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Updated Review for the Boundless Tera V3 Vaporizer


As is becoming all too known amongst vaporizer enthusiasts, being the first to pull the trigger on a brand new vaporizer can often lead to buyer’s remorse if all the kinks have not been worked out in production and presale. We’ve seen it most recently with the Ghost MV1 and the Boundless Tera , but with reputable companies standing behind their vaporizers , these issues have been expediently resolved.

The Boundless Tera had a previous snaffu in production but has since been fixed, which you can read about hereWith  the problems all worked out a few months ago we realize we are late to the party, but better late than never.

Design and Build

The Boundless Tera V3  Vaporizer is a simplistic portable convection vaporizer for dry herbs and concentrates. Although we will mainly cover the aspect of using it for flower and herbs.

The Simple design and function of the vaporizer extend to the presentation. The vaporizer looks sleek and feels sturdy, as it should for a mid level vaporizer. It’s not a Luxury vaporizer but isn’t trying to be one either.

The Boundless Tera case is a metal body cased in plastic. The chamber is stainless steel. It feels strong in the hand and has a slight weight to it. Not one you want to put in your sweatpants pocket but can easily be taken around the house or in a purse or backpack for longer trips.

Boundless Tera vaporizer


  • Weight (w/batteries): 10 Oz.
  • Height: 3.5 inches
  • Length: 1.75 inches
  • Width: 1.5 inches
  • Chamber: .4 grams

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Ease of Use

The Tera V3 is easy to use out of the box. The minor hangups being figuring out the control panel and the convection screen that sits atop the the heating element. The last being it requires a few (2-3 burn offs) to fully mitigate any factory byproduct.

To power the Tera on, hit the power button 5 times. Adjust the temperature via the two buttons on the side and hold both down simultaneously to adjust between Celsius and Fahrenheit.

My initial issue was not knowing that I had to then hold the power button down again to get the unit to heat up. Also if you hit the power button three times when the unit is powered on it will switch you over to concentrate mode. Concentrate mode automatically heads to 500 degrees and you cannot adjust the temperature.  Switching between concentrate mode and herb mode is very easy with the three clicks but can be a hangup if you don’t know what you are doing. It makes sense they have these two modes separate as a new user could begin to use the vaporizer at 500 degrees for dry herb and then claim it combusts the material. Since the herb settings only go to 428 degrees there is no concern for this. 

Boundless Tera V3 vaporizer from the top

The second hang up, not knowing why there was a screen which sits ¾ of the way down into the chamber. This is just the convection screen to create distance between your herb and the heating element. It’s important to have this screen clean and inplace when filling your chamber. When discarding your vaped herb also do be careful not to discard the screen into the toilet or garbage.

The third thing which threw me for a loop was the multiple mouthpieces. One is a water adapter, one if the regular swivel mouthpiece and one is a glass mouthpiece. I had thought the glass mouthpiece a potpourri diffuser but it is just a normal mouthpiece which actually produces bigger clouds and has better flavor.

Boundless Tera Different mouthpieces

Other than that you just load your herb, turn your vaporizer on , put in your preferred mouthpiece and draw away. Since the Tera V3  is convection but not on demand convection you don’t need to worry about the timing of hitting a heating mechanism in relation to your draw. For Ease of Use the Tera V3 is a winner and can hit 400 degrees (F) from a cold start in under 20 seconds so it is ready in a jiffy  – an added bonus making ease of use even better. 


The Tera V3 Vaporizer  gives you power to pack for large sessions. The chamber can hold up to .4 grams and works best when at least ½ way full. Two things that I find ironic here are how much herb you can save with the Tera’s convection heating style but how it performs best when packed at least half full. You will get some draws with lesser amounts but the Tera is not a good vape to microdose with.

Dosing Capsules Hack – One way which can optimize using the Tera with smaller amounts of herb is via the Storz & Bickel dosing capsules. Here you can get some good hits with .1 grams of herb or so. I found the best results with the dosing capsules in my Tera came when I removed the convection screen so I didn’t have two barriers impeding airflow through my dosing capsule.

Where the Tera falls short in Micro Dosing it makes up for in group sessions. While I admit I have not used the Tera in a group setting the Water PIpe Adapter (WPA) they include with the Tera and the number of hits I am getting with .25 grams of herb make the Tera a very good candidate to pass around with your Pals.

Draws –  With about .2 – .25 grams of herb I can get a good 20+ draws , these are moderate draws and not huge rippers, however they all have been in the 380 – 410 Fahrenheit Range. I have also found I get better results from stirring after about 10 draws. Extrapolating this I would assume you could have a rather good session with a friend or two even after attacking the Tera doing massive bong rips, but that a stop and stir would be required.

Battery Life  

The removable dual 18650 batteries are what makes the Tera V3 pump out some of the biggest clouds around,  heat up in under 20 seconds and last for 8 – 10 sessions on a single charge. The big issue with this much battery is what goes up must come down. The Tera needs around 3 hours if charging via micro USB to rejuice it’s batteries to 100%. For removable 18650 batteries we’ve always recommended external chargers to get you back in action fastest. An added benefit of the Tera using dual 18650s is that you can always load some extra while another pair charges on the external charger.

tera vaporizer water pipe


I really enjoyed how Boundless included all the extra mouthpieces especially the water pipe adapter. This adds a level to any vaporizer and is generally sold as a third party  add on which the customer must purchase themselves.

The glass mouthpiece gives better flavor with a more opened vapor path but the vapor gets much hotter than with the swivel mouthpiece.

For concentrates in the Tera I was not much of a fan, with the stand off distance from heating element to material being rather large ,even when drawing vigorously, I was not getting much and what I did get was hot vapor. I remedied that by one thing I love to do –  top of my herb with concentrates and throw them in the Storz & Bickel dosing capsules. Since the Tera is dosing capsules compatible this permits for the customization to mix herb and wax together without worrying about a mess.

Vapor Quality

I had some mixed opinions on the Tera V3’s Vapor Quality. I liked how I was able to get big clouds but they came at the price of hot vapor in the upper temperature ranges. Starting out my sessions at the lower temperatures I found flavor to be the highlight. These were draws feeling out the vaporizer, which were light and around 375 degrees. Vapor texture was okay and taste was really good.

As my session continued and I increased the temperature the flavor of my herb diminished in flavor a bit and the vapor got hotter. I felt the taste of my herb changed much to rapidly from good to not good, in around 4 draws. 

With really big pulls I felt the texture was a tad better but the vapor was on the warm end and lacking flavor.

In summary it was the expense of laying down the large clouds the Tera is capable of which diminished the taste and texture of the vapor.

Try the Tera V3 Vaporizer

I would recommend someone try the Tera if they’re looking for a high capacity mid level session vaporizer with alot of battery power that can lay down large clouds. The ideal vapor enthusiast would be someone who may want  to spring for the Crafty but can handle a step down in vapor quality for the difference in price and other facets such as the superior battery power, heat up time and larger chamber offered by the Tera V3.

Another ideal consumer would be someone who wants to pack large amounts for multiple uses over time at lower temperatures. At lower temperatures ( under 370 degrees) the flavor is better and since your herb will only be taxed when you draw the Tera V3 makes an ideal unit to pack full and use over multiple sessions.

Since the issue with the materials in the heating chamber have been worked out we are liking our Tera V3 unit and think you will too.


boundless tera vaporizer
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