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Best Vaporizers for 2024

Top Vaporizer Picks for 2024 – New and Improved Herb Vaporizers

The last couple years have been anything but exciting and incredible for dry herb vaporizers. Legacy brands such as Firefly and Davinci have sold to private equity while the chief innovators who would create the next blockbuster vaporizer have moved on to new ventures. Falling prices have added more pressure on vaporizer manufactures and retailers at a time when inflation remains high. This is not only squeezing the manufacturers but also many big name retailers who have turned to contract manufacturing their own line of budget herb vaporizers which provide greater margins. 

It’s not all doom and gloom for herb vaporizers in 2024 though. The financial woes of many legacy brands are creating great deals for customers on older models and opportunity for smaller, leaner and more community focused brands coming to market. There are also some new releases which will knock your socks off and the rebirth of a coveted desktop vaporizer from a once defunct company.  So without further adieu, we will get into some of the vaporizers we think will be winners in 2024. 

Venty Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel

venty vape new

Starting out 2024 with a bang is the Venty Vaporizer. This is the latest vaporizer from Storz & Bickel and it is exactly what you would expect from such a renowned brand. Storz & Bickel have been lucky enough to keep on their co – founder Jürgen Bickel who is still very much involved in the day to day. Their strong brand presence and superior vaporizers have kept them  in the green where their parent company, Canopy Growth, is struggling after losing 98% of its value since the green bubble of 2018.

The Venty is the first truly new vaporizer from Storz & Bickel in 10 years and  meets the same medical grade requirements as the Volcano and Mighty+ while offering nuanced improvements which elevate your sessions from what was the previous title holder for  “best portable herb vaporizer” in the Mighty+.

The LED readout and and 3 button control make the Venty easy to use. It can be totally controlled from the device or via the S&B web app. But what sets the Venty apart is the airflow and vapor quality. The vapor just flows out of this thing and with the air dial options you can take little nips or huge hits all which will give you the taste and texture, elevated, from what so many have raved about for so long with the Storz & Bickel portable vaporizer line up. 

While the Venty Vaporizer is the latest and greatest it comes with a steep price tag of $449. For those looking for great vapor at a value these new 2024 releases make former champs, like  the original Mighty, all the more appealing especially given you can get a refurbished Mighty now for $200. 

Arizer Solo 2 Max

Arizer SOLO 2 Max review

The Arizer Solo 2 Max is an upgraded model of the uber popular Arizer Solo 2, widely considered to be one of the best portable herb vaporizers for ease of use, price and vapor quality. While the Arizer Solo 2 Max is not a huge departure from the Solo 2 , released back in 2017,  it does feature  upgrades such as an improved ceramic heater, heat up time and USB-C charging. The Arizer Solo 2 Max is updated to be in line with other competitive models and features of 2024. Those who own the Solo 2 know already this vaporizer is a workhorse and the new Max will only solidify it’s standing as one of the best all around vaporizers.

Tinymight 2

Not at all related to the Mighty, the Tinymight 2 Vaporizer  or TM2, is the second iteration of a community favorite vaporizer made by artisans in Finland. While the wooden exterior and overall general design may scare away potential buyers, the Tinymight 2 offers some of the best customizable sessions and on demand vapor to accompany its superior vapor quality. 

Where the Tinymight2 shines is the ability to session well in both on demand  and session modes as well with every kind of accessory in between to accommodate for heavy hitting with the titanium mouthpiece or through water with the bubbler. 

The Tinymight 2 unfortunately is not the sleekest looking thing and might not work for the casual vaper, but despite starting out as a small batch handmade vaporizer is really gaining popularity through word of mouth. We think this vaporizer will only catch on and become more popular in 2024 to fill the void left by some of the legacy brands. 

New Angus by YLLVAPE


YLLVape is improving their signature dry herb vaporizer the Angus with the new Angus and we are doubling down despite lackluster sales of the original. The YLLVape Angus was one we tried and were blown away by for its price point and vapor quality nearly on par with the Mighty+. 

In fact when I compared the Angus to the Tinymight 2, I found the Angus to have better suited vapor for my needs. While we are yet to try out the new 2024 YLLVape Angus, we are excited to see how much more power and flavor are offered by the improved halogen bulb and ruby pearls. 

While the Angus is made of Peek (a highly durable semi-crystalline medical grade thermoplastic) the exterior design also does not scream sleek or modern. This is an herb vaporizer for those who prize a good at home session vaporizer over something you would want to take on the go such as your Davinci IQ2.  


herbalizer 2024 comeback

The Herbalizer is not new at all. Released in 2013, the Herbalizer was an uber expensive ($729) desktop vaporizer, known for its fast heating halogen bulb which, with its 3 second heat up time, gave nearly instant great tasting vapor. Herbalizer was co-founded by two individuals: Robbie Pannell and Bob Pratt. Private equity became involved to assist Herbalizer in the growth of the desktop vaporizer and through a series of unfortunate events (including a lawsuit from Storz & Bickel) Herbalizer went out of business.

To the Cloud Vapor Store continued to sell Herbalizer’s excess inventory and warranty them with the assistance of a former employee, and we still sell the refurbished Herbalizer to this day. The Herbalizer was not as popular as the Volcano, but did have its fanbase who appreciated the amazing design, both externally and internally, dreamed up by Bob Pratt. 

Herbalizer is expected to begin a limited release from their San Diego HQ in late January 2024 and we are excited to see this great desktop vaporizer back on the market. If the re-launch does come to fruition it would certainly be a net positive for the vaporizer market;  A former engineer and visionary reclaiming his ship that got lost in the sea of C-suite execs searching for profits above all. 

While 2024 is not likely going to be a renaissance for herb vaporizers, it is at least showing some promise for new innovative vaporizers that are more than just Chinese rebrand or a “plus” variation of an older model. 

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