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venty vaporizer review

Venty Vaporizer Review – Storz & Bickel’s Fastest Draw

The Venty Vaporizer is a newly released portable herb vaporizer from Storz & Bickel, makers of the world famous Volcano Vaporizer and the currently  #1 (soon to be #2) ranked Mighty+. The Venty Vaporizer was announced to the public on October 18, 2023  by Jurgen Bickel, giving his 2nd product release presentation in the history of the company. If you want to skip our Venty review and just take our word for it –  The Venty is the best portable herb vaporizer on the market. 

While Storz & Bickel has released upgraded models of their Classic Volcano and portable Crafty & Mighty over the years, the Venty is the first truly new vaporizer from Storz & Bickel in nearly 10 years. 

The Venty promises to be the most efficient Storz & Bickel Vaporizer to date using the proprietary build which has made the Crafty/Mighty combo such a resounding success while adding some improvements which we will cover in our Venty Vaporizer review. 


The Venty comes in at $449. We have already seen some grumblings about how this is too expensive, especially since the Mighty+ is  $319 (With 20% Off Coupon). Oddly enough vaporizers have seen a tremendous decline in price over the years while other goods and services have done quite the opposite.

It should be noted the original Mighty was $449 when first released in 2014, dropped to $399 one year later and then again to $349 in 2017. So if you are wanting to get the best price on the Venty Vaporizer you may want to wait a while especially if you already have a high end portable vaporizer. 

Venty Vaporizer

The best deal on the Venty is going to be at To the Cloud Vapor Store. If you use the link above you get a discount, free grinder and a 60 day trial period to make sure the Venty is the right vaporizer for you.


The Venty comes in the proprietary Storz & Bickel box, much akin to the Mighty+. This is a sturdy and standard packaging and we recommend keeping it should you want to resell or trade in your used Venty. One thing Storz & Bickel have done is gone minimalist. Instead of including a slew of extra accessories (which many already may have) you get what you need and then can add accessories later as you see fit.

This minimalist packaging is also a cost saving trend we have been seeing with rising inflation. More compact packaging is cheaper to store and ship.

Comes With

venty accessories
  • Venty Vaporizer
  • USB-C Cable (USB-C to USB-C)
  • Venty Screen Set
  • 2 x Venty Cooling Unit Screens
  • 2 x Venty O-Rings
  • Filling Chamber Tool
  • Storz & Bickel Brush
  • User Guide

Build & Design

The Venty’s exterior is made of PEEK (Polyether ether ketone) One of the most durable and heat grade materials one can manufacture an herb vaporizer with. Not 100% of the body is PEEK. In the midsection of the Venty is an alloy which sits around the heat cover. This serves to dissipate the heat on the outside of the unit better while insulating the new mini heating element. 

The chamber is ceramic coated, just as on the Mighty+ and Crafty+ V2.

This thing just feels solid in your hand. Like a Maglite or Rolex; Something you can hold and just tell by the touch. The Venty is a high end vaporizer compared to others and feels that way too. 

In teasing the Venty on his Instagram, Jürgen Bickel did say the new vaporizer was going to stand. The Venty can stand upright on your coffee table or night stand. I have never been one to care about this but it was something many gave feedback on and does help with loading herb in the chamber. 

While it can break down further as we will get into in our Venty review. There are only two main parts, the cooling unit and the mainframe.

The Mainframe is where the 2 internal 18650 batteries are located along with the LED digital readout, power button, temperature buttons and USB-C intake. 

The Venty Cooling Unit is two levels like a double decker bus. Enhancing cooling capacity as the vapor travels from the heating element to your mouthpiece. The cooling unit is also double walled offering more structural integrity and another level of cooling. While the cooling unit is very functional. It adds an inch and a half to the height of the device. Functional, but does not scream sleek or cool. 

To be noted is how much of a pain taking apart and reassembling the cooling unit is. This is one major drawback for those with any disabilities pertaining to the hands or dexterity issues.

The Setting Wheel for Airflow offers adjustable airflow. The Venty is not the first vaporizer to add an airflow wheel. This was an upgrade on the Davinci IQ2. But I will say the Venty does a superior job and upon first use you can clearly see just how much of an interesting feature this really is.

