Puffco Plus Chamber

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Puffco Plus Chamber

  • OEM Puffco Accessory
  • Free Shipping
  • Ceramic Chamber
  • Durable Build


Puffco Plus Chamber

The Puffco Plus Chamber leads the way over other vape pens for it’s superior build and coilless chamber. The Puffco Plus chamber utilizes a ceramic build providing maximum flavor and even distribution of heat. Going a step further the ceramic ensures the Puffco Plus atomizer greater longevity when compared to cheaper coil atomizers.


Free Shipping 

If you are looking for the Puffco Plus chamber replacement , we at To the Cloud Vapor Store have you covered with OEM Puffco products and free shipping.



No ratings yet
  • Steve

    The puffco + chamber is the best and only true vape chamber that I have found . All other vape chambers have coils that burn your materials instead of vaporizing. The taste from the puffco + is incredible. If you don’t buy the puffco battery you will need an adjustable battery because a non adjustable battery will burn the coil up . Also the battery contact needs to be cleaned every few days or the contacts will stick together and if they stick together and you try to separate from battery you will pull the contact out of the chamber .

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