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Puffco new desert Proxy

The New Desert Proxy from Puffco | A Refined Limited Edition

It’s been over 7 months since Puffco released the Proxy in late June of 2022. We made two predictions for the Proxy. The first was that the Proxy was going to be a lot like an open sourced software which glassblowers and other artisans would design around. The second call we made in our Puffco Proxy review was that the Proxy would get some of our older herb smokers and vaporizer purists to make the switch to hash.  

The first prediction is kind of a no-brainer and when the Proxy dropped the eco-systems were a large part of Puffco’s Proxy marketing to display it’s versatile applications  from pipes, to bubblers to now even something like the Droplet which can get you just as clouded on par with a full on e-rig like the Peak Pro.

Going over the predictions I was wrong about the second. Even after having the Stoner Mom review the Puffco Proxy Our more senior customers still prefer herb vaporizers and the younger more in tuned with dabing have by in large been buying the Proxy. Don’t get me wrong, many myself included have began incorporating more quality concentrates into their regiment thanks to the ease of use, portability and tasty terps in manageable sips I get from my Proxy.

desert puffco proxy

The Desert Proxy Offers More Aesthetic & Luxury Appeal

tan puffco proxy

The Desert Proxy is the first and newest limited edition Proxy drop from Puffco and comes in a tan hue. There is really nothing more to write about here. It is everything the community has come to love about the Proxy but in tan. 

Limited Editions do generally get people excited and Puffco does have its fair share of fans who will buy it having a Proxy already. But more importantly, here is where I am hoping my second prediction may finally gain some traction; with the the new Desert  Proxy swaying some senior stoners to put down the Mighty+ and try out the Proxy.

The Desert Proxy pops with an even more mature & luxury appeal. It looks like a sleek pair of Ray Bans. This is the limited edition for someone like Hunter Thompson. It is very GC. 

If you look at the limited edition Puffco Peak Pro’s Puffco has released, alot of people went bonkers –  the Opal, the Indiglow the Guardian. And yes they are smooth and they are aesthetic.  But beauty is in the eye of the beholder. As someone who dabs 2-3 times a week, I am  content with my Standard Peak Pro and would have chosen the standard color even if the limited editions cost the same amount.

limited edition Peak Pros

The tan desert Proxy on the other hand has me going goo goo gaa gaa. It fits my style and personality better. It looks more luxurious and refined to me over the standard. I almost wish there was a way to shut off the neon lights and go dark mode so I could just have a standard tan e-pipe without the neon. 

New Desert Proxy Breakdown & Accessories

proxy desert edition

The desert edition has two contrasting colors. The main body & 3D Chamber are standard tan. The Proxy glass is a vintage brown, like aviator sunglasses of the 1970’s. Together the two shades of tan provide a great balance together.

To accompany the Desert Proxy release, Puffco has released an accompanying Proxy Travel Pack and Proxy Bub. Both in the same  respective shades of the silicone and glass on the Proxy.

One of the biggest bummers is that the Proxy desert edition does not come in a tan or leather case. I know leather is probably a stretch for production costs and then with Puffco being a socially conscious company comes the dilemma of what kind of leather to use. This would  likely push up the cost of production therefore making the desert edition more expensive.

All For the Same Price !!!

The price is one great factor we see here with this limited edition compared to the limited Edition Peak Pros which went for $100 more. Then again some quick changes in color patterns likely are not costing Puffco that much more to produce and there are not costly features like a glass redesign.

If you are still on the fence about the new Desert Proxy, relax. Puffco CEO Rodger Volodarsky has stated on a past Instagram livestream that the new tan Proxy will be around for a minute. There is no need to rush right out as there will be more than enough in production if you buy now or wait until a better price during the 420 Vaporizer Sales. 

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