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Puffco #D Chamber improvements

Peak Pro 3D Chamber | Puffco Brings the Peak Pro Chamber to the Third Dimension

The Puffco Peak Pro was released a little over a year ago and improved on many aspects of Puffco’s original blockbuster dab rig. While these improvements were mainly mechanical and improved usability, the Peak Pro has been well received by the community  and reviewed as the  best overall concentrate vaporizer.

The OEM Peak Pro Chamber was an improvement over the original Peak Atomizer. While the chamber boasted better heat consistency, it’s improved durability was seen as it’s best upgrade feature. A little more than a year later, the Peak Pro Chamber is again getting an upgrade with Puffco’s 3D Chamber.

Puffco 3d Chamber

Puffco sure has their hands full –  whether it be innovating their vaporizer line up, pumping out goofy (oddly well produced) cinematographic content, throwing events like Puffcon – to now the Peak Pro 3D Chamber. The new 3D Chamber is more efficient at extracting, heats faster and uses less energy, making for improved battery life on your Pro. In a way it makes it like a Peak Pro+, but thank god Puffco decided not to confuse anyone with another name change. 

While the original Puffco Peak pumped out the same vapor as the Peak Pro, the new 3D chamber is said to offer bigger hits alongside better flavor. Good terp profiles and  large clouds are often seen as two opposites when talking about concentrate vaporizer sessions. Generally speaking you blast the temperature as hot as you can for huge dabs and lower it when you want to go to flavor town. 

To improve the thermal dynamics a more refined (and costly) material than basic ceramic is needed. This is why manufacturers like Dr. Dabber released the Switch SIC & AIN induction cups and now Puffco with their glossed ceramic 3D Chamber.

Breaking Down the Puffco 3D Chamber Improvements

Peak pro 3d chamber preview
  • Faster Heat Up
  • Improved Battery Life
  • More Vapor
  • Better Flavor
  • Easier to Clean
  • Less Chazzing

The 3D Chamber will heat your Peak Pro to temperature 33% faster. Given the Peak Pro heats up in under a minute the 3D chamber provides a much improved heat up time so you can dab faster. This is great for the dabber who likes to do one hit and be done. This is something that  puts the Puffco Peak Pro in contention with the at home Dr. Dabber Switch Desktop Vaporizer which heats up in about 4-5 seconds. 

A 24% efficiency increase means you are getting more dabs per charge with less tax on the battery. The Puffco Peak Pro averages about 25 – 30 sessions. A 24% improvement would put you in the 30 -38 range. This will vary based on temperature and time of session. We at To the Cloud Vapor Store are still awaiting the 3D Chamber Arrival so we can do a side by side comparison.

15% more vapor from a single dab. With a faster heat up time and improved thermal dynamics of the side heating, more vapor is given off in a shorter period of time. This is ideal for someone who likes to take small little booger dabs and be done with it.

The side heating is also a great feature for those who like to dab at lower temperatures. With the Peak Pro Chamber doing lower temp dabs there is always left over residual which flows to  the sides. The new 3D chamber side heating  will make it so these remnants do not remain.

The glossed ceramic assists in a more efficient dab making for better flavor, easier cleaning and less chazzing (burn marks) of the new 3D chamber.

Possible 3D Chamber Critiques

One of the negatives about the Peak Pro Chambers both the OEM and 3D are that you cannot remove the bucket. With the original Peak anyone could remove the ceramic bucket not only to torch clean but input a 3rd party insert with ease (now only very mechanical individuals can disassemble and input custom inserts into the Peak Pro Chamber) . So where the 3D Chamber gets you better taste with the Glossy Ceramic, third party SIC or AIN inserts for the original Peak Atomizer can get you exceptional taste out of the OG Peak as well. 

While companies like Puffco and Dr. Dabber have been upgrading their inserts, mechanically inclined DIYers have been at this for a while making calibrated inserts and inputting them themselves.

Peak Pro 3D Chamber a Must Have ?

The Peak Pro 3D Chamber is for someone who wants the improvements but does not want to mess around with the possibility of breaking their chamber or worse, their Peak Pro, trying to engineer the improvements themselves. That is going to be pretty much everyone without an engineering degree or equivalent experience. 

It would be nice to see Puffco add this chamber to the Peak Pro but in turn would require an increase in the Peak Pro price. Also the regular chamber does many users just fine. I use my Peak Pro about 1-2 times per week. For myself there is no need to add the new 3D chamber.

Another speculation would be potentially setting up for a Peak Pro price drop and another upgraded Peak Pro called something along the lines of the Peak Pro 3D. 

If you are a serious dabber and the Puffco Peak Pro is daily dabber then this is a must have for the improved heat up times and battery life alone. While Puffco is batting a nearly perfect score, with even their April Fool’s launched Budsy being a slam dunk, we still have not tested the 3D Chamber for ourselves or heard from the community.

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Alexander Aion
2 years ago

Has anybody gotten theirs yet?

2 years ago
Reply to  Alexander Aion

Jut got mine today. It is worth the wait.

2 years ago
Reply to  Josh

Where did you purchase from?
Since Puffco won’t ship to almost half the country because of so called Pact. Nobody else has it.

2 years ago
Reply to  Josh

where did you get it from?? I’m trying really hard to get one for my bf for Christmas, very hard to find

2 years ago
Reply to  Christy

Good luck .

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