and lightweight, one-handed dab rig for concentrates of all varieties. A total overhaul of the 2017 Dr. Dabber  Boost, the Boost EVO is a nice little electronic rig.

Boost Evo Packaging


The Boost EVO comes packaged in a durable carrying case made of automotive Styrofoam. Each individual component easily slips into its own form-fitted slot and the case can easily be locked. Here Dr. Dabber took a page out of Puffco’s book by making packaging which not only protects the vaporizer when storing and shipping but serves as a carrying case for transporting around town. 

Boost Evo carrying case

Similar in design to other Desktop E-Rigs, the Boost Evo  resembles a small Coca-Cola bottle with an ergonomic design, curved shape and silicone grip pads to prevent slips. The size lets it sit comfortably in your hand, allowing for easy access to both the control button, as well as the airflow release (carb) button. 

However, size, shape and beautiful lights are only aesthetics in the world of cannabis vaporizer technology. 


The Boost EVO is made up of four major components:

The Base is about the size of a mini-soda can, the base houses all of the device’s electronics. The control button is located on the front, along with LED battery charge indicators. Available in white or black, the base lights up with colorful LED lighting.

The Atomizer is made of Quartz and feels like a heavy duty metal bucket. The bucket drops into the base and is magnetically held in place. The manual says the atomizers should last between 4-12 months depending on use, and they cost around $50 to replace. We always recommend cleaning the atomizers after each use and never overfilling. This will greatly improve their shelf life. 

Boost Evo components

Quick Connect Adapter: This circular piece not only provides a silicon adapter to connect the glass attachment to the base but also includes the airflow release button. The user can cover the valve to prevent fresh airflow, increase vapor production, or press the button to completely clear the chamber.

Glass Attachment: Besides adding the mouthpiece, the glass attachment holds water for another level of filtration and vapor cooling. I do wish the glass attachment was a tad taller for reasons we will touch on later. 

The box also includes a specialized tool for loading concentrates into the atomizer and a USB-C charging cable, and a small user guide.

Where the Boost Evo wins is with it’s lightweight and compact profile while remaning durable. I refer to  these portable electronic rigs as “desktop vaporizers” despite the manufacturers saying they are portable. Generally you are not going to bring  your concentrate rig out and about as it is a huge hassle when you can just pack something like the Dr. Dabber Stella. The Boost Evo on the other hand maintains a low and more compact profile say than the Puffco Peak Pro and certainly the Ispire Daab. You can grip it and rip it with one hand. It is a preferred vaporizer of UFC up and comer Sean O’Malley and he often displays how easy it can be one handed while doing other stuff like throwing high kicks. 

Buy the Dr. Dabber Boost Evo

60 Day Trial Period | Lifetime Trade ins

Weight 12.5 ounces (.78 lbs)
Dimensions 8" x 2.75"
Temperature Range 500°F - 750 °F
Charging Time 1:15
Warranty 1 Year

Using the Boost Evo

Completely revamped from Dr. Dabber’s original Boost introduced in 2017, the new Boost EVO is amazingly simple to assemble. It is also easy to use once you get down the button sequences. The Quartz atomizer and quick connect adapter use magnets to simply drop in place. From there the glass attaches to the quick connect silicone seal. Despite having just one button, its range of functionality is quite impressive.

 5 clicks – Turns the device on/off. 

 4 clicks – Turns “Glow-Mode” on/off. Glow-mode activates the LED lighting on the device.

   *While in glow-mode, 2 clicks cycle through the 5 available lighting patterns.

 3 clicks – Cycles through the 6 heat settings:

  •    Purple – 500°F
  •    Indigo – 550°F
  •    Cyan – 600°F
  •    Green – 650°F
  •   Yellow – 700°F
  •    White – 750°F

2 clicks – Turns on Stealth Mode when glow-mode is off. Stealth Mode decreases LED illumination so you are not drawing attention to yourself if trying to dab discreetly. 

using the boost evo vaporizer

After placing your concentrates in the atomizer and connecting the water filled glass mouthpiece, simply hold the button for 3 seconds to begin heating to the programmed temperature. At the start of the 11-second heating cycle, the vaporizer vibrates once, and the lights turn red. Then, when it reaches the correct temperature, the Boost EVO vibrates again, and the lights turn green.

In standard mode, the Boost EVO will hold the set temperature for 20 seconds, ample time for one person to take 2-3 pulls or two people to share. However, by holding the button down while the device is off, you can select “Party Mode,” which holds the temp for 40 seconds to allow more time for sharing in a social setting.

No Bluetooth

As mentioned in our previous review of the Puffco Peak Pro, I have not fully embraced vape apps. However here I feel with all the modes and lighting sequences, it is easy to lose track of how many times [and for how long] I press the home button to get my desired setting.Granted I have been enjoying the standard settings, an app would be nice. I cannot say on the other hand how much more I would be willing to pay for an app.

