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flytlab stik concentrate pen blog

The New Portable Flytlab Stik: A Departure Into Concentrates

Freshly returned from the Champs Trade Show in Las Vegas, we finally got some time to check out the Flytlab Stik, a portable concentrate vaporizer made by Los Angeles based manufacturer Flytlab. Flytlab is known for their two herb vaporizers, the H2FLO and Lift , making this their first departure into concentrates and the quality did not disappoint.

The Flytlab Stik is a concentrate only vaporizer which comes with a ceramic and dual quartz atomizer.  One thing we talked about with Flytlab was how cool it would be to have a pre-filled cartridge (akin to a PAX Era pod) you could snap on, and lucky for us that is on the way this Spring 2019.

flytlab stik vaporizer review

The Design

The Look of the Stik is a big selling point. It feels and looks like a larger sized JUUL and not just another 510 pen. Lightweight at only 2 oz. and only 12 cm tall (4.72 inches)  It goes easy inside and out the pocket. The LED lights add to the aesthetics , giving the Flytab Stik even more of a sleek futuristic appeal.

Temperature Range

Between the Quartz Slab and the Dual Quartz you can go from 200 – 650 degrees. This let’s you choose if you want to savor the flavor or turn up the heat and go for voluminous effect. Most vape pens have one coil and one temp. The Stik gives you an assortment of options.

Chamber Capacity

The Flytlab Stik’s atomizers can handle up to a gram of material. That is some pretty serious capacity for on the go with not needing to worry about messy reloads or pricey dispensary cartridges. I have been loading it will really small dabs around the house, and with the ceramic slab a tiny amount of shatter gives me 3-4 good hits.

Vapor Quality 

The top piece and mouthpiece design cools the vapor before you inhale making even the highest settings go down rather well. The ceramic slab atomizer has been my favorite for overall taste and clouds. But I’ve maxed it out as well and was surprised that it was not too hot.

Flytlab Stik Atomizers

Automatic Heating

Once you select your temperature and press the home button to engage the heating sequence the atomizer will stay at that temperature  for 10 seconds (unless you cut if off by hitting the power button) This means you do not need to hold the button to engage the heat when using.


At $100 this isn’t a cheap vape pen that will have atomizers going out and constantly have battery issues. The metal alloy body can withstand drops and rough handling (not that we recommend you be reckless with it for fun)


Comes with a one year warranty. Going back to the durability and quality build of the Flytlab Stik, Flytlab stands behind their product, another rarity to see in the vape pen space.

Seriously Long Battery life

With an 800MaH internal battery you can expect 60 – 75 sessions on a full charge. This one won’t leave you high and dry if you take it on a day excursion or go to a 4 hour concert.


The Stik’s mouthpiece doesn’t retract. Instead there is a magnetic cap which comes off very easy. Reaching in my pocket for my keys the mouthpiece cover flew off and onto the ground. This is of no consequence however as I have been rocking my Stik without the mouthpiece cover and to date have had no issues. I just think it would be cooler if it retracted much like the original PAX vaporizer.

Charging Dock

You need the Proprietary Stik charging dock to recharge, you can’t just use a micro usb or another cord readily available at a buddy’s house. While the Stik has an awesome battery life, it would be nice to be able to recharge without needing a specific charger that no one else will have if you find yourself needing to charge on the road.

Confusing Button/ Heating Sequences

Flyt Stik wax vape pen to the cloud

The auto shut off and button sequence can be confusing. The Flytlab Stik will disengage from vape mode 12 seconds after it begins heating …… or if you hit the home button before the 12 seconds is complete. For me I have been hitting it on and off before the 12 seconds is up. However when passing it around this creates the need to countdown to know if the Stik has entered standy or if it needs to be turned off manually, thus turned back on before hitting it again. While I have got accustomed to this user experience from practice I almost feel it would be more intuitive to just let the home button be a heating trigger and not have to click on the thing three times to turn it on, then select temperature, then click again to heat up, then click again if I want to end the draw before 12 seconds is up.

Overall the Flytlab Stik is a great portable vaporizer for solid concentrates (dabs, wax, shatter, hash)  We are excited to see Flytlab release a refillable oil pod atomizer this Spring 2019 which should put it in even greater contention with other concentrate pens.

Flytlab Stik

I know alot of people may look at this and say $100 for a vape pen is expensive and they’d rather just stick with a cheaper 510 pen or the PAX Era. However with a sturdy metal alloy build and backed with a 1 year warranty you are going to churn through a handful of  $20 vape pens before you have any issue at all with the Flytlab Stik.

Furthermore the Stik offers you atomizers which can fit a gram of your own product inside. Let’s think about a PAX Era costing only $30 but the prefilled cartridges costing much more, upwards of $60 in some states. Now with the Flytlab Stik you are spending the $100 up front but for those who utilize a rosin press and make their own concentrates or those who have access to waxes and shatters the Stik will prove to be a clear winner on price over time. All in all highly recommend in the realm of quality pens for those who like to dabble in their own dabs

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