Venty Vaporizer airflow wheel

Adjusting the airflow wheel you run the gambit of draw resistance. The wheel has three marks (I, II and III) with I being the most restrictive airflow and III being the 5 gallons a minute volume of airflow Jurgen mentioned in his keynote speech. You can also totally close the airpath between draws to avoid vapor escaping. 

The vapor production truly is that much easier to come by on setting 3 and small little nips are providing world class vapor. I thought the Mighty+ had no real draw resistance and would put that at like 1.5  on the Venty Airflow Wheel. 

This adjustable airflow will be great for alot of elderly users who may have problems inhaling. 

Under the hood the Venty takes on some Improved Power & Circuitry. Two 18650 batteries and a performance designed circuit board give the Venty a max power usage of 130 Watts (W). This permits faster heat up times and greater vapor production. 

While Storz & Bickel use their same recipe of hybrid ( conduction/ convection) heating which has made their portable vaporizers the best in the world. They have decreased the size with a new mini heater for the Vlenty. 

I am no engineer but think this is a case of the availability of new tech which let’s you go smaller with improved performance. The quick heat up time and amazing vapor production I have got so far from the Vlenty are a testament to the mini heater doing something right. 

Usability / Getting Started with the Venty

Oddly enough the Venty is not the easiest to use out of the box for those who have no previous experience with Storz & Bickel Vaporizers. It is just figuring out the movements of the cooling unit and mouthpiece. 

Storz & Bickel recommend charging the device out of the packaging but that also is not required. Our Venty came with nearly 30 percent battery life and I was too excited so I went for it right away.

The Venty follows the exact same concept as the Mighty. Screw off the cooling unit with a clockwise turn, input your ground herb into the chamber and place the cooling unit back on. Hit the power button and adjust the temperature accordingly. The Venty will begin heating and the  LED lights will change from orange to green along with a haptic vibration letting you know the Venty has reached its set temperature. From here extend the mouthpiece and begin to inhale. 

The Venty Chamber capacity can accommodate about .3 grams comfortably with a medium grind and pack. One great thing about such an advanced vaporizer is that both loose and tight packs result in great vapor production.  

venty chamber

The Venty heats up in 20 seconds. This is another impressive feature given it was hitting its max temperature of 410° F in 20 seconds. Most of the times when a vaporizer manufacturer is marketing a vape that boasts a quicker than average heat up time they are referring to the lower temperature ranges. In our testing of the Venty, this thing was hitting 360°F  – 380°F in what felt faster than 20 seconds. 

The Venty’s auto shut off will turn the vaporizer off two minutes after it has reached temp. There is a warning via haptic feedback 15 seconds before the unit is set to power down. Simply pressing the power button once quickly will extend your session another two minutes. 

Being able to abort the auto shut off is a fantastic feature as a 2 minute session is not going to be enough to clean out a fully packed chamber. When testing out the Venty we were able to keep this going in perpetuity, in theory allowing you to session non stop until the battery runs out. 

The Venty offers boost & super boost mode bringing the temperatures up 27° F (15°C boosts in Celsius). To note however is the Venty will not exceed the max temperature. So if you are vaping at 390° F your boost and super boost are not going to take you past 410° F. 

Boost Modes will display a flashing °F or °C versus a solid one on the LED display. You can customize your boost & super boost modes in the S&B App. 

These little bonus features are utilized by a few to have three preset temperatures on the device. You can have your Venty set low and your boost and super boost temperature set vastly apart giving you three preset (low, medium and high) temperatures. I myself am not too picky or efficient. I have no problem just adjusting the temperature with the dials. If I wasn’t doing the Venty review I would have no use for trying the boost mode at all. 

Bluetooth & S&B Web App

venty app

The Venty has the best of both worlds. An all encompassing vaporizer you can control 100% on the device, while also offering the added benefit of the Storz & Bickel Web App. With the app you can control things like temperature and brightness but the app also provides nifty features such as the ECO Charging and other charging configurations to preserve battery over time. 

For iPhone users you need to access the app via a path browser given Apple’s ban on vaporizer apps. The web app isn’t as streamlined as your typical iOS apps which can lead to some frustration in navigating. 

One of the more ridiculous features on the app is the “Find my Venty”  This does not work if your Venty is offline (powered down) when chances are that is when you need to find it. You know, when you have misplaced it and are not using it. When I have it in my hands and it is on, that is not when I need to locate the thing.

