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Cloudious9 Atomic 9 review

Atomic 9 Vaporizer Review | Cloudious9 Deliver a Bargain Dry Herb Vaporizer

Cloudious 9, makers of the renowned Hydrology 9 “bong vaporizer” have entered the portable dry herb vaporizer market with their latest release the Atomic 9. It is a super lightweight & compact portable vaporizer with a body reminiscent of the original PAX. Check out our review and opinion on this new budget vaporizer here. 

At $59.99, the price is the first thing the Atomic 9 does to set itself apart. There are alot of comparable vaporizers that would try and squeeze another $20 or $30 markup out of a vaporizer like this one,  so it’s good to see Cloudious 9 be honest with the pricing. This is a $50 range vaporizer for sure. The outside feels and looks a tad sleeker but the packaging, generic ceramic chamber, plastic mouthpiece – all what one would expect in an entry level budget vaporizer.

Atomic 9 vaporizer packaging

It’s simple and to the point without alot of frills. The Atomic 9 comes in a basic box with only the Atomic9 Vaporizer itself, AC charger/ cable and instructions. I really feel scrapping any unneeded extras or not having a fancy box really cuts down on the cost which they can pass on to the consumer. 

They Call it Convection

heating element atomic 9

The Atomic 9 is much more of a conduction vaporizer in our opinion. Although it does boast dual layer heating so can claim some convection, it feels as if most of the vapor is generated from direct contact with the long narrow ceramic chamber. Even on their own website they state using this non- conventional approach to convection heating makes it the  “ smallest and most cost-effective convection heating vaporizer currently on the market.” 

Sleek from the Head Down

PAX comparison

The Atomic 9 bears close resemblance to the original PAX in it’s main body which is comprised of Aluminum Alloy. The mouthpiece however is just a standard plastic mouthpiece, which does the trick, but is nothing fancy. One nice thing about the Atomic 9 mouthpiece is that it is attached so there is no worry about misplacing it, and magnetic so it seals in place easily for your session.

Loading Tool

atomic 9 loading tool

The Atomic 9’s internal loading tool is yet another nice feature given the deep and narrow shape of the herb chamber. This chamber shape is often difficult to load and unload and at least Cloudious designed the Atomic 9 to make the loading part easier. 

Small and Compact

Where the Atomic 9 wins is size. At roughly 4” inches in height and only 1.5” in width, it’s an herb vape that fits like a concentrate pen in the hand. The weight is only 2.5 ounces as well so it is easy to pocket and take out on the fly.

The chamber is rather large relative to its size. You can fit around .25 grams in, but we recommend starting with about .2. The pack is super important as the sessions with a firmly packed chamber were leaps and bounds better than those with a loose pack. 

Heating Up

With the smaller size the Atomic 9 heats up much faster than other herb vaporizers. It can be ready in as little as 30 seconds if going for 356 °F and under a minute to 428 °F

atomic 9 temperature settings

The Atomic 9 comes with 6 preset temperatures ranging from 356°F to 428°F. Changing the temperatures is one of the biggest pains and downfalls of this vaporizer. I really wish it had something I could just change the temperature in a linear manner instead of having to screw around with the home button sequence.

Single Button Sequence

You turn the Atomic 9 on by clicking the home button 3 times. You can see the LED light on the unit blink and when it reaches green you have reached your temperature and are ready to inhale. 

To change temperature hold the home button down when the unit is on, for 5 seconds. From here hit the power button to cycle through the preset temperatures, holding down the home button again at your desired temperature 

Draws and Vapor Quality

Being a very low budget vaporizer I was not expecting much. I think my surprise was that the vapor was not terrible at the lower temperatures. Anything under 392 °F was surprisingly good. This vapor is not going to compare to anything like the Mighty or Firefly 2+ , but if you need something that does the trick and just need something for a night time or once a day session and  you are not going to be vaping at the high temperatures, by all means, it’s a winner. 

In the 392 °F plus range the vaporizer and vapor gets a tad hot and you get that burnt popcorn taste from your herb.  

From a fully packed chamber you can get about 11 quality hits.  Around hit 7 or 8  the herb starts to taste a little spent. And a single charge will give you about the same in a number of sessions; Around 10. 

Battery Life

The Atomic 9’s battery can go a tad longer than other comparable budget vapes with an auto shut off which powers down after 2 minutes. To burn through all your herb if taking your time simply retriggering the home  button three times will power it on again. In my experience I was able to get through a fully packed Atomic 9 session in 4-5 minutes. From this you can extrapolate you get about an hour of continual use. 

The 900 mAh battery will take about 2 hours to charge totally full again

An Ultra Budget Vaporizer

Overall the Atomic 9 Vaporizer exceeded expectations. I was thinking it was going to give off a very plastic taste and hot vapor. This did not happen and the first few hits from the Atomic 9 in the lower temperature range were the same vapor quality of what I would get from the G Pen Elite or Boundless CFC 2.0.  

My biggest gripes with the Atomic 9 were the single temperature button sequence and the removeable residue chamber not coming with a tool to remove it.

Atomic 9 residue chamber

It’s a not bad vaporizer at a price that is easily affordable for anyone wanting to try out vaping flower or anyone who just needs a cheap back up vaporizer for a secondary location or while walking the dog.

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Donna Stanga
2 years ago

Atomic 9 Vaporizer
Worst vaporizer EVER. I have it for 4 days and button doesn’t turn on anymore.
DO NOT BUY !!!!!!

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