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Obsidian water adapter for the Volcano Vaporizer

Obsidian: The Volcano Vaporizer’s Premiere Percolation Adapter

Test Driving the Obsidian: Premium Water Adapter for the Volcano Vaporizer

We recently had the privilege to try out one of the two water adapters currently on the market for the Volcano Vaporizer. The refined Obsidian which bills itself as the premier percolation experience for the Volcano Vaporizer, sits atop the Volcano Easy Valve filling chamber and adds an extra level of purity to your Volcano’s vapor when you hit the fan and fill your bag.

Obsidian water adapter for the Volcano Vaporizer

With many of the dry herb vaporizers on the market adding adapters for use with water pipes, it only makes sense the pioneer desktop vaporizer have a water option too.

The Obsidian is the second edition  of Magma Industries’ first release – The Magma , which functions in the same manner by purifying your Volcano’s vapor through water. The Magma is still a great way to give your vapor a boost, but the Obsidian is a step up which comes with some refinements such as a lower chamber which prevents any spillage into the Volcano unit in case  of accidental overfill.

The Obsidian comes in a nice little package with some safety precautions, directions and 3 O-Rings. It is very light in weight and sturdy to the touch; hand blown of high grade borosilicate glass.   

Using the Obsidian

Although the Obsidian water adapter is very intuitive it is crucial to make sure you read all instructions and do not overfill the unit which can lead to water blowing into your bag.

  1. Fill the the top of the Obsidian about an ⅛ of an inch above the top compartment’s holes
  2.  Remove the Storz & Bickel OEM O-ring from your Easy Valve Filling Chamber and replace with the red Obsidian O-Ring.
  3. Place the Obsidian a top your Easy Valve Filling Chamber and then onto your Volcano
  4. Throw on your Easy Valve Bag, wait for the heat up, hit the fan and get ready to party


*Do make sure to exercise caution when grabbing for the Obsidian after use, as it can be hot

obsidian volcano directions

Vapor Quality

Testing we did with the Digital Volcano turned all the way up showed hot air from the easy valve  air maxing out at 440℉, when we added around .2 grams of herb and took a readout of the top of the easy valve with vapor coming out we got readout of  317℉. That is very hot vapor when you think about a Starbucks coffee coming in at around 160  ℉. However when the Obsidian was applied the temperature dropped to the 160 degrees ℉ range. Yes this is still very hot, but most will not be using their Volcano  at 446 degrees ℉ and also these measurements were taken direct from the outlets on the Easy Valve and the Obsidian respectfully, they were not the actual temperatures one would inhale given the cooling that occurs with the vapor sitting in the bag. However this only makes the near 50% decrease drop in temperature from using the Obsidian more impressive.

volcano vapor temperature without the obsidian
Volcano Vapor temperature with the Obsidian

The humidity readings showed even greater promise and trust us, we really felt the humidity while inhaling the Volcano bags. In testing relative humidity (RH) , the ratio of the partial pressure of water vapor to the equilibrium vapor pressure of water at a given temperature, the Easy Valve expelled vapor with 3.6% RH, when the Obsidian was applied that number jumped to 96.7% So for a water adapter that boasts increasing humidity of your vapor, the Obsidian sure does the job.

The one thing which I did miss out on with the increased humidity was that crisp first hit of flavor the Volcano is known for. With the increased humidity  I did feel flavor was more muddled.

A Savior to Dry Buds

An unfortunate part about vaporizers, especially the Volcano, is that herb freshness plays a large role in your vapor texture. Dryer herb will cause more choking and throat irritation. Lucky for me I had some very old and dried herbal shake around. In doing two bags on 399 degrees the bag without the Obsidian was full bodied. It was not hot nor cool but did choke me up a tad too much from what one expects from the Volcano.

When applying the Obsidian, the humidity and temperature change were noticeable. It did not cause any irritation whatsoever and made inhaling the bags contents much more comfortable.


One aspect which Magma Industries improved from the Magma to the Obsidian was the free flow and clear glass allowing you to better see when your unit is in need of cleaning and where to clean. I personally have had no issues with throwing it into some Orange Chronic, and boiling it in a pot of water after. Water stuck in the bottom overfill compartment is easy to work out and once the bulk is out hitting it with some forced air did the rest.

Made in the USA

Undoubtedly the best part about the Obsidian is that it is designed and made by hand in the United States, by a lover of the Volcano Vaporizer. When Ryan Jones realized that the Volcano Vaporizer needed a water adapter and one was not currently on the market  he boot strapped it from concept to prototype and has since refined it even more with the Obsidian. So far the feedback for both the Magma and Obsidian has been good and we can see why they’re constantly selling out. The Obsidian delivers cooler and smoother vapor from your Volcano Vaporizer adding another level to the world’s most iconic vaporizer.

If you want to make your Volcano active, check out the offerings from Magma Industries 

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4 months ago

There is no doubt that this benefits the experience. Particularly with Medical patients who can not deal with the dryness and coughing that the vape from any vaporizer can make. They are rather costly and break easily. I have had the Glass magma brake and the Obsidian broke last night. I am a medical user and my lungs need the moister. I can’t just shell out $150 every time it tips over. There is a need for this product. Doesn’t anyone want to produce a less costly alternative?

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