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First Look at the Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer

The Volcano Hybrid : Opening Up the Pandora’s Box on Storz & Bickel’s New Vaporizer

Last time we did a blog post on Storz & Bickel releasing a new product it was an April Fool’s joke and besides a few people who skimmed the absurd post on the Properly, Storz & Bickel’s $1000 Vaporizer, everyone knew it was not a real thing.

We have been speculating on when Storz & Bickel would release something new and for a 20 year old company with only five vaporizers on the market we advised our customers to not hold their breath. However today we have found out that Storz & Bickel DOES have something new in the pipeline and according to FCC filings has had for sometime; Testing since February 2018 to be more exact.

What We Know About the Volcano Hybrid

Bluetooth integration

The Volcano Hybrid looks much like the Digital Volcano with some minor tweaks. We know it will contain bluetooth technology allowing the user to control the device from their smartphone. The bluetooth feature will be great for powering your Volcano Hybrid on and off and changing the temperature. I don’t see this being a total game changer but we might also see some additional features like hours used, which they have on the Crafty Vaporizer or heating patterns  programmed in the software like on the Davinci IQ. More than anything the bluetooth is a great way to keep Chinese counterfeiters from making fake Volcano Hybrids.

Volcano hybrid power cord

Removable Power Cord

The Volcano Hybrid will have a power chord which can be removed. This can make traveling with your Volcano Hybrid much easier as well as mitigating any potential Volcano spills when someone trips on the power chord, much like the Macbook’s power chord.

Additional Speculation

Looking at the controls on the Volcano Hybrid it appears one may be able to adjust the fan speed. Currently on both the Digital and Classic Volcano the fan remains at a constant rate  while engaged. This has been an argument on why older model volcanoes (pre 2009) offer more robust vapor as they have a slower fan speed which runs through your herb and into the bag.

There is also hope that a hose attachment of some sort will be added so that the Volcano Hybrid can deliver vapor via bags or whip. Looking atop the Volcano Hybrid there are three additional wall like segments. These could have been added specifically for the lab testing or they could serve some sort of purpose for an attachment other than the easy valve.

The rest of the details on the Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer remain speculation –  release date, additional features, price – We do not know anything. There was no big announcement on the Volcano Hybrid and the patent was actually discovered by Seki who shared the findings with the FC forum. For now vapor enthusiasts and Storz & Bickel loyalists can only hope and play the waiting game, as upon first peak it does not appear the Volcano Hybrid is the game changing new vaporizer from Storz & Bickel everyone has been waiting for.

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