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Ghost MV1 Stealth Black to the cloud vapor store

New Ghost MV1 Stealth Black Edition

Ghost Vapes  rolled out the new Stealth Black Ghost MV1 Vaporizer  today after announcing that they had something on deck for rollout the previous week. We had speculated it would be a completely  new vaporizer or possibly a line of new accessories to accompany the Ghost MV1 but our speculation proved incorrect.

Regardless we are excited for the new Stealth Black Ghost MV1 and think it will be a big hit due to a few features, some which are inclusive to only the Stealth Black and other improvements which are now being seen across the board on all colors of the Ghost MV1 lineup.


Matte Finish

The new Stealth Black edition Ghost MV1 is all matte black from the mouthpiece to the heatsink . Yes. Ghost does already have a black chrome unit but it is comprised of a more shiny metal finish and lacks the total black out color seein on the new Stealth Edition. The original MV1’s  finish has made it prone to scratching and fingerprint stains with heavy use.  The new Stealth Edition Ghost MV1 will mitigate any  cosmetic woes, making the outside of your MV1 as durable as the inside. This is a move which we have seen before with PAX Labs manufacturing matte colors of the PAX 3 due to many customers complaining about the fingerprints on the polished Ghost MV1 stealth matte black editionfinish of the originals.


On the backside of the vaporizer where the heat button sits there were some previous issues with paint thinning with repeated use. Albeit this was a very small percentage and we personally never saw first hand, it was still an issue Ghost Vapes has addressed with the new edition Ghost MV1 switching to a Matte UV finish like you see on the front of the unit.


Updates On All Ghost MV1 Vaporizers 

Although most people got their hopes up for an entirely different vaporizer the announcement of the new Stealth Edition Ghost MV1 was a great way to bring attention to the improvements which have been made across the board on all Ghost MV1 Vaporizers.


Updated Firmware 

The great news is that the updated firmware(version 1.4) is  available to all Ghost MV1 users through the app. We have been enjoying our very first Ghost MV1 over here without issue for almost two years now. It is nice to know every unit will be available to access any firmware updates through the iOS App.  With this Firmware update you will be able to customize your indicator lights , making it possible to decide whether you want to see the heat level indicator lights first or the battery indicator lights first in the sequence.


Better Fitting All Around 

The other refinements include an improved heat sink,  mouthpiece and crucible latch which opens and closes without the extra pressure and elbow grease once  needed. These improvements have been on the Ghost MV1 vaporizers for a few months now, but the release of the New Stealth edition has brought it to the attention of the vapor community.

The improved heat sink seats more even and the new fiberglass mouthpiece slides with less friction, previously this had caused redirected airflows leading to lost vapor production.


The Stealth Edition MV1 is Here To Stay 

The word we have from Ghost Vapes is the new Black Matte Stealth Edition of the Ghost MV1 is here to stay, so don’t feel rushed into buying it this instant. With the improvements across the board on all Ghost MV1 Vaporizers you can’t go wrong with Rose Gold or the Silver as well. The Stealth Edition merely provides an aesthetic mix up to an already great vaporizer.

Buy the Stealth Black Ghost MV1

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Ghost mV1 stealth black for sale at to the cloud vapor store

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