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G Pen Roam unboxing

The G Pen Roam Review | Grenco’s Portable Dab Rig

Grenco Science recently released an all encompassing portable dab rig dubbed the G Pen Roam. A sturdy handheld concentrate vaporizer with a body somewhat reminiscent of the Mighty. Besides the ability to dab with only one hand, what sticks out about the G Pen Roam is the smooth dabs offered by the  internal Glass Hydro Tube and the option to use it like a dab rig or an on demand vape. 

Normally we like to skip the packaging and get right into the vaporizer, but the G Pen Roam is one of those vaporizers that has great packaging which can double as a carrying case. The last time we saw packaging which could double as a nifty carrying case for the dab rig was with the Puffco Peak

G Pen Roam Review

And while the Puffco Peak’s packaging may be functional,  the Roam’s case is functional and stylish. The Roam’s packaging is made out of hemp with  holders for concentrate jars or wax wallets and pockets for your dab tools. 

G Pen Roam case

The packaging is forthtelling of the quality construction of the G Pen Roam. Grenco Science is an established name in the vaporizer space, but their herb vaporizers are not known for being “high end”. The G Pen Roam is an exception, everything about it feels top tier.

G pen roam vaporizer


The Body of the G Pen Roam is made of an aluminum alloy shell and is sturdy as it gets  

The Quartz Tank provides the ability to heat fast to very high temperatures. Since the atomizer is removable it would be nice to see Grenco Science make a ceramic atomizer for lower temperatures for those looking for flavor. The quartz tank does offer plenty of room as with dabs you do not need alot. 

The Hydrotube is the G Pen Roam’s pièce de résistance. Unlike other concentrate vaporizers where you add the water before you fire it up, the G Pen Roam has an internal hydrotube which runs directly into the mouthpiece, cooling the vapor before you inhale. 

The Roam’s internal hydrotube is also designed to not leak, so where you would need to unfill and refill the Carta V2  or Puffco Peak before transporting, the Roam can be pocketed easily. As with all things it is not 100% guaranteed to not leak. You will get a few droplets here and there if you have the thing spinning around, but if transported responsibly in the case you’ll be good to go. 

G Pen Roam review

The Battery is a 1,300 mAh lithium-ion battery. Since the battery is built into the vaporizer where the LED display and heating element sit, you cannot replace it with 3rd party batteries. The battery is takes up a huge portion of the vaporizer. 

The Tank Cover offers a small airhole with a metal prong which serves to assist with the roam not clogging up from large dabs. Furthermore it is heavy and magnetized ensuring it will remain closed and tightly sealed during sessions. 


Dimensions 5 × 4 × 7 inches
Weight 11 oz  (.7 lbs)
Temperature 600 °F – 800 °F
Charge Time 75 minutes
Warranty 1 year

How to operate

  • Fully charge the unit 
  • Remove and fill the hydrotube up to the line 
  • Load your concentrates into the tank 
  • Turn the unit on by pressing the power button 5 times 
  • Select your temperature using the up/down buttons  

In Automatic  mode you press the power button two times after selecting your temperature. The Roam will vibrate when it reaches temperature and again 30 seconds later when the heat disengages. You can also disengage the heat in automatic mode by pressing the power button two times. 

Manual  mode is much like using your standard coil vape pen. You hold the power button down, draw, let go, repeat.

The LED display is well thought out with standard hand signs such as a thumbs up letting you know you are ready to rock and a stop sign letting you know you are overheating. 

Vapor Quality

While the high temperatures go down smooth with the water filtration, the taste and flavor which you get from other high end concentrate vaporizers is lacking. The G Pen Roam is better suited to get you elevated and get you a voluminous amount of smooth vapor with the press of a button, but if you want flavor and Volume I would go for the Puffco Peak

Loading the G Pen Roam Atomizer

Battery Life

On a full charge, the G Pen Roam will pump out about 16 -20 sessions. These are the automatic mode sessions where the heating element turns off after 30 seconds. You can get much more use out of the Roam using it in manual mode, but at the end of the day the battery life is solid.

The G Pen Roam also offers pass through charging, which is always a great option to have in any vaporizer, as nothing is a bigger bummer than going for a session only to find your vaporizer needs to charge up. The G Pen Roam at least lets you plug it in and vape away. 

Impressions of the G Pen Roam

One thing I liked about the G Pen Roam was the fact it could serve me as a portable dab rig which is easy to take on the go and how I can use it like an on demand vaporizer as well, filling it up and taking hits with the press of a botton as I hung out.  The vapor is surprisingly smooth for the hot temperature ranges offered and the device feels, looks and operates like a high end vaporizer. I would say $299- $350 would be where I’d estimate this device to price at if I had to play the Price is Right. 

While the G Pen Roam is portable and comes with a stellar case, I am yet to take it on the go with me due to it being so heavy and bulky – the thing is just too large and heavy to be carried around with ease given all the pen & cartridge options on the market. So while it offers duality it’s not the absolute best for on the go nor the absolute best for at home. It’s good for those who need something for at home and on the go, but not the best for either. 

I also wish it did have the option to add other tanks. The quartz tank can be removed with ease once you become accustomed with the unit. It would be nice to be able to add other tanks and maybe even an herb attachment for vaping at lower temperatures. 

All in all if you are a serious dabber I would highly consider the G Pen Roam. You get a long battery life, smooth vapor in a dependable long lasting unit. The G Pen Roam is easy to use and you won’t be needing to troubleshoot the atomizer as is a common issue with other desktop concentrate vaporizers that mimic dab rigs.  

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