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A Weekend with the Firefly 2 Vaporizer

A Weekend with the Firefly 2


The battle to claim the title the “best portable vaporizer” has been an ongoing endeavor between a slew of companies – Storz & Bickel, DaVinci, PAX Labs and Firefly to name a few – have all been on the quest to claim one of their own vaporizers as the “Iphone of Vaporizers”


While everyone has their own preferences of what they want in a vape,  this ongoing competition has been great for the customer, who now has an ever growing multitude of options in vaporizers to choose from to suit his or her needs. We wanted to see if the Firefly 2 was going to check all the boxes and suit our needs on a weekend getaway.

 We took the Firefly 2 with us on a road trip this weekend to test it’s portability and see if it was a contender to dethrone the PAX 2,  my personal choice for the best portable vaporizer. So what better test than a 4 hour drive, a BBQ competition and topping it all off with a concert. 



Firefly 2 at home versus Firefly 2 on a weekend trek – Now I want to make sure this disclaimer is front and center. The Firefly 2 has already been established as an amazing vaporizer with exemplary tasting vapor, amongst the top out of all the current portable vaporizers.The lighter weight and smaller size of the Firefly 2 compared to the Original Firefly was what made me decide it’s time to spend a weekend with the Firefly 2.    

4 hour car ride

I had already played around with the Firefly 2 a few days before. So I knew what I was in for. When taking it on the road do not forget a spare battery or your charging dock and USB chord.

Fully charged on one battery the Firefly 2 lasted 4 total sessions giving me 4-5 good hits each session. Long enough to reach the destination. I sessioned on medium heat , 2 times on medium high and once with concentrates.

Firefly Tip : It is important to stir and  firmly repack your product to get the most out of it. In a moving vehicle this can a bit of a hassle.

Firefly 2 concentrate pad
Firefly 2 with some shatter


Concentrates will really kill your battery and I do not recommend using the Firefly 2 for concentrates when out and about. Between taking off the top, playing around with the liquid pad and your concentrates then changing your settings on the app  and taxing the battery to failure you’re just better getting a concentrate pen.


That being said, DO use the Firefly 2 for concentrates in your living room. After placing some shatter on a liquid pad and adjusting the temperature setting to concentrate in the app, I powered it up. For a second it appeared as if it’s not working at all, but you must let your concentrate diffuse into the pad before you will get any vapor, but when you do…… WOW , Huge and tasty clouds. The flavor for concentrates on the Firefly 2 is absolutely impeccable, the best flavor for concentrates I have ever had.


BBQ Cook off The next day we headed off for the BBQ cook off. Being out and about with no option to charge I erred on the side of caution and brought a fully charged back up battery. Food and Vaporizers

If you want to know the measure of a good portable vaporizer bring it to a BBQ cook off. A BBQ is not the best environment to test out any electronic device. While there were moments when I thought, “this could be easier”, the unit ended up serving us well. The vapor flavor of the Firefly 2 could not have gone better with the BBQ. While some saucy hands  got on the unit, it still worked great and we were able to get in two good sessions (3 people each getting 3 hits) without needing the second battery.


With putting the Firefly 2 in my pocket and heading out, I wasn’t especially a fan of it’s sturdiness and I felt as if it could  break with an accidental drop. It does not feel as durable as some of the other portable vaporizers on the market. They do now have a case which can be purchased – It will greatly help with peace mind, bringing your Firefly 2 on the go. 


Firefly 2 concert
Firefly 2 at Tame Impala

Concert – The following day it was off to see Tame Impala. I made sure I had a fresh battery and a pre packed unit. Of course after having success with only one battery at the rib cook off, I decided against bringing a second battery.

Having the vaporizer on medium high went far too quick this time. I don’t know if it was the constant smoking around us, or that I was too into the music, the battery seemed to die super fast. It was only me and my girlfriend. I felt bad but dared not pass it to anyone else (costing $329) it’s a tough pill to swallow if it gets passed amongst the concert goers into the abyss. It lasted two fills ,but I wasn’t really paying attention and counting as we were passing it back and forth alot.





All in all the Firefly 2 Vaporizer  is one of the best new vaporizers out there. For me though I am not ready to replace my smaller and more compact cheaper options with the Firefly 2 when road tripping, hiking or engaging in other various outdoor activities. If you are looking for something rugged and portable the Vapium Summit Plus is going to be your best bet. The Summit Plus was essentially designed for that.

I strongly recommend you pick up the Firefly 2 if design and flavor are huge in your book and you aren’t planning on bringing your vaporizer on outdoor excursions. After you play around with it a bit , you’ll see what the hype is about.

Where to try the Firefly 2 

Buy the Firefly 2 Vaporizer at To the Cloud Vapor Store. We sell both new and used and offer a 60 day trial period on the Firefly 2 and all of our top of the line portable vaporizers. 



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