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the new peak pro

The 2nd Generation Peak Pro | Celebrating 10 Years of Puffco

Puffco, the leading brand in the e-rig vaporizer space has revealed its updated model Peak Pro. The announcement came June 3rd at the Puffco 10 year anniversary celebration in downtown Los Angeles. Not an entirely new vaporizer, the new Peak Pro is a technological progression which gives you the best technology out of the box.

new Peak Pro main

Celebrating 10 Years of Puffco

Puffco’s 10 year reunion was akin much to one of their past pop ups or small gatherings not quite on par with the uber popular Puffcon block parties  which offer music & entertainment on a grander scale.

A year since the release of the Puffco Proxy which saw a similar pop up event, giving customers early access to the coveted Puffco Proxy. Puffco hosted something similar but pulled back on the hype of a “new” product and emphasized this more as a 10 year celebration. A  gathering to reflect on Puffco’s growth and that of the greater hash culture and 710 community at large. But yes they also did drop the new Peak Pro.

It Was All a Dream, I Used to Read Word Up Magazine

puffco first vaporizer

It started with a concept and a name. Dreamed up by Roger Volodarsky in 2013 with the purchase of the Puffco trademark and production of a wax pen dubbed the Puffco Pro, Puffco got its official start. Roger’s first concept was a more quality vape pen to consume as he explains in a one37pm interview “built on the idea that this is a vape pen with no plastics in the air path, no glues and no fiberglass wicks”.  Standard practice for today’s high end pens but something which was a tad more costly to produce in 2013.

While certainly one of the pioneers in the vaporizer space it would not be until 2016 when Puffco hit an inflection point and created a market which had not yet existed.

The Original Puffco Peak

OG puffco peak

The Puffco Peak was the original E-Rig vaporizer which made doing high quality dabs without a torch possible and much easier than the E-Nails available at the time. At 7 inches tall and utilizing a water filled glass component for purification, the Peak was anything from a wax pen. The Peak turned torch traditionalists onto vaporizers and even stole some herb vaporizer purists who made the switch to dabs thanks to the ease of use and exceptional vapor quality offered by the original Puffco Peak. 

Always Innovating

puffco innovation

Not one to rest on his laurels, Roger and Co. kept at it –  expanding, growing, innovating. The Puffco Pro saw upgrades to the Pro 2 and then to the Plus, Plus V2. A second iteration of the Peak dropped in the Peak Pro followed by the Peak Pro 3D Chamber and countless firmware and software updates for the device accompanied by accessories and limited edition drops. 

Puffco did more than just improve their vaporizer & accessory line up. They expanded into the Budsy and Cupsy, some nifty little smoking devices which although released as April Fools’ jokes ended up being some pretty functional and discreet water pipes for herb. 

Puffco grew their base and community with top notch content and hash fueled block parties. Working with independent glass blowers like Ryan Fitt and encouraging  customers to customize & share their devices. Puffco has pulled out to be the front runner not only in the 710 vaporizer space but is recognized as one of the hottest brands in cannabis.

The New Peak Pro

The new Peak Pro will retail at $420 and offers a few upgrades over the standard Peak Pro or first edition Peak Pro as we shall call it. What we like and dislike here is that Puffco did not rename the device or add a “+” (plus) or a “2” after Peak Pro. 

The new Peak Pro is not so much new but instead updated, offering the best tech and refinements for 2023. Much like cars improve over the years with new available technologies, so do vaporizers. What we dislike about this naming conundrum is it makes selling the device harder when having to call the new Peak Pro the new Peak Pro. We are assuming the old Peak Pro will go out of production and the Summer 2023 drop will just become again the Peak Pro, much like the case with the Crafty+ improvement where customers were always asking, “ is this the first edition Crafty+ or the new Crafty+” ?

Updates & Upgrades

The new Peak Pro comes with the 3D Chamber out of the box. The 3D chamber was originally designed for the Proxy but Puffco decided to roll it out early ahead of the Proxy release as a premium aftermarket upgrade for the Peak Pro in 2021, 1 year before the Proxy hit the market. 

Peak pro 3d chamber preview

Puffco has stopped production of the standard Peak Pro chamber and will only utilize the 3D chamber from here on out. This is sort of a bummer for those who may have recently purchased the Peak Pro for $400 and the 3D chamber for $100 when now both can be had at $420. Foresight has me thinking the Peak Pro 3D Chamber will work its way down in price to around the $69 level. 

The 3D chamber heats from the sides and utilizes a different material to provide more efficient dabs. You can read the Peak Pro 3D chamber review here to see all the added benefits, but kind of a moot point given the standard Peak Pro chamber is no more.

Airflow is enhanced with the new joystick carb cap which provides cyclone like directional airflow in the chamber much like the aftermarket Proxy Ball Cap.  Laser cut perc slots were added in the back section of the new Peak Pro glass which enhances the purification of the vapor.

The app has seen some improvements to accompany the new Peak Pro. The most recent edition of the Puffco app gives greater insight into your sessions – even showing how many sessions on a certain date, most popular temperature and average session duration. Not really information I care about, but this information can be used for future improvements. 

new peak pro app controls

A confusing additional feature to the app is the vapor control mode. We are still awaiting word on what this does as one would think upping the temperature would be the key to greater vapor production.

For those who love the LEDS, dynamic inhale offers a crazy light show as you inhale. This is more likely fun for young and social  Puffco users as I find myself messing with the app as little as possible and having my Peak Pro in stealth mode. 

The good news here for those who already have a Peak Pro is these firmware and app updates are available with any Peak Pro outfitted with a 3D Chamber. 

An interesting thing to think about is that the most hardcore of dabbers likely already have a 3D Chamber, Peak Pro Ball Cap and some aftermarket glass. While in theory the updated Peak Pro gives you that out of the box, there is a great sense of pride in customizing ones Peak Pro for design and function. 

The new Peak Pro does boast some improvements in aesthetics. The glass and base are cooler looking than what we previously had and the unit comes in two colors – peal and onyx.

2 Year Warranty

The warranty is now two years instead of one. While it should be noted it still only applies to the base. The 3D Chamber carries a 30 day warranty and the glass none.

The New Peak Pro for 2023 and Beyond

All in all the updated Puffco Peak Pro isn’t something totally new and exciting. It’s just the best Peak Pro with the most recent 710 technology available. If you already have the Peak Pro there is no need to go out and pick up the new edition. 

The new Peak Pro demonstrates Puffco’s commitment to innovation and always improving to remain on the cutting edge of what the best dab experience can be in 2023 and beyond. 

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