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Yocan Evolve D

5.00 out of 5
5 out of 5
1 Reviews

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Yocan | To the Cloud Vapor Store


The Yocan Evolve-D Vaporizer places efficient dry herb vaporization in the palm of your hand with a compact pen-style design and a pancake-style dual coil atomizer. An innovative mouthpiece doubles as a protective atomizer tube and features a tamping device for packing the herb chamber tightly to ensure efficient vaporization. Featuring a solid chrome design with a rubberized exterior, the Yocan Evolve-D is a durable companion for on-the-go vaping.

  • Build

    The Yocan Evolve-D vape features a pancake-style dual coil that heats more surface area than the average heating chamber, which usually features a heating rod instead of a flat, disc-shaped coil. The flatter, wider heating element touches more dry herb, making for even and thorough vaporization. Yocan Evolve-D creates big, flavorful clouds in just seconds, perfect for on-the-fly vaping. The dry herb dual coil screws into the base piece, and is protected by the atomizer tube, which includes a tamping device for packing the atomizer properly.

  • Function

    The Evolve D uses convection heating to heat your herb in the chamber. The 510 battery can also double for any prefilled carts you want to vape at low temperatures.

  • Session

    Ideal for on the go. The Yocan Evolve D is to dry herb what their other pen style vaporizers are to concentrates. Pack a small amount of herb in the chamber and hit it on the go throughout the day with the push of a button.



5.00 out of 5
5 out of 5
1 Reviews
  • Tug

    Fast and easy, almost too easy. Charges great, easy to load, taste tells you when you need to stir up the load. Not sure that I’m vaping vs. combusting – not much AVB at the end of the session. Price vs.... value is a 10 in my book.

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