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Ghost Vapes To the Cloud Vapor Store at Champs Trade show

Champs Trade Show 2019 | Vaporizer & 420 Tech Trade Show

So we just got back from the annual Champs Trade Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. Although this was the first time To the Cloud Vapor Store made an appearance you could definitely see the marijuana industry is booming just by the sheer number of companies and attendees present, but I’ll spare you the trite and conventional commentary, I think you know the marijuana space is booming , yadda, yadda, yadda.

Why Would Anyone Go to Champs ?

We basically went to get face to face with some of our suppliers and see what other vaporizers or items would be a good fit to sell on our website. Brands and distributors go to raise awareness for their items or lock in new clients but overall it’s a place where the players in the cannabis industry converge for a few days to socialize and make connections.

New Vaporizers for 2019 and Beyond

There were not many new vaporizers for dry herb that were not out in 2018. Ghost Vapes had a pretty large presence at Champs raising some brand awareness for their Dry Herb Vaporizer the Ghost MV1, but there was no breaking news from Puffco , Storz & Bickel or PAX on the next big vaporizer.

One Vaporizer which we look forward to selling is the Rasta Buddha Tao Splinter which is actually not something with big investor dollars behind it, but an on demand convection vaporizer designed by a guy named Ryan on the East Coast which has really garnered the attention of vape enthusiasts for being a true artisan piece.

Moving to Dabs

It does seem that loose leaf and dry herb vaporizers are losing ground to dab vaporizers and concentrate pens, with the consumer looking for a quick and easy way to get the most THC in their system as fast and discreet as possible.

At the Greenlane after party we had the opportunity to sample an array of dabs from the Dr. Dabber Switch and dear lord they went down good , but it became hard to function in a business mindset shortly thereafter.

Two more items which we liked alot were a Terp Pen from Boundless Vapes and the STIK from Flytlab. Ironically both these companies are known for their dry herb vaporizers which really drives the point home that the future may be dabs.

As we went from booth to booth introducing ourselves to suppliers and manufacturers alike the predominant question was “would you like to try a dab ?” from said new vaporizer.

Influencers and Brand Icons

Another interesting and fun part about Champs was meeting the vape influencers and business magnates behind the brands. Some of the ones we got to meet included Roger Martin, Founder of Grow for Vets.

Grow For Vets

As To the Cloud Vapor Store is owned by Tyler Browne, a Marine Corps Machine Gunner with combat tours in both Fallujah, Iraq and Korengal Valley, Afghanistan. It was great to have the opportunity to meet and talk with the President (a former Army grunt himself) of an organization that is doing so much to give veterans access to discounted and free cannabis and raise awareness of the dangers of opioids and veteran mental health issues. This is a company we look forward to working closely with in the future.

Sneaky Pete – Sneaky Pete is killing it with his You Tube channel and videos on every vaporizer you would want to know more about.  Also if you are looking for a water pipe adapter Sneaky Pete has you covered with a water pipe attachment that will compliment almost any vaporizer.

Bud AKA VapeCritic – This was the funniest as I ran into Bud after some dabs in the Flytlab tent. He had absolutely no clue who I was. So when I approached him like we were long lost homies he was like “who is this weirdo, get away from me.” He was with his wife Hazel and Baron23 (all from the Vapelife Forum) . More of a treat for me as I got to learn their government names and meet the foremost authority on herb vaporizers. Fashion has Chiara Ferragni, Cannabis Vaporizers has Bud the VapeCritic. If you are looking for great advice on cannabis vaporizers do check out the Vapelife forum.


Jackey420 influencer

There were of course much bigger names in the influencer space present. Which is funny as it does speak to how niche dry herb vaporizers are in the grand scheme of the cannabis space. If you look at an influencer like Jackey 420 who has 200k followers on instagram, millions of Youtube views and gets paid to party and partake in all forms of cannabis consumption for entertainment purposes, then realize there is no counterpart influencer in the vaporizer space even remotely on Jackey420’s level.

Champs Trade Show 2020 ?

All in all it seemed more of a way to let off some steam in Vegas, make connections and maintain relationships. I really don’t think attending will add to our bottom line of being an established online vendor of vaporizers. Also with all the gambling and expensive dinners it makes it more reasonable to just visit our reps at their respective places of business. One thing I did like is how young the business owners in the cannabis space are and will be able to grow with the industry, no pun intended. What would be nice to see in the future would be a greater female presence, as Champs had a worse female to male ratio than a Magic the Gathering Convention.

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