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Best Vaporizers by Category

Best Vaporizers by Category

As we roll into 2017 new vaporizers are popping up left and right. You would think the market is getting crowded, but as legalization takes hold across the country and the stigmatization associated with marijuana consumption dissipates the market is only growing, especially the demand for quality herbal vaporizers which allow for a healthier means of consumption.


The biggest issue facing those looking to purchase their first cannabis vaporizer is which to choose. Everyone wants the best vaporizer, but that can be like asking what is the best car ? More factors go into what is the best vaporizer for you. So we here at To the Cloud Vapor Store are going to break it down for you and give you the best in four categories: Desktop, Portable, All around and Flavor


Best Desktop Vaporizer.) The reigning champion which hit market in 2006 and has yet to be dethroned is the Volcano Vaporizer. Chances are if you’re reading this you have already heard of the Volcano and for good reason. While many of the new high end desktops like the Herbalizer seek to exploit what the Volcano lacks, such as the heat up time and lack of whip option, the Volcano really does give the best vapor and user experience. And when you have been winning the cooking competition year after year, why change your recipe ? Best Desktop vaporizer

Made well by Industry leaders  Markus Storz & Jürgen Bickel, the inventors of the Volcano Vaporizer have been at the forefront of vapor technology since 1996 . They manufacture the Volcano Vaporizer by hand in Tuttlingen, Germany – there is no outsourcing to China and the team at Storz & Bickel are the most qualified and knowledgeable team in the game. The Volcano comes with a three year warranty, but most which were made back in the mid 2000s are still in circulation today without issue.

Vapor Quality – For desktop vaporizers the Volcano offers the best combination of vapor flavor, texture and efficient delivery. This is done via a steady forced air pump and convection heating mechanism  working in conjunction with one another to pass hot air through your herb and into  your vapor bag.

The initial hits are going to give you smooth and tasty vapor on par with the best desktops for flavor out there such as the VapeXhale Cloud EVO

Although the texture will become less smooth the longer your vapor sits in the bag or the higher temp the volcano is set at, it will deliver every last drop of vapor without any being wasted.Best vaporizer efficiency


With the bag you capture all the vapor and with the filling chamber only on the heating element when you are filling your bag you ensure that nothing is being wasted. The Volcano will not only save you a considerable amount of herb over time, but you will really feel the difference after a few volcano bags versus other desktop and portable vaporizers.




Best Portable Vaporizer.)  The PAX 3 wins the honors for best portable vaporizer. The PAX 3 is the third edition in a line of vaporizers from PAX Labs. The PAX 3 has improved on the blockbuster vaporizers that were the original PAX and PAX 2 with some very helpful  accessories , concentrate capability, haptic feedback and smartphone integration to enhance your vapor experience via the PAX app.

Best portable vaporizer - PAX 3Size – The PAX 3 is the best quality vaporizer for it’s size and also while it has the option for smartphone integration it is by no means required for use. Just how big is the PAX 3?  The PAX 3 is is 3.87” tall and 1.2” in width coming it at 94 grams in weight, it can easily be taken in and out of your pocket and operated with one hand for quick draws. With a heat up time of only 15 seconds the PAX 3 is the quickest to use amongst other dry herb portables.

The PAX 3 also provides good quality vapor and with the updated ability to vape your concentrates on to go it checks all the boxes.

Given the PAX 3’s  quality, size and ease of use we say it provides the best portable experience. The PAX 3 Vaporizer is the “Go to – On the Go”.



All Around Vaporizer.) This very well could be called the “best vaporizer”. It may not be the best at every single aspect of our ranking criteria, but it is the best all around. It ranks high in vapor quality, durability, ease of use and portability and power.


Best all around vaporizerIt comes as no surprise that Storz & Bickel have designed the best all around vaporizer.  We selected the Mighty as the best all around vaporizer on the market today. The Mighty is constructed of medical grade plastics. The outer casing is strong and durable and the device never gets hot too, even after long sessions.


Vapor Quality -The Mighty Vaporizer offers some of the best textured vapor out there. This is pretty mind blowing considering the cooling unit doesn’t offer much space between the heating chamber and mouthpiece where you inhale.

Besides offering top of the line vapor quality the Mighty is easy to use. You twist the top off , fill your chamber, put the top back on and hit the power button. There is no smartphone integration just a button to turn it on and two temperature  buttons to turn the heat up or down. The temperature is displayed digitally on the device and you can even use it while it charges.

But don’t worry about needing to charge your Mighty alot. With two internal batteries the Mighty provides 90 minutes of use on a full charge.

Now while some complain about the size of the Mighty, the extra battery really does make a large difference over it’s smaller sibling the Crafty, which is constantly critiqued for having a battery that dies much too fast. At a tad over 8 ounces in weight and 5 ½ inches tall the Mighty may not be the most discreet and pocket friendly vaporizer, but there is no arguing the fact it can easily be taken on the go – whether upstairs for a quick before bed session or to the cabin for the weekend , that is up to you.


With all the boxes the Mighty Vaporizer checks, it is with good reason it is a best seller and why we call it the vaporizer to own if you could only own one 



Best Flavor Vaporizer.) To many extracting the best flavor and quality from your plants is what it’s all about. That is to say the best vapor experience is synonymous with flavor. The Firefly 2 provides just that by offering the best flavor out of all the vaporizers on the market today.


If you were to go weed tasting, the Firefly 2 is the vaporizer they would use to sample the flavor profiles of your buds. While Firefly 2 has been critiqued by some as being  difficult to use out of the box, this is true for many other vaporizers as well. Ultimately it is not vector calculus. Once you get the hang of the Firefly 2 and nail down the techniques you won’t use any other vaporizer for taste and flavor.

Firefly 2 best vaporizers - flavorHow it works – The Firefly 2 is able to provide this flavor by a combination of temperature profiles ( which can be adjusted on the app)  and  on demand convection heating. Once you no longer wish to draw simply letting the buttons go will cool the heating element down , preserving the flavor integrity of your herb. Furthermore the vapor is delivered via a  Borosilicate Glass Vapor Path.


If you are looking for the best flavor it can only be the Firefly 2.



As you can see the best vaporizers stretch a broad spectrum given their size, price and function in regards to what you are seeking. At To the Cloud Vapor Store we are happy to not only sell the best vaporizers, but also include a trial period with every vaporizer so you can make 100% sure it is a good fit for you.

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