Vapor Quality

In spite of its size, this little devil is deceptively hard-hitting. The quality of the vapor production depends on heat, and how much airflow you’re allowing through the device, so you can get big, lung-busting hits or take smaller, more manageable puffs.

Personally, I prefer the full-flavor of low-temperature terp filled dabs and typically dab between 450°F – 550°F , so even on the lowest setting, I felt like the hits were a bit hot and harsh. However, for those of you seeking a powerful and couch-locking effect from your dabs, you will enjoy this device.

The glass attachment only provides a few inches of travel from the device to your lips, so despite a small amount of water filtration, it does little to improve the quality of the hit. Additionally, nothing prevents spills in the glass attachment, so when you’re refilling the atomizer, it’s super easy to dump the water if you’re not cautious. Hopefully, Dr. Dabber offers different styles of glass attachments in the future as they have with the Dr. Dabber Switch glass attachments.

The atomizer offers a large bucket for concentrates; however, I recommend not using more than you plan to consume in one session. Using just a small amount of wax, the flavor was great. But when I experimented with a larger amount, I realized that the flavor during the first couple of sessions was fine, but subsequent sessions tasted terrible. After the first session, the terpenes are burnt and you’re basically smoking reclaim. But, on that note, there’s very little product loss. The Boost Evo does an amazing job of getting you every last drop of your concentrates.

Boost Evo Quartz Atomizer

This is one of the features that sticks out about the Dr. Dabber Boost Evo and elevates it above the competition. The quartz atomizer is huge and has an alloy component to it making it the most durable atomizer on the block. Not even the Carta V2 Everlast atomizer will outlast this puppy. I dropped one recently and for a split second freaked out a little bit until remembering it was the Boost Evo Atomizer and can take a spill. Another angle where it shines is the ability to accommodate huge dabs if that is what you are into.  We always advise against too large of dabs on these electronic rigs as they can really tax your chamber or atomizer. The Boost Evo atomizer on the other hand is the heavyweight champion in the space. This can handle some serious globs. But do note we advise cleaning every atomizer after session regardless.

Battery Life

Maybe the most impressive part of the Boost EVO is the battery. With a 3400 mAh battery, Dr. Dabber claims up to 60 hits per battery charge. During our testing we got about 25 dabs in with the battery being 50% depleted, in line with Dr. Dabber’s claim. It came with nearly a full charge out of the box, which is always nice – no one wants to wait for a new device to charge. That being said you should always charge your vaporizer full before first use and complete a heating cycle without any material in the chamber. Additionally, after sitting idle for 15 minutes, the Boost EVO shuts itself off to conserve the battery.


Now, this is definitely where the Boost EVO shines. The innovative design of the atomizer makes cleaning this device incredibly easy. Using 91% (or higher) isopropyl alcohol and a cotton swab, the atomizer can be wiped out after each session, no differently than you would with a traditional glass banger. Similarly, alcohol is also used to clean the inside of the glass attachment. Wash all the parts with boiling water and dry thoroughly after cleaning.

The Boost Evo(lution)

In terms of drawbacks, as a fan of low-temp dabs, I was disappointed to see the temperature settings started at 500°F. On the flip side of the spectrum it does have a 250 °F range which is a bonus for any concentrate user. 

The quick connect adapter adding a carb was genius. You can restrict airflow for some huge clouds and then clear it out by releasing it. This really drives home Dr. Dabber’s intention of making the Boost Evo a hard hitting vaporizer. 

The glass attachment needs to be enhanced to prevent spills and could be stretched slightly to increase the cooling distance between the atomizer and the mouthpiece to promote smoother hits. I am  certain the custom glass is on it’s way. 

Another pain point I experienced was leaving my glass (filled) attached to the quick connect adapter and then snapping that on to the base. The strong magnet jostled the glass causing some water droplets to get into my atomizer and made the vapor very humid.

Last it would be nice to see other atomizer inserts like ceramic or glass. Again I know Dr. Dabber did just drop this and either OEM or 3rd party accessories for further customization always come down the pipeline.

Wrapping up our Boost Evo review, the style is on point and the design of the vaporizer is convenient and easy to use. It is not much heavier or bigger than a can of soda. The ergonomic shape and button locations make one-handed use a breeze. The Boost EVO takes up very little space and conveniently fits in almost any cup holder – ambient lights are a fun bonus !

Dr. Dabber’s Boost EVO is a significant improvement over the original Boost in terms of functionality, size, and hip factor. At $299, it’s priced at the top of the line but still $100 cheaper than the Puffco Peak Pro. With higher temps,  colorful fanfare and ability to lay down huge clouds, the redesign clearly appeals to a younger, recreational-use crowd.

Perfect to take to your friend’s house for a social sesh; the Boost EVO is undoubtedly a conversation piece that will draw a crowd. Forget mingling; simply turn on Glow Mode and let the ambient lights bring new friends to you. Then, put it in Party Mode and puff, puff, pass as you go To the Cloud. 

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