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Fake Volcano Hybrid vaporizer

Counterfeit Alert: The Fake Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer

Unfortunately the fake Volcano Hybrid has been released  and not many know about it. 

The newest Volcano Vaporizer dubbed the Volcano Hybrid has been out for over a year now, and the counterfeiters were not far behind. Thankfully the proliferation of the fake Volcano Hybrid is not on the level of the fake Digital Volcano  (The previous model which Storz & Bickel have stopped producing since the Hybrid’s debut). One reason fake Volcano Hybrids are not floating around like the fake Mighty and Digital Volcano is Ebay and Amazon have shuddered their platforms to herbal vaporizers altogether, thus it’s hard to find any vaporizers on these platforms, real or fake. 

These are the places where unscrupulous sellers can pass off a batch of fakes with ease and disappear. Now they would need their own website (with the ability to reach customers) which  could be held accountable, etc. for passing frivolous goods.

While counterfeit vaporizers are still being sold on sites like Alibaba , there the consumer knows they are buying a knock off. On Ebay and Amazon, buyers are often duped. 

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Prior to the fake Volcano Hybrid , Chinese counterfeiters had only knocked off the Mighty and Digital Volcano. These models unfortunately do not utilize bluetooth connections, so one had to check out other features to know if they got a fake. 

With the Volcano Hybrid we don’t have to buy one to show you tell tale signs of the fakes like we did with the fake Digital. The counterfeit Hybrid will not sync with bluetooth.

With the increased use of bluetooth to control vaporizers from your smartphone, counterfeiters are finding it harder to trick unsuspecting consumers and pass vaporizers as real.  The only market that exists here comes from the demand for counterfeit vaporizers.

Volcano App

While fakes are significantly inferior, some will argue they are worth the savings. Many vaporizers are made in China (Storz & Bickel vaporizers are exclusively made in Germany) and while counterfeiters are free to manufacture using less quality control, inferior building materials and aren’t held responsible as a company if something goes wrong –  you are paying significantly less for a vaporizer.  It is basically like those who prefer $20 faux Ray Bans instead of  authentic $150 Ray Bans. That being said, vaporizers possess a far greater health risk.  With a health crisis like Covid going on, the last thing you want to do is to be inhaling toxins from a knock off $100 Volcano.

So if you want a fake, that is your decision to make. Counterfeit vaporizers are significantly cheaper but come with drawbacks that you would not get with the real deal. Thankfully now the only verification needed is to sync your Hybrid with the Storz & Bickel web app  or Google Play app (The IOS S&B  app is still banned)  if you are in the market for a used Volcano Hybrid or think you may have been sold a fake from a fly by night operation  at price too good to be true. To date the Classic Volcano, Crafty+ and Plenty have not been knocked off.   


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