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Dr. Dabber Switch Vaporizer

5.00 out of 5
5 out of 5
3 Reviews


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Dr. Dabber | To the Cloud Vapor Store


The Dr. Dabber Switch is a stand out dab rig / Concentrate Vaporizer considered the best in the game from a trusted name in Dr. Dabber. It works with both dry herbs and concentrates and boasts a temperature range from 300°F  – 800°F , making sure you will find your desired temperature range. Adding to the allure is a glass bubbler mouthpiece and patent pending  induction heating which is the first of it’s kind for a desktop vaporizer.

  • Build

    The Dr. Dabber Switch is built sturdy with quality Satin Finish which is felt in the hand upon first use. Adding to the design is the ceramic , quartz and quality glass enhancing your vapor quality while at the same time making this a unit as sturdy as it comes.

  • Function

    The Induction heating on the Switch is next level, with 25 heat levels  to boot and a 4-6 second heat up time.

  • Session

    Amazing flavor for dabs and herb alike the Switch can pump out up to 120 uses on a single charge. Also given the fast heat up time the Switch can ideal session for someone who wants  a quick dab before they head out or it can be the life of the party with it’s chorus of lights and ability to lay down clouds.

What's in the box

Comes with

  • Dr. Dabber Switch Vaporizer
  • Black Ceramic Induction Cup
  • White Ceramic Induction Cup
  • Borosilicate Glass Water Pipe Attachment
  • Dab Tool/Carb Cap
  • Silicone Wax Container
  • Tweezers
  • Ceramic Flower Filter
  • Charger


  • Dabs and Herb , A Great Time

    The award winning Dr. Dabber Switch is Dual function desktop E-Rig Vaporizer  which does it all. Offering unhinged potential with 25 different heat settings, amazing vapor production and durability all mended into one amazing device. The price tag makes sense on the Dr. Dabber Switch given the marriage of design and durability.


  • Induction Technology 

    The Switch E- Rig will hit your desired temperature in a matter of seconds, this is due to the Induction heating element and the induction cups. With Induction heating the induction cups will immediately attract the heat signals heating your herb or concentrates immediately. It is like convection heating on steroids. Even better appropriating this energy efficient method of heating makes it so you will never need to worry about burning out or dirtying up your coils.

  • Glass Percolator Mouthpiece 

    Allowing for even smoother and more pronounced hits the Dr. Dabber Switch comes with a glass percolator mouthpiece which would definitely be an additional add on for a cheaper lesser vape. The mechanics of this mouthpiece permit for longer draws. Better yet it is filtered through water for the smoothest output while ensuring the flavor of your oils or plants are not lost.


  • Seriously Long Battery Life 

    The Dr. Dabber Switch takes around one hour to charge. Not too shabby considering you will get roughly 120 uses from a single charge. Should you ever find yourself in a bind needing a dab with no battery life, no worries. The Dr. Dabber Switch operates as well with pass through charging. Meaning you can plug it in and vape away

  • That Range

    The Dr. Dabber Switch has a temperature range that is unmatched by any other vaporizer out there. It has 25 heat settings from 300 °F to 800 °F , moving in increments of 20 degrees °F. This ensures you will find the right temperature for whatever you can throw at it.

  • Using the Dr. Dabber Switch

    The Dr. Dabber Switch is one of the more involved desktop vaporizers and does not come with an app to let you know the insights or the device or to make operation rather easy.

    After you have charged your device and are ready for your first session. You must decide:

    • Flower – Flip the Switch to the Leaf Icon
    • Concentrates – Flip the Switch to the Oil Icon

    Fill Your Glass Percolator, making sure to not overfill and place on Switch.

    Use your reverse tweezers to load the Induction Cup.

    From there the (+) and (-) buttons will let you select your desired temperature and press the Go Button (main button) to begin heating.

    When the front lights stop escalating red and go to a solid green – Inhale

  • Self Cleaning Vape

    The Dr. Dabber is the easiest to clean in the game for one reason. It will clean itself. To enter this mode you simply need to hold the + button down until it gets to the highest level, then continue to hold for a few more seconds until the lights turn red and let it run it’s cycle.

  • Customizations

    The Dr. Dabber Switch lends itself to a slew of customizations ranging from after market glass such as the bubble carb cap, Ball Glass attachment and even custom induction cups to accommodate different viscosities of your concentrates.

  • Special Edition Dr. Dabber Switch

    Dr. Dabber is always making neat custom edition Dr. Dabber Switches, such as the slime green and skunk purple releases and latest March 2022 Glow in the Dark Dr. Dabber Switch release.

    The recent glow in the dark Dr. Dabber Switch utilizes the same durable shell with a different opacity allowing for luminous vibrations to light up your session.

    The  glow in the dark green or blue Switch Vaporizer are perfect for social events or parties where you want to include a dab bar. Dr. Dabber is always coming up with fun new designs and ways to have your vaporizer reflect your aura.

    Tha latest special edition from Dr. Dabber celebrates stand out UFC lightweight contender Suga Sean O’Malley. A long time lover of Dr. Dabber’s Boost Evo, O’Malley is now putting his name on the latest special “Suga” edition Dr. Dabber Switch.

  • Specs

    Weight 2.4 lbs
    Dimensions 13" x 4" (inches)
    Battery 3000mAh LiFePO4 Battery (33.3 watt-hours)
    Warranty 2 Years - Electronics, 1 Year - Battery
  • Warranty & Trial Period

    To the Cloud Vapor Store is an authorized retailer of all Dr. Dabber products. Your Dr. Dabber Switch will come with a 2 year manufacturer warranty.

    To the Cloud Vapor Store offers a 60 day trial period and lifetime trade ins on your Dr. Dabber purchase.

Dr. Dabber Switch Vaporizer



5.00 out of 5
5 out of 5
3 Reviews
  • Hot rod

    Was not disappointed considering the price. Well worth it. Excellent product. Soo easy to clean! Excellent taste! A sh*t ton of temp ranges!
    Along w that, EXCELLENT customer service, although my switch was delayed a few days, I was given a promt, professional, reasonable explanation... and option for a refund.
    Great crew here

  • Brian

    So the first time I tried one of these was at an Errl Cup event. I thought it was good using the vendors to take dabs but actually having one it is super nice. It heats up super fast not waiting around to hit this... thing. I don’t even use the extra temp settings as the presets are fine for now but I’m sure as I continue to use it I will find myself appreciating all that. The battery lasts me super long I usually charge it before it gets lower than 4 of 5 lights lit but I am not even worried about battery. I can use it all day and still have at least 3 of 5 lights so it would probably last about a weekend of use if you needed to or forgot the charger. I have used it every day since purchasing and haven’t had an issue yet. The self cleaning is probably the best feature and I run it between every dab or 2 and it keeps it very clean.

  • Terrance L. Carter

    I bought the Switch to replace my Peak Pro that died after two years of use, and I wish I had skipped the Peak altogether. The Switch is leaps and bounds ahead of the Peak Pro in everything but portability. I always suspected that I... was missing out on every dab with the Peak because of all the material left behind and how long it took just to finish the dab. Many hundreds of q tips and a lot of oil was wasted because the Peak didn’t vaporize it completely enough. With the Switch the dab is usually gone with one hit or two at the most. I can barely get a q tip dirty, and the cleaning cycle returns the bowl to like new condition. I couldn’t be more satisfied and I’m sure it will last for many years. The induction is incredible and the whole unit is easier to clean to boot. So my recommendation is to forget everything else if you need a great home rig and treat yourself to the best available, a Dr Dabber Switch!

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