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No Volcano Vaporizer on Amazon

Volcano Vaporizer Amazon – 20% Off Storz & Bickel Volcano

You buy  everything off Amazon. It’s simple, it’s fast and it’s convenient. So it may be to your surprise when you Google “Volcano Vaporizer Amazon” and get a handful of Storz & Bickel accessories but no Volcano Vaporizer. That is because Amazon restricts the sale of herbal vaporizers. Sometimes you can find the Volcano Vaporizer on Amazon, but more often than not Amazon’s system will recognize the clever name the merchant called it to sneak it through the system, whether it be Mt. St. Helen’s Merapi Case or Volcano Aroma Therapy Device, and remove the coveted vaporizer and ban the sellers who are selling it.

No Volcano Vaporizer on Amazon

We know because To the Cloud Vapor Store had a contentious 2 year love hate relationship with the Internet juggernaut. While we loved the increased exposure and easy sales Amazon brought, constantly monitoring listings and staying one step ahead of the bots became a full time job. We could have played by Amazon’s  rules but that would involve not selling the Volcano Vaporizer on Amazon.

Volcano Vaporizer Amazon saleSale

Buying the Volcano Vaporizer on Amazon

Vaporizers on Amazon

The Good – As mentioned above, buying the Volcano Vaporizer on Amazon is easy. Click a button and in a few days you got a new Volcano Vaporizer that arrives with your soap, toilet paper and post it notes. You can get a good price if distributors are in a price war, but not too good a price as the margins are already low and Amazon takes a whopping 15% cut.

The Bad – Once the merchant you bought it from is kicked off Amazon you have no recourse of action should you want to return it or if you have any questions.  Should you need to file a warranty claim, manufacturer’s such as Davinci , Arizer, Puffco and most other vaporizer manufacturers will not honor warranty claims for anything purchased off Amazon. 

The Ugly – When you do go to get that warranty claim a few months later you realize you were duped by ABC distributions (This is a made up name solely for example)  and you bought a Chinese knockoff. See Amazon has been getting really good at getting Chinese counterfeits off their website , but that is on items which are permitted for sale on the platform where extensive vetting of the retailer and item has been done. With the Volcano Vaporizer on Amazon it pops up and then goes away. Shady Chinese companies will move in on these listings while they are active and pump out as many fakes as possible leaving the customer distraught a few months later when that $400 Volcano Vaporizer come up turns out to be a poorly made, now broken clone.

Amazon’s algorithm is set up so sellers’ compete amongst one another to offer the best price. Generally the better price will win the buy box but other factors are taken into play such as how old the seller’s account is,  Feedback metrics and how long the merchant has been selling that specific item.  

So when we sold the Volcano Vaporizer on Amazon, being an authorized vendor, we were not allowed to advertise the Classic Volcano below $479 and the Digital Volcano below $599. What other merchants will do is throw together a random account, discount the item as much as possible and sell as many as possible until they are suspended and Amazon removes the listing. Most the time we would own the buy box given our 97% Lifetime Feedback ratings and fast ship times, but other times

Tips for Buying a Volcano Vaporizer on Amazon

So if you do want to purchase a Volcano Vaporizer on Amazon (permitting there is one listed) Research the vendor. XYZ  distributions probably doesn’t have their own website so why are they hiding who they are ? They say they are authorized but they are selling below the manufacturer’s advertised retail price ? and they don’t provide a phone number for you to call and speak with someone.

Probably best to stay away from something like that. As mentioned you can get great deals on Amazon and it’s easy but you want to make sure you do the due diligence with an item like the Volcano Vaporizer on Amazon and the reason you shop on Amazon in the first place is to not do this kind of research !!! So in a way Amazon is doing you a favor by restricting the sale of all vaporizers.

To the Cloud Vapor Store Amazon

We recently got our account pulled and will not be selling the Volcano Vaporizer on Amazon or anything else for that matter ever again. We were lucky to be one of the few authorized sellers who did not get suspended years ago. Amazon truly is an amazing platform that has transformed e-commerce. Hopefully in time they will come around and change their policy towards herbal vaporizers, but when they do that say bye bye to online vaporizer retailers like yours truly.

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