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Dr. Dabber Stella Vaporizer

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Dr. Dabber | To the Cloud Vapor Store


The Dr. Dabber Stella Vaporizer is the latest release from Dr. Dabber, a brand well known for  making some of the best concentrate and dab vaporizers on the market. The Dr. Dabber Stella is a concentrate vape pen designed for optimal flavor,  picking up where the Dr. Dabber Aurora (no longer in production) left off.

  • Build

    The Stella Vaporizer  is built to the standard of other high end vape pens. It’s body is all black stainless steel with a ceramic chamber. Where the Stella stands out from the rest is  in the Alumina Ceramic material it utilizes in the atomizer, making it so it can run hotter temps for longer without burning out. This Alumina Ceramic also acts as a floating coil (high temperature super conductor) which optimizes heat distribution in the chamber


  • Function

    The Stella is a conduction vaporizer that heats the concentrates directly via the heating element. The battery applies voltage based on desired temperature and the floating coil (high temperature super conductor) technology optimizes heat distribution in the chamber, heating your wax, shatter or oil as evenly as possible



  • Session

    The Dr. Dabber Stella is designed for the dabber who needs something sturdy for on the go and prefers flavor and tasting their concentrates over huge clouds. It’s size, weight and build make it a great choice for throwing in your pocket and heading out.  The Stella vape is ideal for solo sessions or passing to a friend, but is not a super social vaporizer. An added benefit to the Stella is it’s 510 threading, allowing you to utilize the battery with cartridges

What's in the box

Comes with

  • Dr. Dabber Stella Vaporizer
  • Loading / Cleaning Tool
  • USB-C Charger


  • The Aurora Sequel

    The Stella improves on the success Dr. Dabber had with the Aurora Vaporizer. It added  features such as haptic feedback, preheat and a battery that regulates itself. The atomizer also offers nuanced floating coil technology, making the heating of your concentrates even throughout the chamber.

  • Sturdy & true

    The Stella not only has some nifty technological advancements, but is a damn good vape pen. The Stainless Steel body and locking magnetic mouthpiece let you know you are using something higher grade than just a standard vape pen.

  • Adjustable voltage battery

    The Dr. Dabber Stella offers something never before seen in a concentrate pen. It can adjust the voltage it gives out based on the temperature you select. This means that you will never burn your concentrates (unless you really go out of your way to burn them at the highest heat setting)

    This feature has added benefits of of preserving battery life and making sure the vaporizer will not get hot in your hand.

    The scientific term for this is called temperature coefficient of resistance, which basically means the resistance change factor per degree of temperature change. Pretty neat to see on a $100 vape pen.


  • Battery Life

    The Stella utilizes a 600mAh battery which can charge full via the USB-C charger in around 30 minutes.

    On a full charge you can get 25-30 minutes of continuous use. If you are using a lot of concentrates and hitting the higher temperatures , this obviously will tax the battery more.

    You’ll know it is time to recharge once the Dr. Dabber light on the unit blinks three times.

    An added benefit to the Dr. Dabber Stella is the (pass through charging) ability to use while charging.

  • Atomizer

    The Atomizer is comprised of Alumina Ceramic which can stand up to the high temperatures. This atomizer further works as a floating coil, which we mentioned above, offering the most even heat distribution you will find in any concentrate atomizer currently on the market.

    The Stella atomizer also offers a fair share of space, working best with about .1g of concentrate.

  • How to use the Stella Vaporizer

    While it offers some complicated technological nuances for a vape pen, the good news is that the Dr. Dabber Stella is a breeze to use.

    • Remove the mouthpiece
    • Load your dabs
    • Put mouthpiece back on
    • Click 5 times to power on/off
    • Click 3 times to change heat setting
    • Press and hold to engage Stella Vaporizer


  • Preheat and temperature settings

    The Stella has a preheat option to get your concentrates prepped for inhale as well as three main temperature settings

    The preheat is 460°F and is engaged by turning your Stella on , then hitting the power button again two times. This setting will display purple LED lighting and you will feel the haptic feedback when it is heated and done.

    The preheat setting is good to warm your concentrates up for easy consumption and to give yourself a flavor sampling. From the preheat you can move into whatever setting you see fit.

    • Green – 550°F
    • Blue – 630 °F 
    • Orange – 775°F 

    Whatever temperature you choose , the Dr. Dabber Stella heats up fast and is ready in about 5-10 seconds

  • Flavor Chaser

    The Stella’s vapor quality is also something unique for a vape pen. With the battery adjusting voltage to the temperature and the Alumina ceramic coil acting as a floating coil, you get amazing flavor and smooth vapor. Definitely something we are not accustomed to with the average concentrate pen.

    The Dr. Dabber Stella really accents the Terpenes and additional flavor profiles of your concentrates. If you like making your own waxes, shatters or oils this is a vape pen right up your alley.

  • Warranty

    The Dr. Dabber Stella comes with a one year manufacturer’s warranty. The warranty on the Stella covers the battery and charger for one year.

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