Flytlab Lift Vaporizer

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A well made dry herb vape, the Flytlab Lift is an ultra portable dry herb vaporizer which packs a punch.  A large capacity chamber and three preset temperatures deliver across a few spectrums. If you have been looking for something discreet to put in your pocket and pull out at a moment’s notice the Flytlab lift is the ideal portable dry herb vaporizer for you.



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Flytlab Lift Vaporizer 

We are always on the hunt for great new vaporizers to add to our collection allowing you to pick them up under our signature trial period. So when we came across the Flylab Lift we said let’s give it a go. After a few uses we got the hang of the the thing and realized it’s potential as a great ultra discreet portable dry herb vape.



The Flytlab Lift is great for it’s rather large chamber and easy loading. The size, weight and recessed mouthpiece also make it ideal for putting it in your pocket and heading out the door at a moment’s notice. Once you unscrew your mouthpiece you input your choice blend into the ceramic chamber screw the top back on and hit the power button three times to start the heating cycle.

The color schematics of the Flytlab Lift and the manner in which you hit the power button to set your temp are not what vapor connoisseurs are accustomed to.

When the Flytlab Lift powers on the LED lights on the unit will change from blue, yellow and green (low, medium and high). When the light shows what temperature you wish to choose hit the power button for another second. The LED light will then begin blinking red until the temperature you selected is reached, in which it will hold solid at your choice of low. medium or high.  A bit confusing I know, but only a formality which is easily overcome by doing something I so rarely do  – read the directions. 

The rest is about as easy as it gets, pulling from the mouthpiece your vapor comes with ease, there is little draw resistance and small pulls give out good amounts of vapor.

The unit will turn off after two minutes or when you press the power button three times in a row.



We did a post on the best vaporizers to check out if you are new to vapor  and can safely say the Flytlab Lift belongs in this category, especially for someone looking for an ultra discreet,but well functioning portable dry herb vape. I would tag this product as one of the better portable vapes simply for it’s size, discretion and heat up time. At only 30 seconds heat up time,  the Lift is ready to rock and roll in a moments notice and fits easily back into your pocket with a recessed mouthpiece after your session is done.


Ceramic Chamber 

The Ceramic Chamber is great, it provides a great bake and good flavor. Even better with this small and discreet vaporizer is the chamber size – .4 grams. This makes for some great vapor production and can get you and your companions  about 13-16 good draws before needing to switch out your herb.


Conduction and convection 

The Flytlab Lift heats via conduction and convection. For a vaporizer with a heating chamber in such close proximity to the mouthpiece the Lifts’ combination heating gives great vapor and makes it smoother and cooler going down than what one would get with  pure convection alone. The vapor on the Flytlab Lift is comparable to the G Pen Elite


Recessed Mouthpiece 

A simple known fact, a firm ground pack will produce better vapor than loose herb in your chamber. The Flytlab Lift engineered a recessed  mouthpiece that doubles to pack down your herb in the chamber as the volume reduces through your session.


Flylab Lift comes with 

  • Battery
  • USB Charger
  • AC Power Adapter
  • DC Power Adapter
  • Protective Rubber Sleeve
  • Rubber Lip Piece Cover
  • Rubber Lid Cover
  • Dab Tool
  • Cleaning Brush
  • 2 x Glass Lip Pieces
  • Promo Sticker




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