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Ghost MV1 Vaporizer Mainframe

4.63 out of 5
4.5 out of 5
8 Reviews
  • OEM Ghost MV1 Mainframe
  • Ghost MV1 Repair Alternative
  • 90 Day Warranty (Not Valid on Stealth Door Latch)




Ghost MV1 Vaporizer Mainframe | Ghost MV1 Repair Alternative

Need to get your Ghost MV1 repaired ? If you’re reading this, then you already know Ghost Vapes went out of business leaving many Mv1 owners out of luck with warranty claims on the vaporizer which was known to have it’s fair share of issues. So if your Ghost Crucible door won’t latch,  your MV1 heating element has stopped working or you need any other Ghost Vapes warranty issues covered  you have come to the right place.

Pending you still have your complete MV1 vaporizer (to include the heat sink and battery) , then the Ghost MV1 mainframe will give a new MV1. So for those who have been sitting in vaporizer exile with an expensive paper weight, we have your Ghost MV1 repair prayers answered.

*This is just the Ghost MV1 body, no battery or heat sink will come with this purchase 



4.63 out of 5
4.5 out of 5
8 Reviews
  • Joseph Bell

    Hello I am happy that I received my order promptly. I know that the product is a genuine Ghost product I think it’s my 20 something Ghost when I heard that they were out of business I started hoarding the device so I bought them... from Ghost mostly through other local direct distributors so far it seems like the device you sent me is a little thermally Too sensitive the Red light is flashing more frequently there’s 2 red lights 1. A dead battery 2. The heat sink, crucible, and 3. The surrounding heat affected areas on the unit. They both have 3 red lights which are easy to detect it being hot near the heat sink or heat defuser and crucible 3 LEDs will display and with a dead battery you receive 3 flashing LEDs. I think this will lead to the Device not working as long as I have experienced its called the RED light of Death by earlier users I had 1 or so right out the box luckily for me the guy at the store was cool and he would just swap them out until I got a good one then I was hooked on the device unlike almost all the devices on the market have Aluminum in the Heat-chamber fast heat transfer Aluminum is the worst thing for Humans to utilize smoking it’s been linked to Dementia I can utilize a device with out knowing the Heat Chamber material and know that it is made out of Aluminum in a couple of days Ceramic and Stainless Steel or just Stainless Steel is the Best. I appreciate your Extended Warranty I’m afraid I will need it if I’m not mistaken the devices that I had in the past have shorter periods of time before the Red lights were Permanently lit the device would die in a short period of time and how many devices do you have in Stock? I have almost All the devices on the market Pax the Aluminum King, Fire Fly the foam in Heat Zone & Dead Battery KING, Mighty Aluminum King Sore Throat Champion for the life of the device, Mighty Plus less Aluminum Queen with a Ceramic Skirt whoever responds to their messages refused to tell me after I told them that I was allergic to Aluminum I just wanted to know if they had Aluminum in or near the Heat Chamber and they who ever answered Mighty’s emails responded I was attempting to Steal intellectual property no I was ATTEMPTING to Save my Lungs and my Mind! Also Save $400.00

  • Frank

    I was extremely psyched to get my Ghost MV1 main frame! The button that controls
    heat started is stuck in the on position,after 1 month!
    This is actually the 11th ghost mv1 that has failed on me since I pre-ordered it back in 2018! I... took a chance on this Mainframe because I love the ghost mv1 and when it’s working at its best it, it can’t be beat,I will add it to the paper weight
    Please note this is not the venders fault!
    To the Cloud Vape Store processed the order Quickly and I received the order with
    in 3 days, especially when It shipped from
    Cali to Massachusetts!

    • Tyler

      Hey Frank,

      Sorry to hear about this and believe you on the device. They were very faulty and a reason the company went under. I have some good news for you too. You have a 90 day warranty. Going to shoot you over an email so we can get you a replacement out, so you can have 12 Ghost MV1s 😉

  • Paul

    Great service, being international I received my order promptly. Thank you

  • James

    I ordered this part because my latch broke off of my old ghost, and it is perfect. Even came in a ghost box. I also love in Australia and it came in under 2 weeks! So happy with it.

  • Harvard Waken

    With my purchase of a Rose Gold Ghost MV1 mainframe my Ghost collection is complete. Excellent price, including a box and accessory pack just sweetened the deal. I love my Ghosts and I also love doing business with To The Clouds Vapor Store.

  • Gregory Lang

    I purchased the Ghost Mv1 mainframe from to the cloud and I was amazed how perfect it was and a great addition to my Ghost MV1 in case something goes wrong, as unfortunately Ghost has gone out of business and this is a small price... to pay to have a brand new backup. I also purchased a Heat sink to go along with it and I have a backup for under 100 dollars. It came in the original ghost mv1 box with all the accessories. What a bargain

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