We brought this flaw to Storz & Bickel’s attention. Originally they stated it was us who was using the “Find my Venty” feature incorrectly. However they walked it back after we remained adamant ours did not work as intended.

Storz & Bickel venty email

We have been hearing customers say that Storz & Bickel is showing out of stock on the Venty. It could be this release hit a snag and they are now rushing to correct the snafu on this feature. This is unfortunate as the Venty is currently the best vaporizer on the market.


The Venty is a session vaporizer. Meaning it is designed to be turned on and enjoyed for a few minutes at a time. The fast heat up time and amazing heat retention do lend the Venty to being a micro dose vaporizer if need be. You can turn it on, take a few sips and power it right off. If you come back a few minutes later for more,  the Venty’s heat retention will have the unit at temp in as quickly as 10 seconds. While it is ready very fast there is still some ramp up with the heat transfer into the herb. For those who are looking for the relatively bigger hits, the 3rd and 4th draws and on provide more vapor production than the 1st and 2nd puffs.

Better yet the Venty is compatible with the Storz & Bickel Dosing Capsules. So the option is there to go for a few hits at a time but where it shines is providing amazing vapor from start to finish on a fully packed chamber. The most efficient method remains to fire it up for at least a few minutes and enjoy the whole thing. 

Just as you can enjoy a session or micro-dose, the Venty is amazing for yourself, you and a friend or even groups. With vapor of this quality and ease it is well suited for anyone who wants to try. If you are looking to win over and convert friends to vapor, something like the Venty is the tool for the job. 

Loading is one of the biggest pains during your session. With the design of the herb chamber you cannot really scoop herb into the chamber from your hand nor is it designed in a way you can funnel it in. 

With a full pack you can get 18 or more solid draws. This always varies based on temperature and duration of draw but another factor with the Venty is the unrestricted airflow. Here you can get a solid little sip with even 1-2  second puffs. If counting that as a draw then you are looking at over 35 per session. 

My average session to finish a full pack was about 4-5 minutes. So this was a cycle of 2 to 2 ½ auto shut offs. A nice feature to see in the app would be the ability to adjust the automatic shut off to at least 5 minutes. I understand it is a safety feature, but very few people, especially more casual and social users, will be able to finish their session in 2 minutes.

Vapor Quality

It don’t get much better than this folks. You want to know what vapor from a $450 vaporizer tastes like ? Try the Venty. This is texture and flavor perfection. It is consistent and easy to obtain. The Venty is simply the best vapor you can get on the market. 

Now the $1 million dollar question. Is it better than the vapor from the Mighty+ ? I am going to say yes, slightly better. The Airflow Wheel adds another dimension to what already is the best vapor around by letting you adjust your airflow. You can begin your session at a low temperature and the most open airflow for insane flavors or limit the draw resistance and inhale for a long time at higher temperatures for a more robust sensation. You are able to dial in the nuances of what up until now, have made the Mighty+ the best vaporizer on the market. The Venty has expanded the profile of the vapor.  

Despite the amazing vapor this is not going to be a big robust hitter for those looking for a smoking sensation or huge clouds. The Venty vapor is more light and silky keeping in line with what we have come to know from Storz & Bickel.

Battery Life & Charging

The Venty is powered by two internal 18650 lithium ion batteries which charge via a USB-C outlet. The cable provided with the Venty is the fast charging cable. The OEM S&B Venty cable will charge the unit very rapidly. In a little less than an hour and fifteen minutes you are fully charged. Charge times with other cables can vary and the Venty even has a battery display warning if using a slower cable. The display will read SLO across the battery icon. If you get this message it is recommended to find a faster USB-C cable. 

On a full charge we averaged about 63 minutes of run time, which breaks down to 11-12 sessions. 

The second gripe after price we heard from Vaporents after the Storz & Bickel keynote presenting the Venty, was the lack of removable batteries. Consumers have been begging Storz & Bickel to make this a feature, but alas we are yet to see after 20 plus years of S&B. That was a rhyme. 

I am inclined to think this has to do with the potential for issues with units be jeopardized by inferior 3rd party batteries.


The Venty is as portable as most other portable herb vapes. To the extent you can take it out in the backyard but not one which can be easily thrown into your pocket at a moment’s notice. Given the dimensions it would be like carrying a cell phone from the late 90’s. 

