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Rent a Vaporizer Anywhere in the USA

You’re Guide to Trying & Renting the Best Vaporizers in the World

Been eyeing a specific vaporizer for a while or are going on an extended work assignment and can’t bring your coveted vaporizer with you ? Are you aching to try out the Herbalizer, but don’t like the idea of being out $600 if it’s not your fit ? Well now you can rent a vaporizer from the comfort of your own home and have it delivered right to your door. That’s right To the Cloud offers rentals on all  vaporizers sold for 60 or 90 days. 

Overpriced head shop vaporizers
No returns accepted at overpriced head shops


With the growing popularity of vaporizing and state after state reforming their cannabis laws many outfits are seeking to expand their business by offering top tier vaporizers for daily rent.



This is a great concept but their methods fall short in a few ways. You’re paying too much, you have to pick it up and drop it off, you are limited in your selection and if you end up loving the device you will have to spend even more to buy it outright.


Price – Our competitor’s charge an arm and a leg to rent a vaporizer. With the coveted Storz & Bickel Volcano renting for upwards of $50 a day and many of the top notch portable vaporizers not even available for rent.

At To the Cloud Vapor Store you can rent a Volcano Vaporizer for the entire month – yes that is right – 30 days starting at only $79.99. That comes out to be less than $3 a day to rent the Volcano Vaporizer. The price  is even less on other models, such as the PAX 2 or Firefly 2, which you will unlikely find for rent at Brick and Mortar locations.  

final one

rent a vaporizer

Location –  Location is everything, the old adage is true –  and I am sure renting a vaporizer for a day out of impulse may be a sweet way to try it out if you’re in the area and have the cash. However most people don’t want to deal with the logistical hassle and strict time table as the clock ticks. To the Cloud Vapor Store has free nationwide shipping and will deliver your vaporizer to wherever you need it. No need to pick it up, no need to drop it off and no need to worry about being late. Furthermore our cleaned and disinfected vaporizers are discreetly shipped to Boulder, Colorado or Greenbow, Alabama.


Selection – To the Cloud Vapor Store offers the largest assortment of vaporizers for rent. That is because every  vaporizer we sell automatically comes with a trial period. From the 1st generation PAX to the high flying Herbalizer and everything in between. We want you as a customer for life, not just for the weekend.


Wanting  to own the vaporizer – If you rent a vaporizer elsewhere you are renting their vapes specifically designed for that purpose. If you want to buy it outright you’re going to have to shell out even more to buy a newly packaged vaporizer at retail pricing. At To the Cloud Vapor Store your deposit is the same as the purchase price so if you love the unit (which most customers do) There is no hassle of returning the rental. Just keep it and enjoy. However as we stated,  we wanted you as a customer for life. In going the extra mile to be your online vendor of choice we offer lifetime exchanges and buybacks. That means when you want to rent another vaporizer but you have gone past the two or three months allowed on your rental, we will still give you store credit or buy your vaporizer back.


How to Rent a Vaporizer from To the Cloud Vapor Store 


  • Enjoy upon arrival
  • Return it when finished and get your deposit minus the rental / trial period rate refunded to your original payment method.


Want to keep the vaporizer ? Please do, there is no need to do anything else since your deposit is equal to the sales price.

New vaporizers are covered under manufacturer warranty and used vaporizers a 60 or 90 day warranty. All vaporizers can be exchanged again for store credit and we’re always happy to buy vaporizers back.  


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