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G Pen Roam Vaporizer

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Grenco Science | To the Cloud Vapor Store


The G Pen Roam is a portable e-rig concentrate vaporizer from Grenco Science. It is a sturdy handheld concentrate vaporizer with a body somewhat reminiscent of the Mighty+. Besides the ability to dab with only one hand, what sticks out about the G Pen Roam is the smooth dabs offered by the  internal Glass Hydro Tube and the option to use it like a dab rig or an on demand vape 

  • Build

    The G Pen Roam is made of an aluminum alloy shell and is sturdy as it gets and it offers a removable Quartz Tank providing the ability to heat fast to very high temperatures without worrying about burning out. The Roam’s internal hydrotube also gives you smooth vapor even at the highest temperatures 

  • Function

    The G Pen Roam can work like a dab rig with 30 second sessions in automatic mode , or you can take small puffs from it with the push of the home button in manual mode. Which ever one you choose the G Pen Roam functions much like any other concentrate vaporizer where you fill the chamber and let her rip

  • Session

    Given the option to use the G Pen Roam in session or automatic mode and the G Pen being sturdy and portable , you can choose if you want session with your friends like you would a standard dab rig or just hit it on the go between study breaks like you would a typical vape pen

What's in the box

Comes with

  • G Pen Roam Vaporizer
  • G Pen Roam Custom Hemp Case
  • 4 x Q Tips
  • Loading Tool
  • Micro USB Cable


  • It's all in the packaging

    Normally we like to skip the packaging and get right into the vaporizer, but the G Pen Roam is one of those vaporizers that has great packaging which can double as a carrying case. The last time we saw packaging which could double as a nifty carrying case for the dab rig was with the Puffco Peak. 


    And while the Puffco Peak’s packaging may be functional,  the Roam’s case is functional and stylish. The Roam’s packaging is made out of hemp with  holders for concentrate jars or wax wallets and pockets for your dab tools. So it is not only designed to carry the Roam, it is something you would want to carry it around in. 

    The packaging is forthtelling of the quality construction of the G Pen Roam. Grenco Science is an established name in the vaporizer space, but their herb vaporizers are not known for being “high end”. The G Pen Roam is an exception, everything about it feels top tier. 

  • On the Go or at home

    One of the best facets of the G Pen roam is the ability to take it with you in the nifty little case provided or use it at home like you would a standard dab rig. It offers duality where most concentrate vaporizers are going to be pens for out and about or desktop vaporizers for at home use.

  • Built Tough

    Body The G Pen Roam is made of an aluminum alloy shell and is sturdy as it gets  

  • Quartz Tank

     The Quartz Tank provides the ability to heat fast to very high temperatures. Since the atomizer is removable it would be nice to see Grenco make a ceramic atomizer for lower temperatures for those looking for flavor. The quartz tank does offer plenty of room as with dabs you do not need alot. 

  • Water filtered dabs

    The Hydrotube is the G Pen Roam’s pièce de résistance . Unlike other concentrate vaporizers where you add the water before you fire it up, the G Pen Roam has an internal hydrotube which runs directly into the mouthpiece, cooling the vapor before you inhale. 

  • Battery Life & sessions

    The Battery is a 1,300 mAh lithium-ion battery. Since the battery is built into the vaporizer where the LED display and heating element sit, you cannot replace it with 3rd party batteries. The battery is takes up a huge portion of the vaporizer.

    I have not heard too many people complain about the battery life on the G Pen roam, but it does offer pass through charging which is always a great option to have in any vaporizer, as nothing is a bigger bummer than going for a session only to find your vaporizer needs to charge up. The G Pen Roam at least lets you plug it in and vape away. 

    You can get around 15 – 20 30 second sessions with your G Pen Roam , depending on your heat level. More if you are operating in Manual mode.

  • two modes

    In Automatic  mode you press the power button two times after selecting your temperature. The Roam will vibrate when it reaches temperature and again 30 seconds later when the heat disengages. You can also disengage the heat in automatic mode by pressing the power button two times. 

    Manual  mode is much like using your standard coil vape pen. You hold the power button down, draw, let go, repeat.

  • vapor quality

    While the high temperatures go down smooth with the water filtration, the taste and flavor which you get from other high end concentrate vaporizers is lacking. The G Pen Roam is better suited to get you elevated and get you a voluminous amount of smooth vapor with the press of a button, but if you want flavor and Volume I would go for the Puffco Peak

  • Specifications


    Dimensions  5 × 4 × 7 inches 
    Weight 11 oz  (.7 lbs) 
    Temperature  600 – 800  
    Charge Time 75 minutes
    Warranty  1 year 
  • Full Review

    Read our full review of the G Pen Roam here

G Pen Roam case



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