First Look at the Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer

The Volcano Hybrid : Opening Up the Pandora’s Box on Storz & Bickel’s New Vaporizer

We have been speculating on when Storz & Bickel would release something new and for a 20 year old company with only five vaporizers on the market we advised our customers to not hold their breath. However today we have found out that Storz & Bickel DOES have something new in the pipeline and according to FCC filings has had for sometime; Testing since February 2018 to be more exact.

New Volcano Vaporizer design

A Modern Look For the New Model Volcano Vaporizer

Check Out the New Model Volcano Vaporizer  Storz & Bickel  have recently rebranded their flagship product, the Classic Volcano Vaporizer. The new design however only affects the packaging design and the accessories – not the unit or the valve system itself.   Storz & Bickel have adapted a more modern look for the Classic Volcano…