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Stella Atomizer

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  • OEM Dr. Dabber Atomizer
  • Compatible with the Dr. Dabber Stella¬†
  • Alumina Ceramic Chamber
  • Floating Coil Technology Optimizes Heat Transfer


Stella Atomizer | Dr. Dabber Parts & Accessories

The Dr. Dabber Stella Atomizer features an Alumina Ceramic chamber and heating element. This acts as a floating coil optimizing heat transfer through your concentrates while minimizing the heat transfer to your hands, making it so the Stella vape pen never gets too hot to hold.

The Stella Atomizer can hold roughly .1g on wax, shatter or oil and is built sturdy with a stainless steel body. If you need a replacement atomizer for your Dr. Dabber Stella, or just want a spare, To the Cloud Vapor Store has you covered with the best price and free shipping .




No ratings yet

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