Storz & Bickel have released a Venty case which is quite nifty should you want to take your vape on camping trip,  over to a friend’s house or just something to protect it around the house. 

Venty Specs

Weight 9 (oz.)
Dimensions 2.2” x 6.2” x 1.5” (in.)

The Best Portable Herb Vaporizer

There is no need to split hairs. The Venty is the best portable herb vaporizer on the market. This is no surprise given the previous best portable herb vaporizer for the last ten years has been the Mighty then Mighty+, both Storz & Bickel Vaporizers. We have written on the Mighty pretty extensively and said that this is the one to get if you are looking to only have the best. Well that is not the Venty.

If you already own a Mighty+ then there is no reason to run out and pick up the Venty. Another factor to consider is that with the Mighty+ being out for a few years now you can get some good deals on a refurbished Mighty+ for much cheaper than the Venty. The cost to quality ratio is always something we factor in doing our vaporizer reviews. Given you can get a Mighty+ for $150 cheaper it would be the better value. At a $50 difference go with the Venty.

The Venty is going to be great for nearly anyone who loves herb. This is going to take the top spot as the best quality, highest rated portable herb vaporizer on the market. Storz & Bickel keeps bringing the G.O.A.Ts.

Super Bowl LVIII Contest & Rules

venty superbowl giveaway

We’re giving our customers two chances to win this Super Bowl Sunday. Besides entering our Instagram Venty giveaway, customers who place an order for ANY Storz & Bickel Vaporizer  from February 9th to February 11th at 3:30 PM (PST) can leave a comment below on who they think will win the big game and what the score will be. First person to guess the winner & score correctly will get their qualifying purchase refunded in full. Please read the terms and conditions below before entering.

Storz & Bickel Super Bowl Contest Terms & Conditions

Customer must have made a purchase of a Storz & Bickel Vaporizer (new or refurbished) at To the Cloud Vapor Store from 2/9/2024 until 2/11/2024 3:30 PM (PST). One entry per customer. Email address associated with comment must match qualifying purchase. Customer must guess EXACT winner and score. There can be only one winner. Customer who comments the correct winner and score first will have their qualifying vaporizer refunded. Only one qualifying item will be refunded on a winning order. The more expensive qualifying vaporizer will be refunded should winning customer have ordered multiple Storz & Bickel Vaporizers.

Venty F.A.Q

Is the Venty Compatible with Dosing Capsules ?

Yes, Storz & Bickel Dosing Capsules do work in the Vlenty, but they do not sit in place the same way as they do in the Crafty+/Mighty+ . The Venty a slightly larger herb chamber. 

What is the Warranty on the Venty ?

The Venty comes with a 3 year warranty. 2 years out of the box, and an extra year when you register the device. Keep in mind the warranty does not transfer should you buy a used Venty Vaporizer which has previously been registered by another party. 

Does the Venty have Pass Through Charging ?

No, given the Venty’s high power consumption of 140 (W) the Venty does not offer pass through charging.

My Venty is Showing ERR4

Hold down all three buttons on the Venty to perform a reset. If this does not resolve your error code please contact Storz & Bickel.

My Venty is Showing ERR5

ERR5 occurs on the Venty when you draw for an extended period of time or blow air into the unit. It is not recommended to do either with your Venty Vaporizer. ERR5 is caused by the heating element’s inability to maintain the selected temperature with the influx of prolonged air causing it to drop. This error message will quickly dissipate and does not mean your Venty is defective.

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Daniel Hicks
5 months ago

How does the 69 day trial work? I tried adding it to the cart but there is no option to choose to pay only some of the total instead of the whole amount.

4 months ago

Hi, for international clients, what is the procedure in case of malfunction?

2 months ago

Just got the venty delivered from To The Cloud Vapor Store, by the way a seamless, painless great experience of buying an almost $500 weed pipe. Ha can’t believe it but I am retired and this is it, be good to yourself BUY ONE OF THESE BEFORE THAY ARE ALL GONE. The BEST VAPORIZER I EVER USED. Worth every penny but I have some money earmarked just to piss away. Hands down from a HUGE DEADHEAD who saw Jerry at UVM in 78 and we had a volcano, this is the best portable vaporizor on the market I usually use an GPen Elite II or a GPen Dash, which are the other two best caps out there. Now I have a better set of pipes than Adele. Rock On Dude. -NC

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