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Easy valve adapter bag

The Easy Valve Adapter Bag | Change Your Volcano Vaporizer Bag With Ease

Storz & Bickel updated more than the Volcano Vaporizer packaging in 2017 when they switched from the blue box volcano that came without the valve system to a white box with the easy valve in place. During this upgrade  they added the Easy Valve adapter bag

The Easy Valve adapter bag  allows one to change their own bag with greater ease than using the flat head screwdriver method to pry out the old bag. The Easy Valve adapter bag combines the solid valve housing top shape and easy valve bag into one, making slipping off the bag and replacing it just as easy as it was with the original solid valve.

Easy valve adapter bag and the solid valve

The new easy valve adapter bag now comes in the latest model of the Volcano Vaporizer ( both Digital and Classic models ) and the Easy Valve Starter Kit. Since it makes it so easy to change your own bag why do the kits still come with multiple older versions of the easy valve bags and why do you need more than one ?

At the time of this blog , the Easy Valve kit comes with 4 regular bags and 1 Easy Valve adapter bag. Having all those bags is nice, especially since you can change out the old easy valve bags as well. However there are a few who would prefer to throw out the bag after it’s filthy and just pull out a new one. An Easy valve bag is roughly $15 and you can get 50+ uses out of it before needing to change it. So for the ballers out there changing out the bags is not a big deal and having multiple come in a kit is preferred. 

Easy valve adapter bag

You are paying a good amount for the Volcano Vaporizer System. The materials used in the volcano are medical grade and more accessories  are always better. I don’t think switching to only one or two easy valve bags would be a big hit with customers who are shelling out hundreds for a top notch vaporizer. While theoretically having only one of the new easy valve adapter bags would work, it’s just not going to fly for the price you pay.

 Another aspect which is great about having multiple easy valve bags is that the Volcano is the life of the party. Whenever there is social setting and the volcano is being used many bags are being passed about the room so everyone can enjoy.

 In my predictions for the future of the easy valve set up, I believe Storz & Bickel will make the Easy Valve Starter kit start solely with adapter bags. In the meantime we created this write up for the vape frugal. So if you are looking to never spend money on easy valve bags again, simply pick up an easy valve adapter bag.  

How to Change the Easy Valve Adapter Bag

  • Remove the solid valve slip ring which sits on the easy valve adapter bag
  • Remove the bag material , making sure you do not lose your O-ring,
  • Cut your Solid valve bag material and tie it off, put the other end in the slip ring and place back over the top of the easy valve adapter and then put the slip ring back on.
  • If you want to be even more frugal, turkey bags from your local grocer will as well work in lieu of the solid valve bag material.
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